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Watch: Red Band Trailer For ‘Change-Up’ Is Basically ‘Face Off’ With More Dick Jokes

Watch: Red Band Trailer For 'Change-Up' Is Basically 'Face Off' With More Dick Jokes

Body-swapping films are a little played out now, no? Jason Bateman had that same “Really?” reaction when he was pitched the idea for the upcoming “The Change-Up,” telling Entertainment Weekly (print edition) recently, “But in the same sentence that I was told what the movie is about they said, ‘But the guys who wrote ‘The Hangover‘ wrote it and the guy who directed ‘Wedding Crashers‘ is directing it.'”

Well, the first, lengthy, nearly three-minute-long red-band trailer has arrived for the film and it’s split between some seriously funny laughs and stuff that we’re pretty sure we just saw in “Hall Pass.” The story centers on two friends — one married, one single — who after a magical piss in a fountain get their bodies swapped placing the fuck-hungry Mitch into a marriage, and the cock-blocked Dave out on the market. As we said, we got some hearty guffaws out of all of this but if we have any reservations, we’re a bit worried that the female leads Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann are getting short shrift (the latter basically seems to be reprising her role from “Knocked Up“; in fact that whole shit joke seems lifted right from that movie).

So, cautious optimism here but man, Jason Bateman seems be slaying most of these one liners. And oh yeah, Ryan Reynolds is in this but we have to say, he wasn’t really bringing the funny as hard as his co-star. Check out the red band trailer here or the embed below. “The Change-Up” opens on August 5th.

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A lot of us questioned how all of you here gave every facet of the first Bridesmaids trailer a pass, which was released before you saw the movie at SXSW. Standalone, that trailer was underwhelming, but your praise of it almost comes off as based on love for all things Apatow and Wiig. This and Bad Teacher’s trailers blow Bridesmaids’ ones out of the water, although the international trailer for Bridesmaids was a definite improvement.

Oliver Lyttelton

How is this getting a pass in most quarters? This looks absolutely toxic.


“‘The Change-Up’ is basically ‘Face-Off’ with more dick jokes.”

…soo, it’s more awesome? I’ll believe it when I see it.


So The Change-Up reusing a couple gags from other movies isn’t really okay, but Bridesmaids can reuse the drug gag from Death at a Funeral and it’s perfectly acceptable to you all?


“Jason Bateman seems be slaying most of these one liners”


Looks funny to me. And TBH, the last joke actually made me LOL.

Stephen M

Oh God. Didn’t need to see that last joke.

In other, more pressing news, Playlist: Where are you guys on the rest of the Cannes line-up? Do you really only care about the films in-competition? Cannes has announced the films in the Critics Week and the Directors Fortnight now, plus announcing the full jury. What is your opinion?? The news like that is why half your readers come here instead of all the fanboys sites: because you can talk about world cinema in a convincing and knowledgeable fashion!


Thanks for pointing out how the women are basically sex objects in the trailer, that often gets over-looked.

It seems okay. Jason Bateman DOES kill the one-liners. That babies are like heroin addicts speech was funny.

I’m a little nervous that there hasn’t been a trailer for “Horrible Bosses” yet. Have you guys heard anything about that? Doesn’t seem like a good sign.

Mick Nolte

Love Olivia Wilde, very attractive and sexy. I wish she would go back to being a blonde (her natural hair colour). She was far better looking back in 2004 and 2005. At least, she finally dropped that horse’s ass husband of hers who can’t handle woman his own age. I’m glad that she’s finally playing the protagonist’s love interest a movie for once and hope that she does it more often from now on.

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