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Welcome To Shadow And Act On The indieWIRE Network!

Welcome To Shadow And Act On The indieWIRE Network!

ATTN: Shadow And Act HAS MOVED To The indieWIRE Network! Details Here!

Welcome old and new readers to our new home!

Of course, if you’re a subscriber, be sure you note the new RSS feed info and resubscribe, so that you’ll continue to receive our content in whatever aggregator you use. And be sure to sign up for our new daily emails.

Our Twitter and Facebook account remains the same, so if you’re already a fan on Facebook, or a follower on Twitter, there’s nothing more you have to do.

So, without further ado, jump in! Click around, read, comment, etc…


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Well, I have been reading your blog posts daily and the reason I come on your blog frequently is its compelling content


@ Catwalq
click on the “Shadow and Act” logo at the very top of this page and it’ll direct you to the new post.


Any new content or am I just not familiar with how this new blogging works? Cos I am not seeing anything…what’s happening.

mr grim

TupacTupac Online Casting Call The Monologue Audition!!1 R.I.P Tupac
< <<<<<<<<<


Congrats, guys! Looking forward to what’s next.


That’s really tinkhnig out of the box. Thanks!


Congratulations with your new blog!

Kecia J Benson

Congrats S&A TEAM Way to GO!


You all ROCK!
Over a year ago I happened across this site and am sooo glad I did!
Many congrats! The new site looks great! Moving on up!!!


Yessss! One-stop blogging!

Where have I been?

Tambay & co. you’ve added another jewel to the indie blogging crown.


Loving it.


@ theyounglion – Yes, the old site will still be up. I’m having some difficulty with it at the moment; trying to get it fixed. But the old site will remain for awhile.


Niiiice! Congratz guys!!


Congrats! Movin’ on up!

One question: Will the old content be archived and available on this site? One thing I liked about the old site was the “You Might Also Like:” thing that appeared under posts, allowing me to revisit old posts or see ones I might have missed before. Also, there’s a wealth of good stuff posted and discussed on Shadow and Act over the last two years that it would be nice to still be able to reference.

Sorry if this was already addressed and I missed it. Again, congratulations!

Dankwa Brooks

FREEKIN A! Congratulations!


Congrats again!

**Looking around at the new scenery**.

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