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Watch: Trailer For Cannes Entry ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Starring Emily Browning

Watch: Trailer For Cannes Entry 'Sleeping Beauty' Starring Emily Browning

Emily Browning‘s characters haven’t been having a good time in the movie theaters lately. As Baby Doll in Zack Snyder‘s “Sucker Punch,” her character escaped the harsh world of a brutal mental institution by becoming a burlesque dancer and action star in alternate realities where wearing skimpy clothes was an act of liberation. Well, as Lucy in Julia Leigh‘s Cannes competition entrySleeping Beauty” she’s not going to have it much easier, though, the film will likely be much, much better than Snyder’s turgid comic book store mess.

The trailer for the film has arrived, presented by Jane Campion, and it looks like powerful, provocative stuff. ‘Beauty’ is described as a haunting erotic fairy tale that centers on a student who drifts into prostitution and finds her niche as a woman who is drugged into sleep while men do to her what she can’t remember the next morning. We presume there will be no dragons and samurais in this one. And indeed, as Browning told us last month, “It’s sort of a disturbing look into this girl’s downward spiral and her needing to find herself—it’s very much the opposite of what ‘Sucker Punch’ is I think.”

All around, it looks like some intriguing, and beautifully shot fare that will undoubtedly mark one of Browning’s most challenging roles to date. Check out the trailer below.

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Opps misread but I’m still impressed!


Nice to see Campion researched again. I can’t wait to see her retake on one of the most disturbing fares from Basile!


It looks okay, but it seems like a retread of Belle Du Jour — with jailbait exploitation in place of Catherine Deneuve. So…yeah. Have at it Playlist and let us know.

Also, the movie reliance on Jane Campion’s imprimatur is a bit pathetic. Nice to have friends in high artistic places, I guess.


@Anais: movie about young girl drugged and raped is too blunt. Let’s go the arty farty way and say it’s a beautiful young woman finding herself while spending time in an erotic brothel catering to certain fetishes. See, much better. It’s all in the spin. You can pass anything off as art. I bet Roman Polanski will get 20 copies of this for his personal collection. Especially since Emily Browning still looks 14.


Emily Browning’s really making a name for herself as a baby-faced, victimized, lust object. It’s getting creepy.


This looks truly creepy! Can’t wait!

By the way, that Salo-esque frame on the minute mark garners a huge NSFW.

Matthew Lingo

Damn, this looks good.




So I take it this about a girl who is drugged and raped, and it’s all made to look glamorous. Are we suppossed to be disgusted and uncomfortable by the trailer, because I am. The plot is really disturbing, who would want to watch that?


I don’t know if it’s just my browser, but there’s no picture to the Sleeping Beauty trailer. It’s audio only. Now my interest is really piqued

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