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Watch: Trailer For Roland Emmerich’s ‘Anonymous’ Thin On Plot, Big On Ridiculous Misuse Of Radiohead

Watch: Trailer For Roland Emmerich's 'Anonymous' Thin On Plot, Big On Ridiculous Misuse Of Radiohead

We suppose you gotta sell a costume drama conspiracy movie about whether or not Shakespeare actually wrote his massive body of work somehow. But setting it to Radiohead‘s “Everything In Its Right Place” is just plain dumb.

A trailer has landed for the latest brain exercise from “2012” director Roland Emmerich and it’s basically a montage of flashback scenes with Thom Yorke wailing over the top for some reason. The Shakespeare-era film stars Edward Hogg, David Thewlis, Vanessa Redgrave, Rhys Ifans, Joely Richardson and Rafe Spall, and will dive into the mystery of whether the great playwright wrote all those works himself or whether something more nefarious was at hand. Of course, being an Emmerich film, there are cannon blasts, fire and a hedge maze. Take that 10th Grade English class!

Anonymous” hits theaters on September 30th. Watch the trailer below.

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Hey. I’m into my fair share of fun, good movies. I just saw Hobo With A Shotgun and loved it.
But this, looks fucking terrible. It’s like every Emmrich movie needs some over top aspect to it. That and fuckin explosions and debris and shit.
This COULD have been a decent little Shakepeare movie but he turned it into a grand spectacle for no reason. It’s a movie critics will hate but Armond White will hail as the new Citizen Kane.

doctor fart

Good work, Leo. You’re better than everyone who finds Roland Emmerich’s films to be shit, because you don’t sneeze out pithy little posts. The script for this is shit. The trailer is shit. If this thing is actually worth a shit, I’ll eat Smash Tit-House and your balls. Waddayasay?


I don’t know, looks like fun to me.
Melodramatic, yes. And passionate and kind of exciting.
It’s so easy to be cynical. To sit back, turn up your nose and sneeze out pithy little posts. Like you’re just oh so much better than everyone else.
I think this looks like fun.
I’m in.


Is this oficial?
It looks so cheap and the music does not fit into the trailer at all!
It was great in the opening scene of Vanilla Sky though!


France is bacon…


So which actor is Shakespeare?


I’ve been aching for appropriate film usage of this song (and many others, as i feel radiohead is totally scoreworthy) but I agree, this ain’t happenin. As for the movie itself, meh…def wouldn’t pay to see it, but wouldn’t walk out of the room if it happened to be on TV

Stephen M

I’m totally rooting for this to do more than 10 mil domestic now. I’ve never seen anyone eat their own balls.


Needs a little bit more Grizzly Bear and Muse.

at least it’s not kings of leon

Jr Cigar

I will say it looks incredibly more interesting than anything he’s ever done


You want your balls served scrambled or over easy?


This looks funny!

Won’t mock the use of music because the trailer editor might be reading and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings again.

Oliver Lyttelton

Can’t wait for this. Immediately clearing a slot between The Wicker Man remake and The Happening in the let’s-get-hammered-and-make-fun-of-the-unintentionally-hilarious-movie section of my DVD collection.

Smash Tit-house

if this movie makes more than 10 million domestically, i will eat my own balls.

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