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Will Tribeca’s Future of Film Blog Catch On?

Will Tribeca's Future of Film Blog Catch On?

Thompson on Hollywood

I commend the Tribeca Film Festival for trying to explore the edges of how to mount a truly interactive film festival. Now the Fest has launched “The Future of Film Blog,” a great idea if they know where to take it from here. Blogs don’t work unless they have an authentic mission, a strong recognizable voice and are regularly fed. All of that requires commitment of time, energy and manpower to create vibrant new content that will stimulate a community response.

Tribeca leader Geoffrey Gilmore’s first entry, “How the Internet is Changing the Film Festival Experience” is serviceable, admirable, earnest, and self-serving. Same with Peter Guber, who has a new book to promote. Magnolia’s Todd Wagner is a smart cookie who sees the digital future, but again, he’s serving his own agenda.

Either really let these folks let down their hair (as Ted Hope does at indieWIRE), or admit that journalism is required: sometimes it takes an outsider (who understands the game, hopefully) to artfully arbitrate, mediate, and God forbid, edit raw material in such a way that the stuff makes a compelling read.

I wish them well, but…

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Week of Wonders

I think in this day and age, especially among the young, there is a tacit assumption of sponsorship/salesmanship/bias in these kinds of pieces and the best we can hope for is transparency of motive.


Well maybe the initial posts weren’t scintillating, but I like the blend of voices – having a producer, festival organizer and filmmakers all weighing in. It may well end up becoming a new kind of conversation – a 360 degree view of an ecosystem – which, while not replacing the valuable independent voices of journalists, could augment and stimulate discussion.

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