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Cast For Tyler Perry’s “Alex Cross” Debut Adds Some “Professional” Muscle

Cast For Tyler Perry's "Alex Cross" Debut Adds Some "Professional" Muscle

Boy, casting for Tyler Perry’s first turn as Alex Cross (to be directed by Rob Cohen) continues to get interesting.

Let’s catch ourselves up, shall we… first, Lost alumni, Matthew Fox was cast as the main antagonist; then actor/director Edward Burns was cast to play Tyler Perry’s (Alex Cross’) partner. And, finally, today, it’s been announced that Jean Reno (likely most popular for his role in Luc Besson’s Léon, aka The Professional), has joined the cast in a role that’s being reportedly “kept under wraps.” Why? I dunno…

I’ve read a couple of Alex Cross books, including the one that’s supposedly being adapted, and I can’t immediately place Reno in any role; although, from what I’ve read, this film won’t be a faithful adaptation to James Patterson’s 16th Alex Cross novel, rather an amalgamation of several of them. So, Reno’s “under wraps” character could be anybody. He could even be completely made up, and not an original character from the series of novels.

The short story for I, Alex Cross goes… Perry’s Cross partners up with Ed Burns to take on a vicious serial killer played by Matthew Fox.

Last we reported on this, Tyler claimed to be dropping body weight and adding muscle mass to his frame, in preparation for the role.

Production is scheduled to start in August, with a fall 2012 or early 2013 release date planned.

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still cant believe idris elba lost a part to…Tyler Perry? How did that happen, and was money involved?

No, seriously…cuz thats the only way I could see that happening.


The short story for I, Alex Cross goes… Perry’s Cross partners up with Ed Burns to take on a vicious serial killer played by Matthew Fox.

Matthew? Vicious? Serial Killer? Can’t wait to see this… :| Can’t wait to rent this. ;)

Geneva Girl

Cynthia, you beat me to it. I had no intention of seeing this, but I love Jean Reno. I am so torn.

Miles Ellison

This is looking stupider by the day. Wasn’t Alex Cross’ partner in the books black? Edward Burns? Really?

Adam Scott Thompson

…but Alex Cross is a MAN!!! If they were gonna pick an actress, why not Meryl Streep? She can be anybody! Instead, they pick Citizen Coon. My mother is a hardcore James Patterson/Alex Cross fan. When I told her King Coon was taking over for Morgan Freeman — and that Patterson had co-signed — she hung the phone up on her only child. LOL


Hold up, I have a question:
We all agree that Jean Reno is solid as a rock and a phenomenal internalized actor with “Nikita”, “Professional”, “Ronin”-esque material and’ll be at home in “Cross”-land but we can also agree that he’s not as multi-dimensional as Daniel Day Lewis. And with no offense to these talented actors either, Matthew Fox is not Viggo Mortensen, and Ed Burns is not Sean Penn. In many ways, Burns and Fox are similar versions of neutral.
*Is our excitement stemming from relief that they’re pulling in actors who are [better] than Tyler Perry? Even if they’re not in fact the industry’s “best”?

Alphonso Whitfield

This is project is starting to lose my interest and it has not even been shot. Having read every Alex Cross novel written, the story makes the movie, the actors need to learn how to wear the parts. There is still enough time to fire the driector, casting agent and bring in a new team of writers that will keep the movie true to the book because the book ain’t broke so they don’t have to fix the movie!


Am I alone in being glad to see Idris Elba escape a movie that’s bound to be both schlocky and centered on horrific sexual crimes against women? More exposure to Elba, a far superior actor, is welcome, but I have faith in better big roles coming along.


I still find it a sin and shame that Idris Alba lost out to Perry on this one…I am a huge Alex Cross/James Patterson fan (having criss-crossed this country and the world while reading the entire series) and consider the character to be one of the most well developed in popular literature. Suffice to say Cross is one bad motha what you say and quite sexy/sensual…sorry but Perry just doesn’t have the chops to portray him IMHO…


Darn it! They’re gonna force me to watch this now. lol I’m a big Jean Reno fan (Have you seen him in “The Big Blue” ?!)

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