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“Don’t Be A Menace” Etc Etc Etc… Coming to Blu-Ray For Some Reason…

"Don't Be A Menace" Etc Etc Etc... Coming to Blu-Ray For Some Reason...

I am a full blown, hard core blu-ray convert, and there are SO many films I’m still waiting for to come out on blu-ray, like Michael Mann’s Thief, Lawrence of Arabia, William Friedkin’s terribly underrated Sorcerer , and there’s that blu-ray of Spike Lee’s Malcolm X that was supposed to come out in January, but was pulled at the last minute, because of the music clearing rights issue.

However just because I love blu-ray, does it mean that EVERY bloody film has to come out in the format. Standard DVD is just fine in some cases, and even VHS would do nicely.

Case in point, The Wayans Brothers 1996 “N Da Hood” movie spoof Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood, which Echo Bridge Entertainment is releasing on blu-ray on July 5th.

You mean that sales of the standard DVD were so good that they’re now asking people to “double-dip,” and get the blu-ray version? And while we’re at it, where’s the blu-ray of I’m Gonna Get You Sucka? Now THAT I could definitely use.

Here’s the trailer to refresh your memory…

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Dankwa Brooks

Don’t get it twisted any movie made BEFORE 2008 IS NOT High Definition and older titles being released to Blu-Ray without as Kunle Adekolo stated “little to no special effects worth enhancing” is just a MARKETING PLOY by Hollywood to squeeze more $$$ out of a dying format–DVD.

Yes classics WITH NOTABLE RESTORATION a la ‘The Godfather’. Should not even be considered for Blu-Ray.


Well, “Friday” is on Blu-Ray(Which I own), so it was inevitable that this would be too, “Scary Movie” is also coming to Blu-Ray, and I think that’s their best film.


I honestly used to LOVE this movie. It (along with ‘Friday’) are 2 of my favorite comedies.

other song

yeah, I dont know why you’re hating. The movie was brilliant, particularly at the time. My brothers and friends were quoting those lines for years.

that dude

It’s not a zero-sum game. MENACE on DVD doesn’t slow down the release of others.

btw, you are hating without cause. That’s a hilarious movie.


Kunle Adekolo


What is the appeal of having a film converted to Blu-Ray if there are little to no special effects worth enhancing? Especially if you already own the standard DVD version? An up-converting DVD player, using an HDMI connection on a HDTV will provide a similar viewing experience.

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