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Bill Hader Is Andy Warhol In ‘Men In Black 3’

Bill Hader Is Andy Warhol In 'Men In Black 3'

Whether this shapes up to be the most expensive trainwreck sequel of all time or is salvaged into something watchable, the myriad problems surrounding “Men In Black 3” are certainly no secret. But there’s one reason we’ll hit the multiplex to watch this: Bill Hader playing Andy Warhol.

A batch of new set photos have hit the web as the film continues to shoot in New York City and they have revealed a wigged Bill Hader as Andy Warhol in the picture. Awesome. It’s a great bit of casting and Hader is an incredible mimic so we can’t wait to see how he embodies the pop art icon. The sequence will apparently involve a decadent event perfectly fitting the NYC vibe. “The party is going to have an Andy Warhol theme, and they got the most charming loft in SoHo,” said building owner David Zar, to the New York Post. He is renting space to the production including an entire floor of a building where the party will take place.

Anyway, take a look at a bigger picture of Hader Warhol below. Not too bad at all. To refresh your memory, “Men In Black 3” is a time-travel film this time around that will follow Agent J (Will Smith) who has to travel back to 1969 and team with Agent K (Josh Brolin playing the younger Tommy Lee Jones) to save the world. More set pics — most of the two leads in suits — at the link. [Daily Mail via ComingSoon]

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Jared Harris played him in I shot Andy Warhol. I think they should all appear as Andy in a murder mystery time travel movie with Cate Blanchett as an alternate time line lady Andy.

All the Andys should have an actor who has played Houdini or Nixon as a sidekick.


I agree with MDL. Off the top of my head Guy Pearce, David Bowie and Crispin Glover have all played Warhol.


I hope the Men in Black briefly travel to Pandora in this film and visit the Na’vi.

Tommy Lee Jones is 64 and even though Josh Brolin is 43, he is playing Agent K when he is supposed to be over 40 years younger.
They should have cast someone appropriate in terms of age to play the younger Agent K like Shia LaBeouf or Penn Badgley.


Someone needs to do a documentary on all the ways Warhol has been portrayed [by other actors] in film.

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