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Watch: New Full Length Trailer For ‘X-Men: First Class’ Finds The Mutants Battling Commie Bastards

Watch: New Full Length Trailer For 'X-Men: First Class' Finds The Mutants Battling Commie Bastards

Update: Bleeding Cool have an exclusive new international trailer with even more new footage but for whatever reason embedding has been disabled, so watch it here.

Yes, we know we’ve posted every brief television spot with two seconds worth of new footage over the past little while, but this one is worth it, we swear. A new full-length trailer for “X-Men: First Class” has arrived and quite simply — it’s great.

While it starts out with stuff you’ve already seen in those aforementioned adverts, it opens up with lots of new bits and pieces and paints a much bigger world the mutants inhabit in this origin story which finds them knee deep in the Cuban missile crisis. We think it’s a great plot device and we hope the filmmakers really take it on and make the stakes feel real (something few superhero movies really do) and perhaps even off one or two of the X-Men to make that danger palpable. We’ll see how it all plays out, but so far, it looks utterly fantastic. Though we couldn’t help but smirk a little at the one concession thrown to geeks who perhaps aren’t thinking about the story too deeply — a gratuitous January Jones cleavage shot.

Anyway, this is already our most anticipated comic book movie of the summer. It opens on June 3rd — trailer below.

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Doesn’t do it for me.

And nothing about this looks period. In fact, the shot of the old television with Kennedy is plain jarring because it looks so primitive next to all the shiny, elegantly gliding metal everywhere else in the trailer.

Stephen M

Well, I think this looks pretty sweet. And I’m betting that most audiences will agree with me.

And just as a response to the first couple of posters: Most of the original X-Men that appeared in the sixties have already been used in the movies (Cyclops, Iceman, Jean Grey, etc.) and they were young people in the 21st century. To keep a sense of chronological continuity, it makes sense to pick alternate X-Men we haven’t seen before and don’t associate with other actors. Thought this would be obvious. And since when has a superhero movie based on long-running characters ever followed an original comics story exactly?

Cory Everett

So is Kevin Bacon like, not in this?


oh look bright yellow spandex…looks shit doesnt it bryan. twat.


@ KT The issue was that January Jones is a woman and they showed her cleavage. I don’t think the Playlist was trying to rank her on a hotness scale.


Nobody gives a fuck about the 124,981 other X-Men they could have included. They’re all interchangeable anyway. Just pick a random mutation, give him a catchy name and bingo, there’s your X-Men.

Hammertoe. There you go, there’s one. His power is his toe turns into a massive hammer.


I’m definitely looking forward to this, and I hope you guys are right, but the visual style feels very flat, or just non-existant.

Also, I’m not sure how much I’ll get into the stakes considering that I know how the Cuban Missile Crisis turns out. But, I guess you could say that about anything historical and there’s a lot of great movies of that ilk with believable stakes, etc.


What Mark said. Not to mention the other obvious errors at first glance.

And, people need to calm down with salivating over January Jones. She looks pretty regular. I see better looking girls than her on my college campus every day.

Mark Buffalo

Instead of including several randomly chosen mutants whose names that they picked out of a hat, they should have included the other main Hellfire Club members from the comic books.

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