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Watch: Tom Hardy & Joel Edgerton Fight Each Other In Trailer For ‘Warrior’

Watch: Tom Hardy & Joel Edgerton Fight Each Other In Trailer For 'Warrior'

Tom Hardy breaks out his “Bronson” bod once again for “Warrior,” the MMA fighting drama that finds Joel Edgerton playing his brother and centers on the siblings who will have to face each other in the ring for money and their father’s love or something like that.

Directed by Gavin O’Connor (”Pride & Glory”), the film tells the story of an ex-Marine (Hardy) who gets his boozing father to help him train to become an MMA fighter. Meanwhile his estranged brother Brendan (Edgerton), a school teacher and former fighter himself, gets back in the ring to get money together for his family. As you might expect, family tensions rise. Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison, Noah Emmerich, Kevin Dunn and Denzel Whitaker round out the cast for this one, which we’re cautiously optimistic for. Our main issue here is the selling point that compares the film to the milquetoast hockey movie “Miracle” that we forgot O’Connor also directed. And we swear to god, if one brother lets the other one win for some lame reason (oh, so his daughter doesn’t see Daddy get shit-kicked), we’ll be pissed.

Guess we’ll find out when the film hits on September 9th. Check out the trailer below (or in HD at Apple).

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Mr. Arkadin

lol, a few seconds in the trailer this guy looked like a beat up Conan to me (the only thing that did not make me stop the playback).


I thought this was gonna be Tom Hardy’s movie but it appears it belongs to Joel Edgerton. Not that I mind. I’ve been wanting to see more of Edgerton ever since his early exit in Animal Kingdom. Guess I’ll get my wish considering this is being released just a month before The Thing prequel which Edgerton also stars in. Will he “break through” to the masses before Hardy?

As far as the trailer goes, I thought it was pretty good. Yes both the film and the trailer have strong similarities to The Fighter, but what’s wrong with that. Early reviewers said that MMA only serves as a backdrop for a family drama in the same way boxing served for The Fighter. Also, for those who think the trailer was too “sappy”…well, some of those reviews also mentioned they cried in the film, so maybe there is a strong emotional element to it. What, too tough to cry?


I agree..he does look like Conan O Brien. Maybe he’ll be a guest on his show come this fall. That’d be cool.


What a let down……incredibly sappy. Cowboys and Aliens looks more rugged, edgy than this and we’re talking about MMA here.


Ugh. I was hoping it wouldn’t be so sappy.
Why can’t people try making Raging Bull-like films anymore?


The Town and The Fighter are pretty similar. Racist.


sorry, not the town. i meant the other boston movie, the fighter

Paul H

hmm…where have i seen this..again lol, no but seriously i had a friend who caught a sneak peak at Las Vegas last week, and told me it was miles better than The Fighter..take it for what its worth..


they basically took the the trailer for the town – font, music and everything – and put different actors in it

Jack Easton

Jennifer Morrison is amazingly gorgeous. This sensual young woman is indescribably beautiful.

Jr Cigar

gee I can’t help think I’ve seen this movie before…

Paris Milton

I hope Tom Hardy and Kurt Angle will have an MMA fight in this film.

Random Star Trek connection – Shinzon and Winona Kirk together on screen.

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