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Watch: It’s All So Indie In Trailer For ‘The Art Of Getting By’ With Emma Roberts & Freddie Highmore

Watch: It's All So Indie In Trailer For 'The Art Of Getting By' With Emma Roberts & Freddie Highmore

Oh, the travails of being young and good-looking in New York City. We never knew it could be so hard.

MTV has dropped the trailer for “The Art of Getting By” (previously known as “Homework“) and it’s about as indie as you can get. Starring Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore, the film is about George, a young self-described slacker who in his senior year of high school takes up with the equally aloof Sally and together they get their malaise on while going…clubbing? Or something. Naturally, their relationship gets complicated and….sigh, we’re pretty sure we’ve seen this movie about a hundred times before. There are some bright spots though, particularly Michael Angarano, who seems to be playing a mentor-type character with rugged, bearded authority.

“The Art of Getting By” opens in limited release on June 17th before going wide in July. Check out the trailer below.

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The movie is charming, i saw it at sundance and it’s a nice little piece made for under 2 million that happily got sold to fox searchlight.

Mr. Wiesen’s did a great job of telling an autobiographical story.


Did we not just see this a few months ago, except that time it was set in a mental hospital?

And fuck me, do I feel OLD when Michael Angarano is playing MENTOR characters now.

Christopher Bell

Leo, mind if I see your badge?


Wow! This movie is so amazing and original….wait, NO.


Why are all the indie comedies always about quirky teens/tweens with no direction and emotional problems/issues? It’s like every white kid in Manhattan or a measly, pathetic, small town has to get their shit together during high school or when they’re working a dead end job.

River Kwai

Oh wow, this trailer makes me SO glad I didn’t grow up in New York. This looks terrible, and Bill is right on the money. Calculated indie aesthetic mixed with bland character study. Sorry, next plz.


If the quirky teens/tweens with no direction and emotional problems/issues don’t make these films, then who will inspire white kids in Manhattan to make these films?


Truthfully? This film looks less like ART & more like a highly calculated series of things that offer a movie “hip indie cred”.

“Indie cinema” itself has become a ludicrously profitable business. This doesn’t feel like an original work of art put forth by someone who had something unique to say. This feels like well developed “product”. A carefully put together series of items- 1. unchallenging subject matter, 2. wrinkle free cast re-interpreting a previously made film (is the entire NYC indie community determined to only remake Woody Allen films?) 3. celebrities wherever possible- Alicia Silverstone? 4. & a posh NYC setting to assure the film will play for several months in Manhattan cinemas where it will reap major cash before gaining attention on Facebook.

Nothing in the trailer, imagery, or concept strike me as original. It’s a Market-Indie. A flick that won’t break any box office records or be particularly memorable but will get by.

Zac Heffron

Emma is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.

Stephen M

I dunno, maybe it’s because I’m a college student and I don’t know what I want to do with my life, but I liked the look of it. We’ve seen it before, sure, but some of us just like this kind of story and connect with it. That’s why they make so many of these.

Edward Davis

@Smash Tit-house fully agreed on all counts. Great song, but…


Boom Jagernath! just got your horrific grammar and dyslexia called out just like you do to everyone who actually has the courage to put their ART work out into the world only to get snarked and destroyed by you while you hide behind your computer without actually contributing one thing to the world. You are a hater of the worst kind because you are a kiss ass and coward.

Smash Tit-house

That track by the French Kicks is great, but you’re right – outside of Angarano everything just seems very – blah.


Re-read that article, it’s so sloppy and poorly-written. “MTV has dropped the trailer for “The Art Of Getting By” (previously known as “Homework”) has dropped…” Oh really? Has it dropped twice? Then you call it by the wrong title at the end.
You don’t get to be as snarky as you’re desperately trying to be about somebody else’s work when your own work is so sloppy and bad.

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