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Watch: Full Trailer For ‘The Hangover Part II’ Replays First Film, Has Exactly Zero Jokes

Watch: Full Trailer For 'The Hangover Part II' Replays First Film, Has Exactly Zero Jokes

Oof. While The Wolfpack are now looking for Stu’s fiance’s brother Teddy, it looks like someone lost the funny as well.

The full length trailer for “The Hangover Part II” has arrived and you’ll be forgiven for wondering if you stumbled across a poorly made ripoff. Arriving two years after the first film, and six months after the disappointing “Due Date” we always knew the sequel was coming in under a tight timeline, but watching the two-and-half-minute trailer we didn’t laugh once. Maybe we might of smirked, we don’t remember mostly because the spot itself is so forgettable. While we can forgive the original for barely having a semblance of a plot, this time around seems to be an excuse to not waste time writing a script or you know, coming up with original ideas or actual jokes. It’s basically the last film, transplanted into a foreign city with what appears to be a bunch of leftover situations and standard fish out of water jokes.

Yeah, so considered our excitement for this one tanked. If you’re still interested, “The Hangover Part II” opens on Memorial Day weekend. Trailer below or in HD at Apple.

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I think you’re nuts and your review of the trailer sucks. Shit is real funny. Get over yourself. Monkeys nibbling on a wenies? Come on.



I laughed. Shoot me.


“I can’t believe this is happening again.” My thoughts exactly. The first was overrated, and this makes the sequel look like a tired retread. No interest.


sorry guys, i’m laughing. can’t help it.


they left out liam neeson and mike tyson completely


This first one was a good movie, but it’s success was a fluke. That’s why the pressure will crush this one.


What’s with having to stick to the same formula? They could have easily just had it a bachelor party gone bad. Yet keep it real time and drop the whole missing person bit.


very much agreed. but really what were you really expecting?

surely, the lifting of identical circumstances (tattoo/tooth monkey/tiger) and situations is intentional. non originality is everywhere.


Galifianakis will be the only bright spot in the movie. And the songs chosen for this trailer are really, really horrid.


Man, I hate to say I called this, but I’ve had a bad feeling about this sequel for a while (especially since the first real trailer didn’t appear until so close to the film). No matter how much time you take to try, there’s only so much shine you can put on a turd.


If this trailer were real, I’d say they filmmaker made the classic mistake of making a plot sequel instead of a character sequel.

It’s not real though. This is obviously an early April Fool’s Joke. I look forward to the real trailer any day now.

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