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Will & Jaden Smith Team Up With M. Night Shyamalan To Make Our Favorite Sci-Fi Movie Ever

Will & Jaden Smith Team Up With M. Night Shyamalan To Make Our Favorite Sci-Fi Movie Ever

While “Men In Black 3” looks like it’s being swallowed into a sinkhole of overspending, the bottom line is that Will Smith is the biggest star in the world and Sony loves being in business with the guy. So if he and his son want to star in a sci-fi movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan, then that’s what’s gonna happen dammit.

Deadline reports that Will Smith has now come on board the sci-fi project previously announced as “One Thousand A.E.” along with his son Jaden Smith. Co-written by Gary Whitta (“The Book Of Eli“) details are being kept tight, but the story will follow a young boy and his estranged father who crash land on a planet and have to explore to it. Last year, all Jaden would say is “it’s set in the future and it’s about a journey.” So yeah, that’s about the thrust of it.

This just seems like a mix of a whole bunch of bad ideas, and we’re not sure why M. Night is still being given keys to the studio playground especially following the savaged “The Last Airbender” (though, it still ended up making over $300 million worldwide, so the joke is on us, folks). No word yet on the what the inevitable twist will be but it better not involve evil trees and sinister wind.

No word yet on when it will lens or even if it will be Smith’s next film. He’s currently got his eye on a good handful of projects for his next potential movie.

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I think Shyamalan deserves another chance. Hell, there are a whole bunch of hacks in Hollywood getting repeated opportunities while they never exhibit any talent at all. At least Shyamalan did do a couple of good movies, like in the last century. Having the Smiths on board can’t hurt.




Griefo Jones

I think it will probably be good. but I also liked The Happening, so who knows. I still think M. Night’s worst move was the twist in Signs.. great movie until you find out that water is what kills the aliens. They were on earth for weeks, running around in cornfields all over the world. Are we to believe that never encountered water or rain while they were out scouting about?! Arggh! It still bothers me.


Fuck this.

Far better filmmakers than Shyamalan have been essentially banned from mainstream filmmaking for a few bad films (Brian De Palma anyone?).

But the fact that Shyamalan has been able to deliver terrible film after terrible film (& show no sign of accepting his once readily apparent talent has been waned by money & flat out laziness) & is seemingly awarded for such a lack of trying is disgusting.


So excited about hearing about Jaden Smith for the rest of my natural life!!!


I have nothing against slagging on M Night Shyamalan, but I am geeting tired of the twist related jokes since his last three films didn’t really have a twist in them.


this sounds like the greatest thing ever. i’m only half kidding.

Tim Parker

I’ll admit I wasn’t a big fan of The Happening, and I didn’t see and don’t really have an interest in The Last Airbender, but I love every M. Night movie from The Sixth Sense to even Lady in the Water.
Hope he goes back to that distinct style that made him an auteur, and a cool story.

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