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Watch: Kat Dennings Has The Worst Last Year Of High School Ever In ‘Daydream Nation’ Trailer

Watch: Kat Dennings Has The Worst Last Year Of High School Ever In 'Daydream Nation' Trailer

While Kat Dennings will be making her big screen leap into franchise fare this summer starring in “Thor,” she’s got another project on the way that’s keeping her indie cred intact.

Daydream Nation” stars Dennings, Reece Thompson (“Ceremony“), Andie MacDowell and Josh Lucas and follows a disaffected high school senior (Dennings) who has an affair with a teacher (Lucas)—a teenage junkie and a serial killer come into play somewhere as well. The film did festival rounds last year to moderate buzz and the trailer is…well, it’s ok. The film looks like it could be a decent enough diversion, and it seems to be unique story of a final year in high school and first love, but it will be interesting to see if all the elements pull together. So we’ll give it a shot.

The film opens on April 15th in Canada and May 6th in the United States before landing on DVD on May 17th. Check out the trailer below. [via Collider]

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So it’s a film about Kat being whorish and messing with peoples lives?
Yeah. That sounds “good”.


“I’m the main character in my life!” God. Remember when this movie was supposed to be good?

Cory Everett

Re: “I’m the main character in my life!”

“Ceremony” trailer: “I’m not going to be a supporting character in your pathetic little story!”

So meta!


is a year older than me*


wow, don’t judge me, please


Kat Dennings is year older than me, I just graduate college, and she’s still playing high school students?

Film looks pretty good though.

I wonder if I could still pass as a high school student

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