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50 Cent Will Play A Blind DJ In Adaptation Of Thriller “Odd Thomas” (Gugu Mbatha-Raw Also Co-Stars)

50 Cent Will Play A Blind DJ In Adaptation Of Thriller "Odd Thomas" (Gugu Mbatha-Raw Also Co-Stars)

Steadfastly making his mark as one of the industry’s hardest working men, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has signed on to co-star in Stephen Sommers’ adaptation of Dean Koontz’s bestselling novel, titled, Odd Thomas.

Fiddy joins a cast that already includes Anton Yelchin, Gugu Mbatha-Raw (remember her from Undercovers?), Willem Dafoe, and others, in the supernatural thriller, which centers on the title character, played by Yelchin, “a clairvoyant short-order cook who encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark forces.

A fuller synopsis, lifted from the author’s website reads: “Odd Thomas is a memoir written by an innocent, self-deprecating young man who wishes to live a simple and unremarkable life. Since childhood, however, Odd’s life has been complicated by his ability to see the spirits of the lingering dead, a talent that thwarts his hopes for quiet and anonymity. These lost souls seek Odd’s help in leaving this world behind. He takes great satisfaction in being able to aid them, and his selfless efforts on their behalf function as a metaphor for a teenager’s search for meaning in a world full of mystery… Ultimately, Odd is torn between his desire for an ordinary, simple life and his supernatural gifts.

We already know that Mbatha-Raw, who signed on in May, will play Viola, the best friend of the main protagonist’s girlfriend, and a waitress with 2 adopted daughters of a dead junkie. A BBF (Black Best Friend) with a heart of gold then…?

As for 50 Cent, he’ll play a character named Shamus Cocobolo, described as “a blind deejay who helps the titular hero uncover a Satanic plot.

Production is scheduled to start soon, in Santa Fe, N.M.

Fiddy will next be seen in the Mario Van Peebles-directed sports drama, Things Fall Apart, which is currently touring the film festival/screening series circuit.

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I read and liked the series of books, but I’d like to point out the character in the novel only shows up once to read some Braille for Odd – and he’s at least 60 years old in the novel, playing only music from the ’40’s and ’50’s. Are there no other prominent middle-aged actors in Hollywood? Was Morgan Freeman busy?


Jug said: “There was a quick mention on the podcast about the incivility on the blog & I had to agree. It ain’t about being “nice” & it ain’t about being “soft”, but it is about being rational (even when being funny or snarky)”

First, don’t you ever sleep :-)? You’ve “talked” all the way into another day, I need some of what you’re working with, no job and plenty of leisure time. *smirk*

Hey, but seriously, I have more to say on the podcast. I agree, It ain’t about being “nice” & it ain’t about being “soft”. And I have more to say on that issue. But I’ll wait until when or if they post the rerun, before I jump in.

Now go to sleep. You’re worst than a woman hitting my phone, calling for a late night booty call *LMBAO*


Carey LMBAO “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none”

I’m with you on the unfair hate & criticism for 50 & TP without a factual or skilled analysis..also not enuff accolades. There was a quick mention on the podcast about the incivility on the blog & I had to agree. It ain’t about being “nice” & it ain’t about being “soft”, but it is about being rational (even when being funny or snarky). And when those names come up, there’s usually hate for hates sake. The more you call him “king of coonistan”, you instantly deride his fanbase (which I suspect is the same fanbase most of us want) & really do a disservice to your own argument. And why? They are doing what a lot of us wish we could. And like Janet said this is a “what have you done for me lately” biz. And they are sure nuff gettin’ it done.

The one thing that bugs me tho, is cats like 50 & Common get chance after chance. They’re not showing that they’re getting better, but since they have that ancillary money, they get a return engagement. But, that’s just a personal lament I have to deal with.

But let Edi Gathegi be some trash in his next two movies, see how many calls he gets. LOL

btw…Damn! How the hell did we miss him on that list of actors for Django?! :-P


Yeah Jug, I’m feeling you on “we’re talking about actual talent representation, not the acting itself”

No arguement there. My issue is with those that cry foul for all the wrong reasons. I believe I asked the question about “casting” several months ago, and I believe you or Tambay laid out how that works. From what I gathered back then, it’s a family affair type party, and we ain’t invited to the party unless you’re BYOB with something in it that err’body can get drunk on. Not just black folks. .. great acting skills not required.


Ghost has a really good point. As far as actors, a lot of people don’t give love to actors that don’t appear regularly in “Our” projects. So to add onto what I said before, that is another issue for Blacks in entertainment. There is a definite split between who we put in these projects. And to be fair, that road goes both ways, they may say “no” to projects with black casts for whatever reason (I knew a black actress who was adamant she did not want to do August Wilson, she only wanted to play Juliet-thought it was a damn shame).

The type of stuff Tyler Perry does is a style, like Mamet, or Pinter or Clown & Mask work- there is a “way” to perform the work. But since TP is black, it’s not seen as a style, but what all black people find entertaining or artistic. It’s like all white people don’t like The Three Stooges, but it’s a style of comedy that is very popular. Like Ghost said, the casting goes right in hand with that as do the casting directors & by extension, the agents. Unless you’ve really talked to your agent & they know/respect you-they’re pushing you where they think you’ll get work.

Very weird business indeed…


Carey, we’re talking about actual talent representation, not the acting itself. There agencies where business is done don’t represent a large number of black actors, so that is just one piece of the “why do we see the same people over & over”.

At it’s heart, and maybe beginning, it goes with who makes the project. Period. They choose who will be in the film/tv show. That is the part we all get. But a HUGE part that goes unnoticed is representation, who your agent/manager/attorney is. If you’re an unknown but by some bolt of lightning you got on at Management 360, or The Collective or Untitled Entertainment or WME & CAA, you ARE going to work-regardless of whether or not you’re good. You ill get seen just by virtue of being repped at these places. You have to be a major fuck up to not get work &/or bounced from one of these places. Because in the increasingly archaic format of casting, a casting director is going to pull in people from the bigger agencies, because they have to. They might also like the agent (or hate the agent but the agency name trumps that), or the agent reps another client that the casting director likes (needs), so they don’t want to blow that relationship.

With that in mind, you will go on auditions much more than someone at say…Jug Management company, no matter how good your headshot is or the fact you spent the whole summer studying with the Royal Shakespeare Company. It’s a tiered system and a serious trickle down effect.

The cats like Tyler & 50 were able to skip all of that because they had a side entrance into the game. Now, you can make a good argument “Well, maybe you should get off your high horse & do what they did. Make “shit” & get in the game”. And to a degree, you’re right. This game only respects work, not ideas, hopes & well wishes. BUT, it’s also an unforgiving game, so when you do “shit”, it better blow up, otherwise that “shit” has now become your calling card. And I’m here to tell you, many many artists are not comfortable with having “shit” attached to them. Their ego, pride, spirit-whatever-won’t allow it.

It is hard as hell to come up with quality, it’s much easier to come up with what will sell. So which is it? Which one are you gonna choose? What kind of artist will you be? Questions an aspiring anything asks themselves day in/day out, especially when their career ain’t where they think it should be.

So when you see 50 Cents & the Common’s of the world working, know that it isn’t anything more than they have great representation. Yes, I’m taking away their “talent”, because there are a great many cats more talented than them that aren’t getting a shot because they aren’t repped at the same level. Or Tyler’s circle of actors, who without Tyler, Will. Not. Work. Period. So I guess you can say , Tyler is their representation LOL

And yes, many of the “established” actors in JUMPING THE BROOM were pretty fucking awful, but at least Dourdan pulled it up in that one scene collecting oysters. I wouldn’t ever say more “deserving” actors need to get roles, because one actor is not “more deserving” than the next-like it’s a “he sacrificed more for this” type of thing. I would say “better” actors as a “he is trained, this is what he does for a living and he is good at it & takes the work seriously” type of thing. LOL

Of course, that last part, is extreme wishful thinking. Like I said before, WE just want to be entertained, whether it’s Hamlet or Jersey Shore, thus 50 Cent the actor! LOL


what kind of immaculate game is he working when he’s cast in OTHER people’s productions, surrounded by far stronger cast members (smart)—and taking gigs from experienced black actors

He’s doing that because unlike some of those most experience actors-black folks know who he is.

How many blacks even know who Lee Thompson Young, Arjay Smith, Arlen Escarpeta, Donald Glover or Phil Lamar?

These guys have done more than half the casts in most Tyler Perry films and BET shows.

Yet if you are doing a film to attract us-you can’t use any of them. So you go get Bow Wow or 50 Cent.

Our issue is that we ignore anyone that don’t do black only shows or movies. We don’t respect anyone that doesn’t do black only.

Look at X-Men First Class-you have 2 blacks that 85% of the hood have no idea who thay are. So I guess they don’t want us to watch it or they would have casted 2 blacks that most of us know.

As for Tyler-folks jsut want more doors opened for others. He proved that black films can make a profit, can now get some others. Jump The Broom made back it’s budget and more in just 2 weeks.

It just can’t be him making allthe films with black folks in them for a check.


Okay, I gotta jump in here with a“voice” that’s slightly different than the comments preceding mine. First, personally I do not believe 50 cents acting is any worst than many of the black “stars” I see on TV and in the movies. Seriously, I watched Jumpin’ Da Damn Broom (on bootleg) last night and the acting was… well, left a lot to be desired. I even noticed that dude that got fired from one of those CSI shows for drug possession. And Loretta Devine, was one of the “stars” in that one… damn. I woner how many Tyler Perry and Halle haters watched that one? So to use 50 cents as some kind of crying board is simply not fair, and to a large degree, self-delusional.

To have a discussion… (a meaningful discussion) on why we are not represented, has to include voices that do not mind talking about the real thing. If not, it’s just nothing but a circle jerk of like minded individuals. We all can agree that blacks are under-represented in the film world, but why is that so? Is it racism alone? I’d say no. I’d say we a such a fickle and jealous group who frequently are afraid to voice a view that’s outside of “popular” opinion. Yep, even here at S & A, when one piles on the rabbit, similar voices follow.

On one hand we’re crying foul on Tyler Perry, who, btw, hires a boot load of black actors (BLACK A-List, I might add) but in doing so, all the creeps come out at night and complain about him blocking the flow of “more deserving” black actors… WTF?

Listen, until we look at the real issues, without fear of being ostracized, a discussion on all the things the boogie man is doing wrong, is an act of futility and masturbation.

Look, the man is going to do what he has always done, and it’s working for him. You can’t make a motherfuker like you. I say we gotta look in the mirror and jack up our slack, and talk about the real thing.

In short, and I’ve said this before, some folks need to get up on some Tyler Perry and 50 cents instead of looking at them through blue eyes, which will always distort one’s vision. Get off your high horse (for one damn minute) and come back to reality.


This movie sounds awful just reading the synopsis it doesn’t interest me one bit. I am not familiar w/ the author’s work but i do not want to see 50 cent act in any movie.

I agree w/ Jug it is NOT Fiddy’s fault. He is just trying to make money and you make a strong point about the agencies they like to stick w/ entertainers because they feel they can draw more attention to the film.


Cynthia- I’ll tell you a lil’ secret. When I got my manager two years ago, he shopped me around to agents. One of them was honest “He’s really talented, but what are you gonna do about the black angle?”

Meaning, you rep a product nobody is buying :-(

Samuel Jackson was right, at this level, it is ALL about your representation


You are definitely right @Jug and @ska-triumph! I’ve been doing my own research and I’m ASTONISHED at how horrible things are. Also, very surprised at how NO ONE talks about this. I understand being “nervous” and not wanting to “step on toes” as you build your career…but how can things get better if the people being most affected by this don’t open their MOUTH?! Rest assured…we will MOST DEFINITELY be addressing this in an upcoming Blog Talk. We’re putting together something now for some future shows.


And that mess is not limited to minority actors. I did a pilot where the exec producer was telling me he wrote one of the characters as an early 20s slightly overweight actress with a big heart (how cliched) but said “We saw everyone! We just couldn’t find an actress who fit that type” which was code for “we couldn’t find a fat girl at WMA, CAA, Endeavor, ICM” LOL

And look at JUMPING THE BROOM…the main cast…any “new” people in that movie? Find out where those people are represented…

Just sayin’…


@ska-triumph-You ain’t said nothing but a word! It is painful, but check it, for those that have ImdbPro, go to the major agencies-WME, CAA, ICM and even the “second tier” agencies (not my phrasing) like Gersh, Innovative, Paradigm, you’ll see a trend. Black male actors represented by an agent are slim to none. Their lists will be FULL of actors any color, lotta Australians & Europeans, aged 17-28 who can play those ages or younger, but when it comes to Black male actors, that number is significantly usually one or two, one playing late 20s early 30s & one playing older late 30s on up (also one may be nice & approachable & the other is more rough-even thug- in demeanor).

It’s a “type” not desired by content creators, and when that role is written, there are only a handful of choices (Ealy, Mackie & Alonso) at these places. Note, I’m not talking about projects like JUMPING THE BROOM, I’m talking Hollywood as a whole. Why rep those “products” when that’s not what folks are buying? Black Women have it bad as hell, but at least they are female, so there will always be a part for “sex” somewhere. But credible roles, yeah, they have it AS bad or WORSE

So when something comes down the pipe, like ODD THOMAS, instead of actually casting-having casting sessions & meeting actors-the name game is played at these major agencies for a Black Male, aged 28-38 for this part, etc etc. And since they don’t have that many black actors anyway…well you get the idea

Common on a tv series & 50 Cent in movie after movie…


It really kinda hurts to see doesn’t it?

I’ve become increasingly conflicted with 50’s movie moves in a similar way I am with Tyler Perry. (Wouldn’t that be something for those two to collaborate on a film…? I shudder.) Clearly, and quite articulately, Mr. Jackson has been making legit moves to act, write (he’s featured in the latest Script magazine WTH?) and/or produce films of many genres. Yet I truly wonder when/how/where he’ll step up his acting skill set.

It’s one thing for him to star in his own productions but what kind of immaculate game is he working when he’s cast in OTHER people’s productions, surrounded by far stronger cast members (smart) — and taking gigs from experienced black actors (slick)?

If you find this worth your time Tambay – since 50 is on a serious tear (like J. Timberlake, leaving music on the back-back-back burner) – please do have the S&A crew address this on a BTR talk soon.

Blasian Bytch

That movie/book sounds really god awful. having read a few Dean Koontz books know he’s not the most racially sensitive author out there.


Fuck…Hollywood is steady makin’ me a broken record. Once you’re in “the club” (no pun intended), you will get recycled no matter HOW bad an actor you are. I really can’t blame 50 though, I blame Us, the public, that legitimized him being there. Our standards are so low we will let anyone “entertain” us.

This wasn’t getting my money anyway LOL

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