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Bridesmaids is a Big Fat Hit!

Bridesmaids is a Big Fat Hit!

Women took up the mantle and went to see the film. The gross was about $24.5 (UPDATE – $26.2) million about $10 million more than predicted. I don’t know who does the predicting on these types of films but they missed the boat on this one big time. I know they wanted to keep expectations down because the mantra was (and seems always is with a film about women) that this is unprecedented and there is nothing to compare it to. I’d like to now retire these delusional thoughts. Women have starred in successful franchises, action movies and comedies. Maybe we just need to start keeping our own statistics to help people out. (Who wants to work with me on this project?)

Even though all the advertising was targeted at men (and don’t tell me it wasn’t cause it was) women were the ones who went to see this movie 67% to 33%. And 63% of the women who went to see it were over 30 (according to box office mojo.)

So here’s the news.

Women will go and see a movie if they believe it will be good and worth their time. Not rocket science. And more news is that women can make a film a hit. This film only cost $32 million to make. It will I am sure clear that amount by the end of this week. So much for the continuing and faulty logic that women are not a market.

The film was already a changemaker even before it opened. Bridesmaids co-writer Annie Mumolo (who is Wiig’s seatmate on the plane) and Melissa McCarthy (that they will write) have sold a pitch to Paramount for McCarthy to star in according to Deadline. The idea is from Ben Falcone, McCarthy’s husband and the Air Marshall in Bridesmaids.

Here’s the premise: “When your husband is ill and his doctors are out of ideas, piling in the minivan with your pals to steal the Stanley Cup is one way to go.” I will see anything that McCarthy is in. She is that good. And if we can make a fat woman a comedy star the world would be a better place for all of us.

Bottom line – Women did the work. They made a movie for us and we came. Now they just have to keep making them and not just once every three or four years.

Are you listening Hollywood?

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Chauncey Wales

I was reluctant to watch it this past weekend. However, it far exceeded my expectations with tight pacing, good writing, and memorable characters.!/recipeforlove

Linn D.

I just wanted to put in writing I LOVED this film. Was it perfect? No, but damn good. I look forward to more female-centric films. Comedy and otherwise. And for the record, my Girls Night of watching this movie turned into Couple’s Night because the 3 boyfriends/husbands of the women who were attending also wanted to see it! As one guy remarked “when it has a 92% on rotten tomatoes, I want to see it, too…”


Yay! My spouse and I couldn’t go see it this past weekend because I went out of town. Now I’m really looking forward to going to see it this weekend!


My friend and I went to see a matinee on Saturday –we both agree that we don’t ever remember laughing so much during a film before. The whole audience seemed to be loving it. We both texted our sisters on the way out of the theater to tell them to go see it. :) I’m so glad the film is doing well at the box office.

Therese Shechter

That’s wonderful news…and it would especially awesome if McCarthy co-starred with Ben Falcone in that film. With another small role for Mumolo thrown in, maybe?

Julie Kerr

I laughed so much watching this film! I’m so giddy that it was a success. Anyone who enjoys laughter should go see this film. So good!!!

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