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Elijah Wood Latest To Join Rashida Jones/Andy Samberg Rom-Com ‘Celeste And Jesse Forever’

Elijah Wood Latest To Join Rashida Jones/Andy Samberg Rom-Com 'Celeste And Jesse Forever'

The cast members of “The Lord of the Rings” have had mixed success in the eight years since the franchise wrapped up. Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom became fully-fledged movie stars (the latter less so in recent years), and Dominic Monaghan managed surprising longevity as a star of “Lost,” but Sean Astin‘s mostly been stuck in Adam Sandler movies and one-off TV appearances, while we’re pretty sure that Billy Boyd washed our windshield at a traffic light not so long ago.

But it’s hard to argue that Elijah Wood has had one of the more interesting post-Middle Earth careers. The actor’s had misfires like “The Oxford Murders” and “Green Street Hooligans,” but he’s spent most of his time in interesting indie flicks like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Everything is Illuminated,” with occasional brief roles in megahits like “Happy Feet” and “Sin City” along the way, while focusing principally on his record label, Simian Records, who look after The Apples In Stereo. The actor will be reprising his trademark role as Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson‘s “The Hobbit,” but first he’s just signed on to one of the more intriguing romantic comedies in the works.

The Hollywood Reporter brings news that Wood has joined the cast of “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” which is co-written and starring “Parks and Recreation” star Rashida Jones, who, opposite “Saturday Night Live” vet Andy Samberg, play a former couple trying to maintain their friendship while getting a divorce. Wood will play Jones’ business partner, “a metrosexual who tries to be her “saucy gay friend””.

Wood joins a supporting cast that also includes Emma Roberts, as a troubled starlet, Ari Graynor, as a friend of Celeste, and Chris Messina, as a potential romantic interest for Jones. We like pretty much everyone involved, the early script we read was strong, and Lee Toland Krieger, director of the woefully under-seen “The Vicious Kind,” is at the helm, so it’s certainly looking to be a few dozen steps above the majority of romantic comedies out there. Filming starts shortly, to take advantage of the hiatus in Jones and Samberg’s TV schedules, so we should see this in theaters in the spring/summer of 2012.

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Gosh, I hate typos. I wanted to say is not going to happen (Viggo as a star – he`s already over 50, he`s ship has sailed long time ago). He may win an Oscar but he ain`t gonna open movies.


Viggo Mortensen is not a flully-fledged movie star, where did that suck-up some from? All his movies since LOTR flopped. He`s a fine actor but he can`t get butts in the seats for s***. So stop trying to make him the Harrison Ford of LOTR. Hasn`t happened or it`s going to happen.

Hillary Ann

I agree with everyone here!! Don’t you dare make fun of Billy Boyd’s career!! Just because you don’t want to watch or do not like Billy Boyd does NOT give you the right to diss him!!! He is one of the best actors ever to come out of Scotland and to grace the world with his acting AND singing!!! He also has a massive fan following, so if you know what’s good for you, you would do some research and maybe mention how Billy has his own musical band ‘Beecake’ and how many organizations he helps in his country Scotland and abroad!! Plus, or did you not know that he has been in many movies that have been nominated and has won awards!! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT because you really don’t want the rest of the Fellowship to come after you, cause they all can wheel a sword!!

Edward Davis

Hey, it’s his window, he know best. Pwned.


Do you guys have Billy Boyd Google Alerts set up?


I quite agree with Penny!…If you’re going to insult someone, get your facts right first!!…Get off your lazy bums and do some proper research instead of sttting on them!!…Billy is one of the hardest workers around and he’s patron to a lot of childrens organisations and charities too..What do you do??…


Im pretty sure that Billy Boyd didnt wash your window. Just because you havent seen him in anything major in a while doesnt mean he isnt working steady! He has been busy with his band, Beecake, who are working on their 2nd CD and they toured the East Coast of the US in 2010. He just toured the UK last fall in a wonderful musical set the Proclaimers music, and just wrapped filming Moby Dick, The Witches of Oz, Ecstasy by Irvine Welch who wrote Trainspotting, among other films. He has been doing a lot of great little independents in the UK most of which are far better than the crap coming out of Hollywood. You really should educate yourself before your try to insult someone. :/

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