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Watch: Red Band Trailer For ’30 Minutes Or Less’ With Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari & Danny McBride

Watch: Red Band Trailer For '30 Minutes Or Less' With Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari & Danny McBride

A red band trailer has arrived giving us our first look at “30 Minutes or Less,” director Ruben Fleischer‘s R-rated comedy follow-up to “Zombieland” — and can we say we want a little bit more?

Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson and Michael Peña, the film centers on two white trash fledgling criminals (McBride and his lapdog lieutenant Swardson) who kidnap a slacker pizza delivery driver (Eisenberg) and force him — by ticking bomb — to rob a bank. Ansari plays Chet, the history teacher best friend of Eisenberg’s character who has his shit together, but gets roped into the kidnapping. Peña plays a gangster character who becomes a significant problem in the second act of the screenplay. And so far, there’s only the barest hint of a plot here and more troubling — as was suggested by some feedback we received from early screenings — Ansari, as funny as he is, looks a bit uneven opposite Eisenberg. That said, his reaction to the bomb-strapped Eisenberg coming to his school made us laugh out loud.

The advance word on this is good, with the film apparently running “a short, tight, lightly plotted” 80 minutes or so which should make for some perfect brainless fun late in the summer. The movie hits on August 12th, check out the trailer below. [IGN]

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This may be a good/funny movie but i don’t like the connection with actual events. Many from Erie view it as a way to make fun of something that devastated the town. I happen to live in Erie. Now i didn’t live here when it happened and will probably go see the film out of curiosity (plus i realize it is not meant to be the re-enactment of the actual events, but merely loosely based on them). But they aren’t even showing it here because of the controversy it would cause. The real thing just happened in 2003. There may still be family grieving his loss and now Hollywood has used it as a way to create humor for Americans, which by many will be viewed as inconsiderate and down right wrong.

Also, if such a video exists on YouTube, whoever posted it is one sick f***. That was a living person that had their head legit blown off!!! Why would you want to watch someone die like that?!? How would you feel if someone you knew was splattered all over the internet in their final moments? Especially when those final moments were so gruesome!


I want to go see this movie not only do I love fleischers,ansari’s work but because it’s based on a true story from Erie,pa, look it up, a man in Erie had a bomb strapped to his neck he told police that someone made him wear it and rob a bank, and when police approached him the bomb exploded and it was caught on camera, you can see the clip on YouTube make sure you watch all clips you can cause as fake as it may or may not look it’s very real, check it out


about 4 months ago i got a chance to be apart of one of the advanced screenings of this movie at the Block in Orange County CA. it was honestly very funny, everyone in the focus group had something good to say 95% of the time. don’t be turned off by the lack luster trailer, because assuming that they didn’t severely edit the movie from when i saw it, it is a very funny movie. one of my biggest pet peeves with comedies is when all the funny scenes from the movie are in the trailer and the actual movie is weak in regards to humor. flip the script 180 degrees with this movie, as the trailer leaves much to be desired, but the movie itself is hilarious.


thats why you should never watch trailers, it says nothing about a film.

And dont expect anything of a particular actor because it fucks almost every film up, and 9/10 actors of comedy are one trick pony”s because it works for the majority of of the viewers


Ooohhh, you’re right, Ansari can’t really act. Eisenberg looks good though.

Nuclear Waste Aerobics

The idea for this movie sounded cool, but this trailer really is shit.

Aziz… some of the worst acting I’ve seen lately. He’s amazingly bad in this. He was good on Flight of the Conchords and Funny People, but this is amateur at best here.

Jesse Eisenberg… Not a bad actor, but his rapid fire delivery is really starting to make me think of him as a one trick pony.

You don't know Jack

Not a great first trailer, but Danny McBride’s last line cracked me up good and proper. I also liked Ansari’s little diddy at the end.


Hmmm, maybe I should rethink my 90 minutes or less approach. Although, while I liked Zombieland, I did think the ending was a little rushed.


Zombieland was also very short (81 mins), and its length felt perfect. Most modern comedies are too long. 80 minutes for this sounds great to me.


I think Apatow’s issue is that he tries to cram in his moral ending in the last minutes and that adds to the movies’ length. It’s a problem because they make the movies worse and, in most cases, people totally miss the Don’t Do Drugs message of his films. The fun the characters have on drugs always outweighs the fact that in almost all of his movies, they realize they have to get off drugs to solve their problems. (Although, that being said, Funny People was just excessively long.)

The 80 minutes wouldn’t bother me as much if it was an 80 minute script but the fact that they pared down the original script from 120 pages makes me nervous. There are always exceptions to the 80 minute rule but I feel like with most movies today, that running time is a sign of a problem.

Christopher Bell

Gonna have to disagree with that. Comedies should be brisk – 80 minutes is terrific. As much as I love Apatow and his productions, these 1.5 – 2 hour comedies are a little much at times.


80 minutes always seems like the sign of a rental.

Obviously, you can’t tell from the trailer but it looks like they took the original 120 page script, stripped it down to its bare parts, and made something closer to Paul Blart than a dark comedy.


It looks boring.


I was really looking forward to this, but that first scene made me groan. Aziz isn’t so great at being… a person, if you catch my drift. I’ll still see it. It’s so crazy what a performance like Mark Zuckerberg does for your interest in seeing more Jesse Eisenberg. I just want to see more of him, no matter what it is.


Yeaaahhhh, hopefully the full trailer is better. Aziz DOES seem out of his element a little bit. Eisenberg seems good as always.

The film must be great though, or else why would Warnes Bros. give Fleischer the reigns to “The Gangster Squad”? That would be like giving the director of “Watchmen” money to make two super-expensive movies back-to-back even AFTER seeing how terrible “Watchmen” is. Warner Bros. is dumb, but they’re not that dumb.


Yeah, this is definitely a disappointment.

Cory Everett

Was really hoping this would look… better?

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