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X-Men: First Class: A Critique of Lawrence’s Mystique; New International Trailer

X-Men: First Class: A Critique of Lawrence's Mystique; New International Trailer

Thompson on Hollywood

Here is MTV‘s take on this new still of Jennifer Lawrence as X-Men: First Class‘s Mystique:

“This may not be the most engaging of press images, but we’re satisfied with a static shot of the iconic character in full makeup—not to mention confident we’ll see Mystique in a variety of more dynamic, even seductive poses within the full film. It’s kind of her thing.”

Seriously? Let’s call it: Jennifer Lawrence looks terrible as Mystique.

Thompson on Hollywood

Every photo we’ve seen of Lawrence as Mystique leaves us wondering what’s going wrong in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. Compare her Mystique with the original: Rebecca Romijn. Lawrence looks great in her latest GQ spread, and while not everyone looks good in blue body paint, surely the costume and makeup departments could have done better. Lawrence’s upward career won’t falter because of this, but it also won’t be remembered as her finest hour. She looked better (and hotter) as a tough tomboy in Winter’s Bone. X-Men: First Class comes out June 3.

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Oh shut up Mackie! Its the looks and appearance that gets the audience interested with the movie. This just shows the cheapness of the makeup and custome. Jennifer is a good actress not great but good but the WTF? What happened to her appearance and yeah I’ve been reading x-men and even watching x-men since I was a little girl and this is the worst Mystique costume I have ever scene. And yeah it disappointment me. I actually didn’t watch the movie and it first came out. Sorry for the producers but I’ll rather buy the pirated version than actually pay the producers anything for this fake and cheap make up. Understand appearance attracts movie goers. And have you scene Rebecca fight or even act? She’s also good. So cut the crap of just saying she’s only there for sexiness. No matter what you say JENNIFER LAWRENCE’s appearance is really bad. Boo hoo. Its true! And no matter what you say its a fact. Look at the two pictures and refute what I say. Seriously totally cheap!


I sort of agree with Anne. But, I don’t think it has anything to do w/ Jennifer Lawrence. The make-up just doesn’t look right. It looks more plastic-y and fake than the make-up used for Rebecca Romijn. I personally don’t care how “sexy” or “smoking” Mystique looks, but the make-up almost screams “Hey, I’m make-up!” which makes it distracting. For some reason, Rebecca’s make-up looks realistic; well, as realistic as blue skin gets. Maybe it will look better on screen.


It’s not about the sexiness. Mystique wasn’t always sexy in the comics, and that’s what this should really be about. She doesn’t HAVE to look sexy, she just has to have good characterization. THAT is what counts in the end. If you want to see sexy Mystique, go watch the first three X-Men films. Stop complaining about how “bad” Jennifer Lawrence looks. You don’t HAVE to look at the picture. You don’t HAVE to go see the movie. I think she looks great. Her hair is actually how it was originally in the comics. Well done.

Cam Cheline

I think Koto said it best. It looks cheap. The wig is terrible. But if we want to talk about what makes her popular for guys, it’s the sexiness and curves. Lawrence mystique has no sexiness to her at all. The fact that she’s wearing her yellow jumpsuit only hides that she just doesnt look like she has that sexy curvy body for it. Let’s not pretend that’s not why Rebecca killed it in the part. She just had a smoking body that can take basically being naked.

Robert H.

Oh grow up, Laer. OF COURSE it’s her opinion, it’s a movie blog for crying out loud! Only big babies like you need to be coddled with “in my opinion” bookending every other sentence.


Normally I’m not a fan of these type of films,but I’m mildly interested with this film,because of the cast.But I agree with Anne.Lawrence’s Mystique looks terrible. On the surface she looks the same,but Lawrence looks..bit creepy? or cheap? at least in this picture while Romijn looks cool.Maybe difference of makeup job.Sorry for my English.

Laer Carroll

“Looks terrible”? What arrogance. As if your opinion is superior to everyone else in the universe. Why not be honest, and specific? As, IN MY OPINION she looks ugly. Or, IN MY OPINION her look is unconvincing. Personally, I like her look and find it prettier and more convincing than the old look.


Haha! Kudos to Anne for having the balls to say it first.


Rebecca Romijn was hired because of her look. Jennifer Lawrence was hired because Mystique will actually have lines in this film.


She looks the same…how can you call it terrible?


Sorry guys I’m a big Jennifer fan. She looked horrible her body is too long waisted and short and she looked bad in this costume. Just ugly head to toe blue. Rebecca long and sleek made this costume look good. Jennifer don’t ever do this again.

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