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Watch: Trailer For ‘One Day’ Starring Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess Is One Long Meet Cute

Watch: Trailer For 'One Day' Starring Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess Is One Long Meet Cute

We’ll start off by saying this is something we were definitely looking forward to and we’re still holding out some hope, but the first trailer for “One Day” starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess is a bit wobbly, to say the least.

Based on the best-seller by David Nicholls, the story follows a young man and woman on one day a year, for twenty years, after they share a one-night stand at university. But we have to say, what guy, after getting ready to have sex only for the girl to back out due to nervousness says, that maybe, they can just be friends? It’s a great romantic notion, sure, but not entirely one based in reality. Anyway, the rest of the trailer is effectively a bunch of meet cutes as we see the characters transition through age and fashion (Hathaway goes from dorky, glasses-wearing nerd to dreamy pixie hair cut vision) but the dialogue is often clunky (“I need to speak to someone…not someone…“) and overall tone is fairly sappy. That said, the second half of the trailer is definitely much stronger. As the years go on the relationship gets more complex so we’re still holding out hope this will be one with a bit more substance.

The cast is rounded out by Patricia Clarkson, Ken Stott, Romola Garai and Rafe Spall. Danish helmer Lone Scherfig, who made a major breakthrough with her last film, the Oscar-nominated “An Education,” directs. “One Day” opens wide on August 19th. [via ONTD]

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>A major disappointment!
Please don’t judge the book by it’s cover.I have a feeling UK OD trailer would be different from this one.

I’ve been following this film since it was announced.I read the several comments from the people who saw the film at early screenings.It seems like film is very good and has strong performances.People just praise Jim Sturgess’s performance.I think this comment says all.

[i]”He wonderfully portrayed a character that was like-able, smart and interesting but also clearly flawed and hurting. His acting towards the end was even better.”[/i]

It might be film is more like “romantic drama of the year” than strong Oscar contender,but I think Sturgess will be the contender for the best actor.

Pedro Grasor

A major disappointment!


Sorry, [i]OD poster is exellent[/i] –>excellent.
(FYI,I think Sturgess’s new film “Ashes” has a potential to be a awards contender,at least for acting.

Some interviews on the set of Ashes.It sounds really intriguing and exciting.
And film’s producer. (“[i]Given the performances we are getting from our actors and the material were getting we hope to have the film out for the award season run.[/i])


This trailer is not kind of what I expected,but I think it’s really well done.And Jim Sturgess looks great in it.He and Anne have really good chemistry.Cinematography is beautiful.I love the trailer. (I’m sure it’s a very appealing trailer for target audience) OD poster is exellent and the trailer is magnetic(for target audience).I think so far Focus Features did really good job for promoting.ONE DAY.I’m sure the movie is different from the trailer in a good way.I expect film to be good romantic drama with warmth and sensitively. Can’t wait!

>[i]Looks like Mr. Sturgess has went and got himself a nose job. Great. Now he looks just like everybody else. .. Another Jake Gyllenhaal, Orlando Bloom, Channing Tatum, etc…[/i]

??? He didn’t get a nose job at all.Sorry,no offence ,but you seems like actually you aren’t familiar with Jim Sturgess and his works.Please check out this video.He is one of best young actors working today.
[i][Show Reel]Fantastic video of compilation of the BEST OF JIM’s work [/i]

Sorry for the long post.

Mr. Arkadin

after such a ‘time lapse’ trailer that shows it all, what’s there still to enjoy in a movie so obviously predictable…


I think this trailer looks excellent — wish they would have shown a bit less of the film but that’s just me
the accents are strong (I am from Leeds and this is spot on)
they appear to have great chemistry
LOVED the book. Really looking forward to seeing this.


Hey NBC — blocking the trailer “on copyright grounds” is no way to get people interested in the movie.


Wait, I thought she had Parkinson’s.


Well I think it looks quite decent actually! Anne’s British accent sounds really good, and I definitly get a nice ‘eighties and nineties feeling’ with those outfits and wigs too. Only remark I may have, is that the story may not be really clear to everybody. But I think it’s going to be an amazing movie, and it might give Anne some ‘award attention’. Let’s hope so.




Looks dumb. I’m a Hathaway fan, but I thought a few of her freak outs in ‘Love & Other Drugs’ were lame and she just has TOO much energy most of the time.

‘Ella Enchated’ is what’s up.

Cory Everett

I like Hathaway so will be seeing this anyway but there are definitely some questionable wig choices going on here.

Leigh Richert

Looks like Mr. Sturgess has went and got himself a nose job. Great. Now he looks just like everybody else. Can’t wait to see him in his next picture where he plays a 16th century Tower of London prisoner with bleached, blinding white teeth. Then, after that, generic, utterly interchangeable, mediocre action films await! Just what the film world needed! Another Jake Gyllenhaal, Orlando Bloom, Channing Tatum, etc…

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