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Watch Now – “Princess of Laos” Trailer

Watch Now - "Princess of Laos" Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the new independent film The Princess of Laos by Chicago-based African American filmmaker Mychal Mitchell.

The film deals with, as Mitchell describes: “a 13 year old girl Soutchada Pradith (Tabatha Mitchell) who was born in Laos but who comes America to find her biological father. After witnessing a homicide she hires a private investigator, an ex-cop, to help her find him. The investigator is a former police officer who left the department because of misconduct. He is a suspect in the homicide by the police because of his past. The two are eluding the police, running from a killer while looking for the girl’s father film that combines for the first time in film history African American and Laotian cultures.

Mitchell plans to take the film on the film festival curcuit before a hopeful distribution deal.

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Correction on website address:


Cant wait to buy the dvd. Looks awesome.


Thank you for having courage to share this beautiful story


Thank you! for showing Lao culture to all around the word,I’ so proud I born to be Laos….1000000% Thanks……..

Bongkhit Noumpoulao Addison

Nice Video bro i like it Nice and keep up the good Wrk bro

mychal mitchell

Thanks everybody for your interest. The website is being finalized now. In the mean time please feel free to send me your email and or comments so i can personally invite you to its premier. I can be reached at kup jai


How is it that there is no website for this film, or the filmmaker? I would love to support, but how can I if there is no information out there.

Tommy Souvanh

I want my sons to watch this film that they can learn and know about Lao culture.

By Tom

Geneva Girl

I hope that I can see this somewhere. It’s looks different in an interesting way.


Thank you for showcasing the Lao community. I am very excited and looking forward to see more of it.


Its about time people knew something about Laos! I’m glad to witness this trailer. Yes, like Vicky said.. thank you for showing our culture to the world.


Keeping my eye on this!


thank you for showing our lao culture to the world

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