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Brit Noel Clarke Reveals New Sci-Fi Horror Project Will be His Next Film

Brit Noel Clarke Reveals New Sci-Fi Horror Project Will be His Next Film

In an interview earlier today with BBC Radio 5, Brit renaissance man (director, writer, actor, producer, playwright, and who knows what else), Noel Clarke, who we’ve given a lot of pixels to on this site since it was started in 2009, revealed exclusively that he has written a sci-fi horror movie, scheduled to begin production just next month, in June.

He wouldn’t reveal much about the project, not even the name, despite being pressed by the host of the show.

Clarke’s been a really busy man over the last 2 or so years, doing just about everything it seems – acting, directing, producing, writing, etc; our UK readers can correct me on this if I’m incorrect, but I’d say he’s maybe the most prominent black British movie talent who’s still relatively unknown outside the UK – specifically in the USA. We all know about Idris Elba, Sophie Okonedo, Thandie Newton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and others; but Clarke seems to have reserved himself strictly for UK audiences. Unlike his contemporaries, I don’t believe he’s starred in a single American studio-made and distributed film project (not that he has to, by the way). Just an observation. Besides, he seems to be doing just fine in the UK.

Clarke has 2 projects coming up this year; one that’s already complete – the prison drama Screwed, which Clarke co-stars in, and will be released on June 3rd in the UK. Not sure about a stateside release however; and the wedding comedy The Knot, which he co-wrote and is also starring in. The Knot is currently in production.

So, this sci-fi horror will probably be his next.

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Phil, no he wasn’t in MI-5. He’s best known in the States for playing Mickey Smith in the first few seasons of the rebooted Doctor Who. Scifi fans of the show know him well from that.

David Oyelowo who is actually getting more work here in the states starred in MI-5. He’s starring as Dr. King in Selma and in The Help and the next installment of The Planet of The Apes. I’m a big fan of his.


Was he in the BBC series MI-5?


I have mixed opinions about his work so far, but I’m not going to deny the entertainment factor of his films, still, I wish his attitude was as good as his ambition.

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