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Will Hugh Jackman Trade In His ‘Wolverine’ Claws For ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’?

Will Hugh Jackman Trade In His 'Wolverine' Claws For 'Snow White And The Huntsman'?

It was bound to happen, and we’re surprised it didn’t happen sooner. But with “The Wolverine” now on hold thanks to the double whammy of Darren Aronofsky bailing on the film and the ongoing aftereffects of the devastating earthquake in Japan where the film was set to shoot, Universal are hoping they can take advantage of Hugh Jackman‘s downtime and get him to star in their developing Snow White movie.

Deadline reports that not only has Viggo Mortensen left the project as was hinted at last month (and no, not to do “Superman” as Zack Snyder recently said playing down casting rumors; he’s spending the summer on the Spanish language picEveryone Has A Plan“) but that Jackman is being offered the lead in “Snow White And The Huntsman.”

The project is in an interesting place right now. Word is that Mortensen bailed after rewrites took the character in a direction he didn’t like and not only that, Universal still wants to tweak with script and are talking with Hossein Amini (“The Four Feathers,” “Jude“) to come aboard to do some work. Jackman would likely receive a huge payday for the gig and it would give the sagging film, which currently has Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron attached, a considerable boost particularly considering the rival Relativity project directed by Tarsem Singh with Julia Roberts and Lily Collins is already primed for a June 29, 2012 release — six months before the Universal movie will hit.

The other factor here is of course, “The Wolverine,” but with location shooting in Japan out of the question for the immediate future and with Fox and Jackman in no hurry to rush it into production until they find the right time and director to make it work, the actor could presumably move to ‘Huntsman’ with a blessing from the studio. We’ll have to see how this all plays out. “Snow White And The Huntsman” is aiming for a September start — so plenty of time to get the script in shape — with a December 21, 2012 release date still pencilled in.

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I have been checking out Indiewire for some time and have noticed that many people give this Kristen girl a hard time because of the twilight movies.

I get dragged to go see those things by my wife+teen kids so I understand the pain BUT have endured MORE AGONY from loads of crappy/cliché romantic movies courtesy of JULIA ROBERTS for AGES…AGES!

AND WHY PAY to go see a movie where Julia plays a vain woman who loves herself more than anything. You will get to see and experience that FOR FREE while Julia does interviews to promote Relativity’s Snow white.

So that movie with the Kristen girl, Charlize Theron and maybe Jackman is definitely my choice.

Not even Tarsem’s visual concoctions appeal, because it will give me a headache in 3D. Sensory OVERKILL !!!


Hugh Jackman is an amazing talent. I doubt he really needs another movie that is only worth watching because he is in it. He has an unfortunate history of films that would be mediocre if he wasn’t there to lift them up enough to be watchable. Why do another one?


Hugh would be an amazing choice. This’d be a great casting, with the other actors involved.

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