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Actor Clifton Powell Goes On A Hate-Filled Spike Lee Tirade… But Why? (Listen)

Actor Clifton Powell Goes On A Hate-Filled Spike Lee Tirade... But Why? (Listen)

Wow! No comment from me… except, this is getting absolutely ridiculous! I don’t see the need for this, at least not in this manner. Is this just a publicity stunt? Listen:

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Let’s get Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler in here! Clifton Powell makes me side with Tyler Perry more.

If anyone responds to my babble, I’ll b e over here, forgetting to check up on your post because there’s no comments feed or e-mail notification.


Interesting how the method of delivery can ruin the substance of what you have to say. But he is right.

Producers who are black have to over analyse their content because of the lack of diversity as everyone is expecting you to represent for everyone.

So regardless of what i think about Tyler Perry, it is really his choice to make the films he wants to make and there is some benefit to the actors and crew he hires [even if the pay is not as brilliant] .

In any case, isn’t it about time, journos stop asking about Tyler Perry versus Spike Lee???????????????

Still, i am kinda glad it is the men who have being making a complete idiot of themselves in public over this issue!


Does this even merit a commentary? Luckily, no one expects Clifton Powell get an award of any type, any time soon.


Umm, WTF? How old is Clifton, again? All that cursing and threatening to beat up another man did nothing but reveal that he’s an angry, bitter old man. How sad.

Spike is arrogant, he’s out to get his. And? Is that really breaking news and more importantly, why is Clifton still hanging on to all that frustration? It certainly isn’t healthy to do so, as the above rant illustrates.

And what nerve to attack TP’s work when the quality of his Z-list movies aren’t any better. SMH at the foolishness.

Masha Dowell

Where dey do dat at?

LOL —- but seriously, I laughed at this interview. I like all three of them.


So he calls Spike a hater and then says the SAME exact thing about TP’s work. He called TP work “buffoonish” &”Ni88erish”.
Why is it okay for him to say this, but Spike can’t.He was talking our both sides of his mouth, which means I can’t trust anything he says.Spike said this two years ago and hasn’t said a word since. TP responded two years ago on 60 minutes. TP brought it up again, not Spike. There is the false impression that Spike has been going harping on TP and it’s not true. He kind of showed why he’s didn’t get hired.


“CAREY MY MAN! We back on it like Coffin Ed & Gravedigger Jones baby! LOL Yeah gotta keep my identity & Bat Cave secret!”

Okay, my lips are sealed. If they ask me no questions, I’ll tell them no lies. I’ll just call you Godfrey Cambrige and I’ll be Raymond St Jacgues. We’ll keep our eyes open for the Cotton “head negros that” Comes To Harlem, and pretends they have not taken a walk on the wild side of DEEP COVER, DEAD PRESIDENTS, MENACE II SOCIETY, THE BROTHERS, CIVIL BRAND, DEEP RISING, NEXT FRIDAY, BONES, WOMAN THOU ART LOOSED and RAY. And if they have not, their black cards are officially pulled. Their voice is persona non grata.


wait, there is some minor incite into how blk hollywood works, but, again, is there any surprise here? as the not-so-subtext of powell’s comments show, it’s all about the money, and when lucre is involved, raw feelings are never far from the surface. and, since it’s not MY money: big freakin’ deal!


tryin’ to figure out what the big deal is here? one actor has a beef with spike lee. and…? personally, i found his presentation entertaining. no surprise: he’s an entertainer and, in a rare instance, str8 forward and unabashed about his feelings. other than as entertainment, i can’t figure out why i (or anyone else) should care what he has to say about spike lee. unless powell is an narcissistic idiot, i suspect that he offered his views as just that: entertainment.
likewise, i can’t figure out why (beyond as entertainment), i should care what spike lee has to say about tyler perry. or vice versa. i’m quite capable of forming my own opinions about all of these people’s work (their persons and/or personalities are of no interest to me whatsoever) and it’s ENTERTAINING to listen/read what they or others have to say, but, again, it’s only that: entertainment.


Spike is STILL one of my favorites, he just has shit with him…like everybody else.

Exactly, this.


Oh my.

That was tacky, but I agree with some of his points.

They just could’ve been put in a way that didn’t undermine.

Because we’ve been kicked around so much as black people, we can be extra cautious/protective of what we achieve, with the consequence being that we don’t risk helping our brothers and sisters (because they’ll cut ya’ too, as demonstrated in this very rant).

So, yeah, haters abound and it’s not the most obvious ones who do the most damage. …It’s not Ney-Ney down the street who isn’t about anything.

It’s the ones running around in kufis, with the raised black power fist, with a huge sense of self-importance, cut with heavy bitter as armor against all they hate they’ve had to endure, who will cut their brothers and sisters the hardest.


CAREY MY MAN! We back on it like Coffin Ed & Gravedigger Jones baby! LOL Yeah gotta keep my identity & Bat Cave secret!

I just rolled my eyes when folks got on here and said they didn’t know who Clifton Powell was. You may not know his name, but if you’ve seen DEEP COVER, DEAD PRESIDENTS, MENACE II SOCIETY, THE BROTHERS, CIVIL BRAND, DEEP RISING, NEXT FRIDAY, BONES, WOMAN THOU ART LOOSED and of course, RAY-then you know who the man is. Whether you like him or not, don’t diminish the man’s filmography. (Shit I only listed the ones that I’ve seen, nevermind all the Direct to Video Joints LOL)

And like Carey, Spike is STILL one of my favorites, he just has shit with him…like everybody else.


Exactly Jug,

Let’s see, a woman that catches my and we go on to have a conversation, yet after we do, I come to a conclusion that’s she’s not my cup tea, and then I say way, that shouldn’t automatically put me in the jealous or hater pile. And that’s why I opened with my love of Spike Lee. He’s cool by all my standards, but what Cliff said had merit.

And, I was wondering when you were going to tell the crowd your chosen profession. But now you gotsta know you’re gonna be an all star hater whenever you voice your opinion about any director that turned you down for a part :-).

Don’t even think about telling ANYONE your real name. .. but hit my e-mail *lol*

Lets do it again.

And to all the naysayers of Clifton Powell, get off yo high house and stop fakin’, and come back to the real world. Yawl ain’t fooling nobody but yourself.

Tell The Truth

He is telling the truth. Go ask anybody who worked with Spike Lee, esp. the brothers and sisters. This man is telling THE TRUTH.

As for the fools claiming you don’t know who this is simply shows your own limitations. He range is wide and he stays working, which means a lot of different people are calling and employing him.

Adam Scott Thompson

Anyone who would take the black version of C. Thomas Howell seriously is a coon in their own right.

I understand Powell’s anger. Spike never picked him for the majors which is why he’s still pitching Triple-A. (His role in “Ray” was minimal, at best.) Hasn’t he made any money? I’ve seen him as everybody’s daddy in every black B thru D movie and chitlin’ circuit play.

And what do the streets have to do with anything? Osama bin Laden wasn’t from “the streets.” Why is Powell still thuggin’ at 60 (or however old he is)?

But his statements let me know there’s a war coming, and a line will be drawn: blacks on one side, niggas and flies on the other.


Okay, this is killing me. In the beginning when I first started commenting, I didn’t tell anyone I was an actor for this very reason. My experience says that when you voice your opinion-no matter how valid-it ends up being seen as “hatin’ ” or “salty” if people know you’re an actor ESPECIALLY one they haven’t heard of…shit sometimes even if they have LOL

Why does Powell have to be “salty” because Spike didn’t hire him? Or really, why CAN’T he be salty that Spike didn’t hire him, but got treated shabbily by the man. TP ain’t never hired me and I still talk about his shit because it’s my business to be knowledgeable & critical of my business & what takes place within it. Everything doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive & then easily dismissed.

Yeah he’s mad that Spike didn’t hire him, but that doesn’t make what he said any less valid. And remember he was ASKED about this mess, he didn’t come in like Paul Revere sprayin’ venom to the high heavens. THAT I would think was hate, comin’ out of his pores-but this is his opinion based on personal experience and first-hand knowledge of shade. I could tell you shit I’ve seen from all kinds of industry people, black white or otherwise, but you either let it eat you up or you chalk it up to “Well, that’s how they do”

Real talk-I met Spike in Pennsylvania, was impressed I was a young actor & had my shit together. He told me to contact 40 Acres & a Mule, and when I did the assistants acted like I was a leper-blew me the fuck off. Was it indicative of Spike as a Black man, as a director, as a mentor, a business owner? I don’t know, but it sure left a bad taste in my mouth. Is that how he is with his kids, or with Jordan, or Anthony Mackie-I don’t know but that’s MY story. The first movie I ever worked on, John Favreau was a PURE T ASSHOLE (and I worked it for 3 months, so I saw it day in & day out), If somebody asks me about him or my time on that movie, I tell my experience, but I don’t burst at the seams. He could be a good guy & give food to the homeless, but to me he was a dick, and mind you he didn’t do anything to me directly-he just treated people around me like crap.

Aside from the sheer anger which was waay over the top LOL, I don’t hate him for what he said…it ain’t what you say but how you say it. I may not agree with all of it (his inference that TP is a good deal for Black people so we shouldn’t say anything) but I’m with him when he calls somebody out for their bullshit.

Sing on Carey, cuz I’m hearing that tune too :-D


Even after looking this guy up on IMDB I still don’t know who he is or remember seeing him in any of those movies/tv shows.

In that picture, he’s got the Alexander O’Neal red eye thing going . A contributing factor in his tirade maybe.

Miles Ellison

Do you think Clifton said “punk ass” enough?

Sonya Steele

That was tacky.


Mr. Bubbles still mad I ripped on his God Ms. Perry.

Kiss my ass. :)


Divide and conquer. Not good. Come on. We are all brothers and sisters we need to come together better than this. How does this help anything? What Spike said about Tyler Perry and what Clifton Powell said about Spike needs to be said in the privacy of a black men’s support group. I heard Clifton Powell more when he talked about the poititics of the situation but to talk about threatening to beat Spike’s ass is just same-o same o. What a great big cycle of bullshit this whole thing has been. Let’s move on and make some films.


“Holy Mackerel Spike!, I’se regusted!”,says Clifton to Spike Lee.

Now, I hear another song coming on.

Since Clifton is straightup ol’ school, I think it’s safe to say he had the O Jay’s bumbin’ on his 8 track, so did I just hear …

Don’t you call me brother [Spike Lee]
Less ya, less ya really mean it
Don’t you call me brother [wit yo punk ass]
Until you get yourself together

How can you call me brother, when you don’t respect my woman. How can you call me brother, when I can’t even trust you behind my back?

How in the world can you call me brother, when we can’t even have a man to man talk? How can you call me brother, when you can’t even look me in my eye?


Yep, that’s what I heard. And check this, er’ body knows that Spike is my guy, but sometimes the truth will set a person free, and one (or two) missteps does not define the man. So on this one, I’m going to do my ol’ school thang and say “right on, right on, right on my brother Clifton Powell. SAY IT LOUD cuz I’m black and I am proud (thanks James Brown), Spike needs to stop cock blockin’ and hatin’ on another man’s game.


Hmmm….Sounds like Clifton Powell is jealous that Spike Lee never hired him to be in any of his flicks. Lol

“I will beat your punk ass” Who says that?? Clifton Powell has the audacity to say Spike’s career “floundered” huh?? How?? Spike is working on documentaries he produced Pariah that was showcased at Sundance recently.

Spike Lee is a filmmaker. Not an actor. Clifton Powell stars in some ridiculous load of crap movies that go straight to DVD who is this negro??

The last time i saw him in a flick it was Snoop Dogg’s Bones.

All i have to say is Spike Lee is not saying anything it sounds like everybody is worried about Spike and he hasn’t commented or spoke out to the media in a long while.

Legendary my azz!!! Lol

Mr. Bubbles

Clifton Powell is off the chain, but seriously we need to stop the divison among us. I support Tyler and Spike. If everyone will stay in their own lane things will be ok. The whites are sitting back laughing at all our black asses. Pretty soon black hollywood is going to be extinct if we keep this kind of mess going. @Zeus needs to shut up and stop riding spike’s dick.


Sounds like Spike did the same stuff that Tyler did to get HIS shit made, he cut many a nut, & many of the folks that got the shaft were Black. Oh well, goes to show that in this game, when it’s about self-preservation, you have to be damn near a Saint to look out for anybody but yourself.

But that interview was straight comedy! LOL

I miss Russ Parr in the morning too :-D


“The LEGENDARY Clifton Powell.” I almost hit stop right after that. So he doesn’t like that Spike kept him and other actors waiting in auditions? Boo-hoo! Or that Spike got his money while the actors didn’t get as much as they wanted? I assume SAG was okay with what the actors got paid because Spike kept making SAG-signatory movies. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Yeah, Spike is arrogant…but so what? Most brilliant artists are to some extent arrogant and/or have issues that don’t endear them to normal everyday folks. Spike is arrogant, but it is that arrogance that helped him make a body of work that people will be talking about for years to come. Spike’s attitude and personality served him in the 80’s and 90’s, and actually got him jobs. (i.e. the Norman Jewison/”Malcolm X” situation). Unfortunately for him, Hollywood changed dramatically in the ensuing years, and the ground shifted under Spike’s feet. What worked before doesn’t work now. I remember cringing after reading Spike’s comments on Clint Eastwood while promoting “Miracle at St. Anna” because that kind of thing doesn’t work anymore, and actually causes him damage.

So folks can say what they will about Spike the person, but I believe that person is what gave us Spike the filmmaker. And in the end, it’s Spike the filmmaker that matters.


and for the Tyler Perry nut riders, Cliff didn’t exactly shower his cross dressin ass with flattery either.

Paying actors and writers LOW wages (WGA smacking his ass in 2008), bad working conditions, buffoonery in his movies…so listen to ALL the interview before you get back on your knees for TP.

Carry on…

Ta Neil

I agree with him 100% Tyler Perry has come up from nothing. Spike Lee has floundered the last past I’d say, 10-15 years. Most of his movies are male centered. There are three I like that dove a little deeper but if you are a filmmaker and Black you need to be cognizant of the global picture.

Coming after Tyler Perry and others was his biggest mistake.

Geneva Girl

Legendary? Uh, I think not.


“Punk Ass” Chauncey…What you hittin’ fo’?! LMBAO


Probably not a publicity stunt (what ‘s he selling…another D-list movie?) but, it sounds like YEARS of mounted frustration. Maybe even a little resentment. *shrug*

In the end, he had beef with Spike and Tyler. Interesting. By the way…we’ll probably hear from Perry employees about his “working conditions” in another 3 or 4 years also.

Leon Breckenridge

I kinda understand where he is coming from. Spike Lee comes off as arrogrant person. He has probably rub some people the wrong way. As black person in this industry you have to be humble. Spike Lee wants more piece of the pie but as a black men making the movies he is making he can’t do. He needs support and it seems he gets little to none from Hollywood actors like a Denzel or Halle Berry.


Simple he never got hired to act in a Spike Joint. Instead he’s stuck in low budget straight-to-videoland hell. Wanna bet if he was in one of his films he wouldn’t have said a word against him?


Cliff mad Spike didn’t hire him for X, ‘Do the Right Thing’, etc., so now he’s crying like a bitch.




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