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CANNES REVIEW | Sorrentino’s “This Must Be the Place” Puts Sean Penn in an Embarrassing Position

CANNES REVIEW | Sorrentino's "This Must Be the Place" Puts Sean Penn in an Embarrassing Position

The issue with “This Must Be the Place,” Italian auteur Paolo Sorrentino’s first English language feature, has nothing to do with whether it makes light of the Holocaust. That might be a worthy debate if it didn’t face other problems. Chief among them: An uber-campy Sean Penn performance, a gratingly quirky soul-searching plot, and character motives that barely make any sense. It’s far too much of a godawful mess to merit serious moral scrutiny.

An Italy-France-Ireland coproduction, “This Must Be the Place” showcases the curious collaboration of an actor known for showing his soft side and a filmmaker prone to rejecting his own. Sorrentino’s 2008 political thriller “Il Divo” was a brilliant black comedy about former Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, brought to life with vampirish creepiness by Toni Servillo. At once pathetic and quietly creepy, Servillo’s role benefited from Sorrentino’s dark, expressionistic style. In “This Must Be the Place,” however, Sorrentino has inexplicably crafted a cheery portrait of a fading rock star that’s anything but subtle.

Donning a subpar Alice Cooper impression, Penn plays the weary-eyed Cheyenne, a leather-clad middle-aged retiree spending his aimless days in a Dublin mansion. Hidden behind eye shadow and lipstick, his whiny delivery comes across like a John Waters script reject by way of Truman Capote. Early scenes find Cheyenne wandering through life in a daze, staggering through supermall while an eager public snaps photos. His boredom has drained him of a personality. “I’m a tad depressed,” he finally tells his unexplainably normal wife, Jane (Frances McDormand). “Maybe you’re confusing depression and boredom,” she says, which could double as a critique of Penn’s performance.

If “This Must Be the Place” has any source of redemption, it solely belongs to David Byrne. The Talking Heads frontman wrote original music for the movie (and Will Oldham wrote the lyrics). Byrne also performs in movie’s best scene, which has nothing to do with the story surrounding it save for reminding Penn’s character that he has lost his touch. When Cheyenne chats with Byrne after his show, he admires Byrne’s magnificent “Playing the Building” installation in lower Manhattan, a real exhibit that featured a gigantic organ hooked up to the Battery Maritime Building. Admiring Byrne’s genius, Penn bemoans how he only wrote “depressed songs for depressed children.” Since we never hear any of them, his wistfulness draws attention to the flimsiness of the character. In the single scene where Penn actually plays guitar, he also debates with a ten-year-old about whether the Talking Heads or Arcade Fire authored the song in the movie’s title. It’s the kind of in a one-note sketch that would fit better in a Will Ferrell farce.

Eventually, Cheyenne launches on a soul-searching journey to find the dying Nazi who tortured his recently deceased father in Auschwitz. Guided by an over-the-top Nazi hunter played by Judd Hirsch (clearly enjoying himself), Cheyenne begins a road trip through Middle American that goes nowhere, and Penn’s mopey has-been routine starts to feel like a bad joke that just keeps getting worse. Accidentally or not, the script acknowledges as much: “We all play the fool sometimes,” Cheyenne says.

After a brief and competent Harry Dean Stanton cameo, Cheyenne receives the tip he seeks, and “This Must Be the Place” careens toward its insipid anti-climax at the former Nazi’s home. A few confounding monologues later, the movie ends with a shrug, as if Sorrentino never cared about the project in the first place. His capacity for balancing stylistic indulgences with heavy themes makes the tonal confusion especially troublesome. It’s easy to imagine that the Sorrentino behind “Il Divo” and his acclaimed thriller “The Consequences of Love” doing something savvier with this material on his home turf. Instead, “This Must Be the Place” feels the product of a director wandering the wilderness, looking even more stunned than a makeup-clad Penn.

HOW WILL IT PLAY? Reviews are sure to tarnish any major commercial prospects, although it might do reasonable business in limited release if a distributor can capitalize on Penn’s star power and Sorrentino’s art house cred.

criticWIRE grade: D+

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Um, I thought this article was about the movie and not about Sean Penn's personal life. People wast their comments talking about what he personally believes in. This is supposed to be comments on the movie. If you can't separate movie roles from the people who play them, then you need to find another site to whine on.


Good to see the rednecks in this space the film sympathetically explores their dysfunctionality. It is little wonder that the US of a is quickly rather than slowly sinking into irrelevancy. Thanks for a great film that tip-toed a constant thread of hyperbole – all good. But what does the end mean?


When did America become such a hate nation? Almost every remark is so mean spirited
smart-ass. Sick & sad. Pitiful to read.

Linda Ann

Oh Wow, A Real Live Lynching!!! I thought that we lived in the Civilized age now?!! Apparently Not….
Except for those who can see the True Genius in Sean, and wrote as such on this post; the rest merely appear as Idiots by choice…


I am humiliated to say I have All you negative naay sayers as my fellow Americans.. You speak about Sean as if you were talking heads, out of your asses… Period.
Get some Mercy in your hearts will you?! Wow, it is true that jealousy is as cruel as death; and it is shining through here for all to see.. Clearly

inglorious basterd

I love how one of the first comments is that sean penn is a jew-hater. isn’t this film pro-semetic? he is tracking down a nazi war criminal…or something right? I mean, how much more do you need? is inglorious bastards anti-semetic? or is that cool because all the nazis were bashed in the head on screen? I need clarification. It seems like wealth, no talent, insidious fools decided to make a movie, realizing that the material they had was not good, they threw in a nazi chasing-killer-holocost-allways-a-sure-bet-in-hollywood-because-there’s-lots-of-rich-jews-there-and-will-distribute-and-promote-and-give-us-money-if-we-mention-the-holocost plot. it’s a sure bet. I am writing one right now. It’s about a poor defenseless irish guy who lost his way and decides to kill nazi war criminals….realizing there is no one left from ww2….he helps kill Palestinians instead….somewhere along the line we will thrown in sean penn. —–long live movies that make sense, make a difference, and are entertaining. Thanks ruth

Al Martin

A great movie with great actors showing the tragic events of world war two.


I have had SUCH a laugh reading all these comments! Wow – there are so many angry, hateful people out there. I thought I was going to be reading comments about ‘This Must be The Place’ – which I saw in Cannes, and really enjoyed (even though it’s hard to say exactly what it is as a film, gonna be a hard sell). I hope Sean Penn doesn’t do a Google search and find this. No one deserves such vitriol. Apart from maybe Hitler – who was another highlight of Cannes…

Jill Kennedy

Yet another classic confusing film review from Finnish film reviewer Kimmo Mustonenen attempting to write in English.

Werbaz Neutron

Everyone has to be somewhere all the time. This guy, I happened to catch a photo of him in that silly make up, is sure welcome to his “somewhere” and I continue to be delighted with my “somewhere” in life and breathe a sigh of relief that I do not have to occupy that guy’s shoes. Penn, his name is? I am assuming he was born in the USA?


Penn: Just “another Holly-woodhead impressed with their own sense of importance”. It’s as if these progressive liberals who read other people’s written lines think they are important in the whole scheme of things. They use their celebrity to put their political agenda, and unimportant ideology out there for the ‘ticket buyers’ to digest. When will people stop with the celebrity worship and realize these losers, are just that…..losers? They rewrite history(ala
Oliver Stone) they spew their rhetoric by pretending they are smarter than the sheep out here, but…..they are anti-America, so perhaps they should go to their “dictator’s country” instead of
America, that STILL believes in freedom. Just go, and see if you people can ‘spew your progressive rhetoric in those countries you love so…Cuba, Venezuela, etc.


Penn easily portrayed the Spicoli charcter because it wasn’t a far reach – he was just being himself.


Drudge Report has brought an interesting crowd to Indiewire. Not your usual film buffs.

El Q'abong

Sean, they hate you! They REALLY hate you!

See you next year in IRAN– dickweed.


Best acting I’ve seen from Penn was in “Colors,” and that was partly due to being alongside Robert Duvall — some talent accidentally rubbed off on Penn. Other than that, he’s a douchebag.


What star power? He must be referring to Harry Dean Stanton. They’d starve if their counting on Penn’s “star power.”


I wince when i see this man. You cannot use artist and sean penn in the same sentence because he no longer cares for his craft. He’s an over-zealous, self rightous subversive who would rather be having dinner with Hugo Chavez than working in film.

I can only say one thing: Scarlett Johannson… What were you thinking?


Sean in any way you want to slice it is brilliant actor that cannot be denied.

Sean is also a terrible politician, that cannot be denied, but he has a right to speak his mind and follow his beliefs.

As Executive Producer, Producer, or Director, it is a hit and miss game, but money eventually returns in the DVD market eventually to.

I love watching Sean do his acting and I hate hearing Sean cry about his politics, and I am neutral to his moving making, if it is good fine, if it is bad, fine too.

john kondrk

commie loser..go hang with yer boy chavez


” sean penn’s best roll was as the spy in “ Falcon and the Snowman ” who was beaten up with a telephone book by Mexico City police. Now that scene was fun…. ”



Sean Penn portrays a fading, middle-aged artist who tries to stay relevant. It must have been a very easy role for him to play.

Honest John

We are not Drudge people WE ARE AMERICANS, First and foremost

David e Clapper

Sean , maybe I was a bit harsh earlier. I have a script for you… You will play the lead , of course . It starts off like …bla , bla , bla , etc , etc , then you come in , stage left , the camera
pans in until we can see that you are not happy , bla , bla, bla , and you are holding a shotgun , a big shot gun , the camera pans out to get all of the gun , all the movement .
Then , pans slowly back in , as you raise the gun to your mouth , you put the but of the gun to the floor , and without a single word , not a sound , you pull the trigger . BOOOMM !!!
The camera is panning out now to catch all the blood , skull , teeth , and hair … No brains , that would blow the shot , no pun there , as we all know you have none , but shit is just going every where , the camera pans out to catch you dropping to the floor . Light fades to black… The End . Roll credits , etc. etc .
Well what do you think ? Sound like something you might want to commit to ? The part was made for you . You don’t even have to act , just show up do the thing and get paid .
Well , you think it over , get back to me , we can talk numbers later….


Gee, I didn’t know Sean was making an autobiography.


Penn is a loser who doesn’t know he’s a washed up has-been.


Penn = Spicoli = One and Done.

Who would pay to see this steamer?


Sean who


Sean Penn: Dreadfully Untalented Miserable Brat. That’s DUMB for short.

Mick Russom

Sean Penn is a seditious murderous low life scum who supports murderous dictatorships and he is the enemy within, a enemy of truth, freedom, liberty, constitution and country.

He should be in prison for treason. This low life dregs of the earth walks free. Disgusting.

Drudge report is for idiots is an idiot

@ Drudge report is for idiots— At first I didn’t agree with the name you chose to post under, but, after careful consideration, since you obviously read it, it must be for at least one idiot.

Kip Noxzema

The State Run Media, hippies, and The Hip People will declare this movie “A hit!” when it gets over here. The pretentious Penn wants them to think acting bored and sad is great acting.

Look for a review, by a magazine nobody ever heard of, praising it.


maybe we will never again see the word ‘genius’ in the same sentence with penn.


Sean Penn has $150 million.You assholes make $45k a year and you hate your jobs and your lives.


Barack Obama

What piece of Socialist Shit this assclown Sean Penn is.
Move to Venequela asshole


Drudge Report is for Idiots says on May 20, 2011 at 1:43pm

Seriously guys, most of you couldn’t even point out Cannes on a map. Uncultured swine, you shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.

…why you on this site beeeeyotch? Obama not giving a speech today?


As others have said, Sean Penn went full retard in I Am Sam and never quite shook off that character… And his other role as a gay guy in the movie Milk swore me off dairy for a while…


Most of the people leaving comments here are mindless dupes — easily led by Drudge to this site to scold Sean Penn in poorly written sentences filled with misspellings, simply because he has aggressively liberal activist politics. Put that all aside. Penn is one of the best actors of his generation, regardless of his politics. I’m willing to bet large sums of money that Drudge will not link to favorable reviews of this film.


Sean Penn iz a hansohm mutha !!&&$$ wi ewe keep sayeng two gough sea Chavez – Caesar Chavez died long ago?$ and let’s face it – bernanke goldmans sacks and the wrest of the chews r bedder Dan we are !!! $$$ xd wadebber dat meenz-Xcuse mie English – I just get back frum pillipeanZ !!!$$$P s he look better than me anyweighz – I have crooked head -butt eye am knot Sam


Who is Sean Penn?


all you people judging his politics on a film site make conservatives look horrible. You are a bigger danger to conservatism in america than people like sean penn. If you’d stop acting like morons, well that would do you more good than anything.

Charlie S.

Penn is a moron. Always has been, always will be. I’ve never really liked him. He claims he’s my friend, but he’s an idiot.


Penn must have channeled Michael Jackson and Liberace in preparation for this part.


he even looks like madonna-maybe thats why CHAVEZ loves him so much.

Bonderman Hut

In all areas outside Hollywood, Sean Penn is a complete buffoon.
Inside the plastic bubble that is called Hollywood, everyone views this freak show as pure genius, puts him on the highest pedestal & Scarlet Johansen is banging him.


His best role is in Captain America Ground Zero @ Blogspot. He is cast as a leftover from the klinton administration trying to take down Capt. America.

Drudge Gets IT

I don’t like Sean Penn as a person, because he lives like a king while preaching socialism for the masses, and he gives support to tyrants like the clown in Venezuela. He’s an idiot, for sure, but, he’s done some good work as an actor, and I’ll still probably go see this film, because it sounds so off the wall.

what is scarlett thinking

Sean P is an asshole… go back to Venuzuela with your god man, Hugo. Hugo would take all your money asswipre and throw you in jail for breathing! Sean=turd

Nancy Miller

OK, so everybody (at least everybody who can read) agrees SP is a has been or never was actor, not to mention a traitor to his country, so how does he keep getting work and the attention of the media???


His last good movie was Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Gosh–I would feel bad for him if I could reach that far!!!!


Penn is a worthless used up stretched out anal whore and torn up former victum of Madonas bloody sh1t stained strap on. She made Sean the sniveling little commie b1tch he is now. He is a nutless left wing loser who’s a&s has been devestated by an angry dyke with a vengence.
His last good movie was a femdom underground special in which modana and her bull dyk@ friends would take turns taring his turd hole up and pi&sing; on his quivering humiliated face!

Douglas Fairbanks

Sean is a fabulous actor. A gifted talent. Better than Brando and Newman put together, times three. Just a second…I have to go, they’re taking me back for another shock treatment. Bye.


the only thing more ugly than sean penn is Sean Penn in make-up, i just threw up in my mouth!


the dude is a major asshole , he will eventually have this revealed to him, and he will feel worse than the mess he already is

little hebrew

They made this movie over 30 years ago – Performance w/m. jagger.


Does anyone even watch this clown Sean Penn anymore!??

Lev Lewis

What is happening here?


Penn is disgusting. Even if the movie didn’t suck, I’d never see anything with that traitor in it.

Carlito Brigangte

Calm down everyone. Penn’s politics are garbage and his acting style is repetitive and tedious for the most part, but there is no disputing his portrayal of the scumbag lawyer in Carlito’s Way was really good stuff. Let’s give the douche some credit…


Even if he could act, I wouldn’t spend a penny to see this communist’s work. And after peaking in Fast Times, I haven’t seen the need to see anything he’s been part of. Why waste the time?


So the oh so above it all liberal progressives that dream of hanging with the self proclaimed uber hip are getting sanctamonious when just one more of the less than intellectual trolls they rely on for their unoriginal thoughts and values is picked on…… a few of the millions of Americans penn has made a career out of insulting at every opportunity especially when this vulgar hollyweirdo fool is fawning pathetically over equally vulgar clowns like the castro bros and chavez or any number of third world despotic tyrants. Ironically when you consider the complete lack of civility anyone that crosses any liberal faces. Forgive me if I and probably most people …enjoy this creep and the fools that worship his kind getting a small taste of your own medicine




Ha ha ha! Penn is a commie lib who is violent and mean


He was never a good actor.


Marxist piece of s$#t, looks like a cross dresser this fu&k has no talent. Stay there and never come back you idiot !


Another misunderstood poet, just like that rapper Commonplace.


Sean Penn can only make movies because he kisses the asses of the Palestinians who own Hollywood.

Winston Smith

OnlySaneOneHere says on May 20, 2011 at 1:14pm:

“Lmao, you Drudge people are hillarious.”

Once again, the Left’s supreme and unquenchable hate for Drudge – a mere conduit of news links and information – is illuminated in all its ugly-head glory. The Left just can’t get over the fact that Drudge, without handouts and government subsidies is so successful and they are not even with them. Information, as well know, is the Left’s worst enemy. Now, that’s something to laugh about.

As for the film, the plot actually sounds kind of fun. I’d like to see it. I don’t care for Penn, everything he’s been in since “Taps” has been downhill and overrated in my opinion.



I will only watch your movies if you pay me. I figure a year’s salary will do. Your salary.


I liked him better when he was punching camera guys.


98: Penn’s best roll was actually Scarlett Johansson.


Maybe that gorgeous jewess, Scarlett, isn’t too smart. She could have almost ANY man on earth, and she chooses this asswipe? Then again, maybe she’s just practicing her “bad girl” act for an upcoming job.


Penn just needs to move to Cuba never to be seen or heard from again. Or down an Arsenic & vodka cocktail. Either way would be fine with me.




mark lozano-ross

What was Sean saying in that picture? Find out here:

el polacko

99 percent of the comments here are made by people who cannot seperate penn’s personal politics from his art. not every film in which he appears is a gem, but there is little doubt that penn is an excellent actor. it seems that the same folks who wouldn’t recognize acting talent if it bit them in the behind are the most rabid commenters.

Armed Patriot

brknbns says… Some of the most disgusting souls in America posting on here, hope you all get cancer…

You sissy libs seem to demand free speech for homosexuals, socialists, traitors, islamists, and every other person who wants to destroy or take down the US. As soon as a REAL American speaks up with a viewpoint that you dont like… you stomp your feet, you shout them down, you break out your whistles and drum and bull horns, or wish colo-rectal cancer “sean’s words”. Well you sissy ass bag.. I wish a baseball bat finds you marys… a firing squad, a drunken redneck, or a skin head out of meth. Not for your right to speak freely which I totally support, but for your Anti-American view point. See you on the coming battlefield my friend… in my sights. Have a nice day.


@Drudge Report is for idiots: kin ah gets a looksee at thet thar map you talkin’ bout?

Seriously dude, my degree is in English, which qualifies me to point out to you that the first person to start correcting usage in comments, well, loses.

When you get a bit older and more experienced perhaps you’ll find out that a sheepskin represents the easiest of life’s lessons; and lose a few hat sizes in the process.

On the other hand, maybe you’re a slow learner who will just grow up to be like Sean Penn.


Did anyone ever see the movie, The Falcon and the Snowman. He was not acting. That was a self autobiography on himself. He is a traitor to this County.


I like Sean Penn…but then again, I also like sticking my finger through the toilet paper when I’m taking a shvt.


sean pen, he is that mentally challenged actor right?

Howard Ino


“The great unwashed can not be expected to understand this great intelectual. Mr. Penn though a true genius actor”

And what are your credentials Chuhvona, to make you greater, smarter and better than the “GREAT UNSWASHED”…

Other than just being another measly, liberal fool?

Howard Ino

Just another fool… self important but a mere fool.

Who really cares?


Wish Penn would just go away. To bad Scarlet J. decided to hitch her wagon to the wrong falling star.


Irrelevant. Dipsh_t.


The great unwashed can not be expected to understand this great intelectual. Mr. Penn though a true genius actor just can’t get to our low level of understanding.
I see Obama/Penn 2012 or maybe Penn/Obama. I am certain these two can change the world.


Sean Penn is so over……….he needs to move to Cuba with his buddies.


Sean Penn’s best roll was as the spy in “Falcon and the Snowman” who was beaten up with a telephone book by Mexico City police. Now that scene was fun.


Sean; I don’t think these people like you very much! Can’t say that I blame them though with all of your left wing rhetoric. If you hadn’t stated your political views which alienated 2/3rds of the country, you might have been able to retire from royalties from your Ridgemont movie. Too bad, you blew it dude!

Raymond Walston

His appearance as Spicolli wasn’t acting. It was natural.


The poor guy is a lost soul and he knows it within himself. He should stop fighting it and come to the light. I actually believe his work “At Close Range” was excellent and, coincidentally, that movie was also the highlight of his (then) wife madonna’s career, as well. Since then, he has crashed…

Mike T

So no Oscar chance then for him?

Drudge Report is for Idiots

@Loki71 It’s “you’re” and I think you understood me quite clearly given your response. Tool. FYI: I don’t exactly like Sean Penn either, but you guys are the scum of this country and you know it. You might want to put down those shotguns and pick up some books.


Pretty sad….the last good movie he had was as Jeff Spicoli in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”
Sorry Jeff, you are a washed up has been. Move to your buddy Hugo’s country.


Well I woud like to wrap up the whole bag of above comments in one package have them delivered to this America hating has been. His pass port should be shredded. He should be forced to have some one read each of thes comments to him so he can hear how much he is dispised.


Sean Penn is a loser. And to think, he was going to play Larry Fine in the Three Stooges movie. Thank God he isn’t doing that.


@Drudge Report is for idiots (48):
You ONE redeeming quality is that you can point out Cannes on a map.
Move out of your mom’s basement. Unintelligible moron.


Actors like Penn are merely the most glaring obvious examples of liberal “progressives” but they’re all alike: ignorant, self-absorbed, self-delusional, narrow minded, hateful, greedy, dangerous.


Penn has never looked so good!

Anonymous Also

It cracks me up to think of how all these actors troll you peeps. If they are Just actors, like you say, then why do they irritate you so. I think you dost protest too much. hahahaha

Cousin Eddie

Spicoli will be the highlight of his career. He should just go shack up with Hugo Chavez now.


Hey bknbns, I hope you get aids and cancer and you burst info flames you liberal fuck. Penn is a puke just like you. A talentless puke. Worthless garbage is all he ever produces. Wish he would die and take you with him asshat.

Rockin' Big Daddy

Dear brknbns

Did we offend you? I don;t Sean really cares about us, or you for that matter. He just cares about trying to make himself seem important, or maybe valuable. Because what is he really, a very shallow, insecure, LOSER, who has no sense of reality. He is a freaking actor!!!!!! But the MSM gives him a podium to spew his idiocy, and for that we have to tell him the truth.

And nice touch with the cancer comment by the way. Very liberal-minded of you. Nice, really nice.


Some of the most disgusting souls in America posting on here, hope you all get cancer…

Mr Hand

He peaked at Spicoli.

dave j

Embarrassing position? Penn is an embarrassment period, movie or no movie…drag really suits him well. I think he should go give Hugo a big wet kiss dressed that way…

David e. Clapper

Hey Sean, this should go straight to can , not DVD, but CAN. SHIT CAN, and then go get a different job , like wiping tables , and sweeping the parking lot at Micky d,s . But stay away from acting , film , music , etc. Etc. As you have NO concept , of the arts , NONE !!!
Please , your just hurting yourself . And in case you thought about politics , no , you need a
lot more education , in many subjects before you go there , and with your I . Q. , I don’t think
you have the numbers for that either . Keep it real simple , as I said before , your only hurting yourself , THE REST OF US DON’T GIVE 2 SHITS !!!


Sean Penn = Ass Clown


If it wasn’t for the fact that Hollyweird and other World movie makers are Lefty/ Commies and make use of Penn in their mostly anti American/Capitalist movies he would be sleeping in alleys and living out of push carts.


Looks like Robert Smith from the Cure, hilarious!

Ball Buster

Looks like Big Titted Scarlet will be dumping him soon! Nice move Sean.


The best part of sean “a-hole” penn ran down his fathers leg


Penn peaked with fast times at ridgemont high. Mostly because he could relate to the character.

Commun T Actvist

Sean Penn, Is he back from Venezuela so soon? too bad.

Dunce Biden

Sean Penn is a leftist, elitist, a$$wipe, dolt. I think he’s a butt-buddy of Hugo Chavez. Sean is representative of the worst in humanity.


Funny how pointing out that this “man” is a Communist/Socialist/empty-headed Liberal makes us “raging maniacs”. You Leftists are a big joke and the whole country is waking up to that fact.

Armed Patriot

@ zipity…Sean Penn’s movie gets a D+ at Cannes? Does that stand for Douche-bag+…?

No, that would be a DB+. He just a plain Douche +.

American Patriot

I ll give him this… I like Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Taps. His portrayal of Jeff Spicoli was a spot on example of me at the time. Looks, speech, actions, hair, dress, and style. Everything since Taps I wont watch. He is a socialist and finds it way to easy to fit the role of a child rapist Harvey Milk. Sean take your socialist, America hating butt to Cuba or Venezuela, along with your pal Danny Glover and stay there, Please. Your peso will go much further there.

Nick R

Critics must have been in a good mood.

Sean Penn – Shut up, nobody cares.

james r.

Fetching bitch!


Another left wing hollywood pig.

Alfred Hussein Neuman

Sen Penn would drown himself fighting off Bill Maher and Michael Moore trying to sniff an Obama fart in a bathtub.

A J.

Dude, I’m so wasted!!!


Sean Penn’s movie gets a D+ at Cannes? Does that stand for Douche-bag+…?


Sean who? You followers of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” might recognize him as one of Jesse’s meth pushers. Wait a minute, that was another loser, similar tho.


I always found SP to be an exceptionally boring and shallow actor. Never mind his pin-headed predilections; he just plain sucks.


Why is such a terrible actor still making movies? I’m guessing because he gives good head to Jewish producers in Hollywood.


Oh, God…He is so pathetic. I wonder why he doesn’t give all his millions to the poor and disenfranchised? Guess, he loves money as much as any cold-hearted, republican.

Chester Copperpot

Penn is a great actor, especially when you consider his diminished mental capacity.

The documentary “I am Sam” about Penn and the custody dispute for his daughter is so touching. I cry every time I see it.

bag o cheese

Alright, we all agree, Penn is a low IQ fool…but please god, tell me what in the world Scarlett Johannson is thinking. Scarlett, call me…We MUST talk.


Penn is an awesome actor in my book. He gets the art of it. “The Assasnation of Richard Nixon” is a truly hardcore performance. Hell, I never freaked out over Charleton Heston or John Wayne. Those guys rocked.


Penn is such an idiot !!! what more can be said for the egocentric old fool….. when this guy looks in the mirror, how does he stop himself from throwing up !!! i’d never do plastic surgery, but if i looked like him, i’d go whole hog. IDIOT !!! he can’t even make movies anymore.

Atlas Shrugging

His best work was Fast Times. If America is so bad Sean, Get the hell out. Go live with Chavez. While all the people from 3rd world countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Canada and France (Yes them too) are coming here, Hollywood POSs like Penn and Moore are telling the world how horrible it is here and how great it is there. I have been to these countries and seen the people. The rich do have great lives there. But the poor are poorer than homeless people here. And the rich got there by stealing from the poor. Literelly. Kinda like the libs are tryying to here. Thank God for my right to bear arms!

Drudge just tells us the headlines

Re; 48. Seriously, look at that picture. and Cannes is right next to Bottleses. You shouldn’t be allowed to smug. What a phoney. I mean you, butte, Montana and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. That is Butte Hole


Sean should stick with doing propaganda films for Hugo Chavez. Bet they’d get panned too though ;-)


He may be banging Scarlett Johansson, but that doesn’t speak well of her. Who wouldn’t do her if she let you? He used to bang Madonna, and look what a stupid tramp she is.


Absolutely pathetic. Penn is such a douche bag.

Drudge Report is for Idiots

Seriously guys, most of you couldn’t even point out Cannes on a map. Uncultured swine, you shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.


On his frequent visits to Caracas Venezuela, Sean is frequently seen exiting dictator Chavez’s
office wearing kneepads and wiping off his face and chin with a towel.


There are a lot of talented actors. Sean Penn is not one of them.


wow so many you are raging maniacs. Talk about an angry mob. Where are your torches and pitchforks. Take a look at yourselves for a second, its not that important and your ready to kill. But when it comes to the things that really matter you dont have a clue


D+ is appropriate, as sean penn is a little more than a dipshit.

Bob Flannery

I would not see a Movie He made or Ever made. He is a USA TRATIOR. Take his movie and go to Chavez !!!!!!! He is a piece of CRAP.


But he is banging Scarlett Johansson.


He is delusional and so are the producers and directors that think he is a talented actor.

Robert Smith

How dare he still steal my look! Seriously, The Cure want their look back…or is it Dead or Alive?


Ruth says on May 20, 2011 at 11:32am
Sean Penn is an American hating, Jew hating piece of crap

I thought Sean Penn was part Jewish? He was great in “Fast Times.”


But he is banging Scarlett Johansson.


Sean Penn was a perfect fit for “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and he did a decent job in “I Am Sam”, but the fact that he is so outspoken in politics has made it so I can’t be entertained by him ever again without seeing his radical views. With this review, it sounds like he isn’t doing quality work these days anyways.


Lmao, you Drudge people are hillarious.




Sean, you silly Rich Socialist…..


Sean Penn is a has been, yesterday’s news.


Outside America everyone’s raving about Penn. He is a genius.


Dear Mr. Penn: don’t go away mad – just go away.


Coincidentally enough, D+ is his grade as a human being.


What a pathetic little stink bug.


FU Sean Penn, you little commie loving pig. Go down and kiss on Shvez or over to Iran and suck them off some more.

Mitch Pawl

Keith Richards of the Stones looks better than this guy.

Noah Fing-Whey

Decamp – I don’t know about ugliest man on the planet. Have you been watching Idol? Tyler is so ugly he hurts Mick Jagger’s feelings. Then there’s Janet Reno in the mix. Sean is definitely in good company.

speak the truth

I don’t hate the Jewish people, so don’t say EVERYONE does.


LOL, go away your insignificant

Noah Fing-Whey

This effort by the Progressive Terrorist Sean Penn must really suck. Usually his fellow leftists have a little stiffy for anything this Castro loving, America hating moron does.


Oh, so it’s a Penn biography? But wait, shouldn’t Cannes be pass or fail, instead of grading? Grading is so politically incorrect with the left, right? Maybe we can give him extra credit too just for showing up to make the movie. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad movie, it’s what he thinks is a bad movie, right? Self esteem, it’s great! That way he’s not a spectacle for too long. Just ask Mel Gibson and Woody Allen…they were spectacles too because of their D+ lives but just wait for that “right” script to pull your lives out of the crapper. Only sometimes, the right script is the wrong script and so your life is still in the crapper a little longer. Now Schwarzenegger can join you all there too. But the public will always welcome you back with open arms after that one great hit, because we have no great expectations when it comes to actors or politicians. We know you are all full of it. Penn deserves to be detained in Cannes. He hates America anyway. So no big loss. Thumbs up Sean! Great going…you can take that extra credit to the bank, right?


Penn hit his peak as an actor in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. But, he continues to be a legend in his own mind.


Sean Penn is an asswipe! Without being involved with Madonna, we wouldn’t even know who he is!


wow,I didn’t see the movie but there sure is a lot of hate here.


This is why Sean Penn never showed up in Tripoli? He was busy with this?

Might we now see him in Tripoli? There might be a Nobel Peace prize in his future.


He may be the ugliest man on the planet.

eddie willers

Sounds like he went full retard.

Everybody knows you never go full retard.

Jeff Spicoli

Go back to Venazuela


Sean Pen is capable of being embarrassed?

Bill Browne

It’s in his eyes, they are blank at all times. Does anyone remember any time he acted?


Someone should have told Sean Penn “Never go full retard”

sparky ibewster

shocker…at the end of the day, the dude is left wearing make-up, a wig and trying to make pretend for money. just another elitest syncophant, who is discovering that maybe we didn’t give a sh*t about him as much as he thought we did. drunk bum.


Is this communist traitor still making movies, who knew?

mark smith

The left will blindly applaud this crap movie. Just like they do everything else. It’s hip to be a big government, status quo lover.


Sean Penn is a pig of a man that has fooled all of the Hollywood idiots into thinking he is or ever was a good actor….I’ve heard so many of them say he is some sort of genius. What a joke! His career was over a long time ago, even before and after “Milk.” He thinks he’s so smart and the rest of of just don’t get it….uh huh, no, we just don’t get the drug induced visions that this puke sees. I’m so glad that we aren’t forced to watch the crap that comes out of Hollywood these days. We live in this great Free Country that he does seem to hate and we don’t have to pay to enrich his pocket book whatsoever. Blah Blah Blah.


Yes ruth. Everyone hates the jews. The whole world is anti semetic. Do you feel better now.


What would you expect from a burned-out druggie? Have you ever heard Sean Penn interviewed? Dude doesn’t have all his marbles.




Sean Penn should have stopped with Sam I am or whatever that horribad movie was… He makes my dead dog look talented.


Sean Penn… what a clown.


Sean Penn is an American hating, Jew hating piece of crap


ah yes… so sad….tisk tisk…

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