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First Look At Naturi Naughton In NBC’s New Series “The Playboy Club”

First Look At Naturi Naughton In NBC's New Series "The Playboy Club"

Naturi Naughton in one member of an ensemble cast in NBC’s upcoming drama pilot titled The Playboy Club – an hour-long drama about 1960s Playboy clubs, set in Chicago – which the network recently picked up for the fall season.

The show centers on a group of women that work as Playboy bunnies, and further, what the producers are describing as an in-depth look at “America’s mores and the coming sexual revolution.

Naughton plays Brenda, described as “a stunning African-American Bunny determined to become the first black Playboy centerfold” as well as confidante and roommate to Amber Heard’s lead character, Maureen (a new hire at the club), in the Bunny Dormitory (sounds like a fun place to hang out ;))

NBC seems to be trying to prove that cable TV isn’t the only place where racy content can exist.

Watch the preview clips below; you’ll find a glimpse of Naturi Naughton in character in the second clip:

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Dankwa Brooks

As some black comedian said years ago when invited to a 60’s party by his white friends “I’m not going to no 60’s party! We weren’t free back then!” LOL.

As a whole I’m not that interested in the lifestyle before I was born portrayed in the media that much. Never seen ‘Mad Men’ not really interested.

As far as Naturi Naughton, I think she did a really good job in ‘Notorious’ ansd showed promise as an actor. didn’t think she was all that great in ‘Lottery Ticket’, but the movie as a whole wasn’t great either.

I wish her well in this series. Definitely a promising talent.


@ Cherish, Gloria Hendry who is dark skinned was a playboy bunny. In the 1960’s and 70’s, darker Black actresses were give more opportunity due to the BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL movement.


I’ll definitely give this a shot. I’m a fan of Naturi, who’s a beautiful and talented young actress.


ugh, need to proofread next time.


I love and think she’s a great up and coming actress, but does she look like to the type of black woman who could work as a Playboy bunny in the 1960s?

I’m curious. She is beautiful. She is short and dark skin, so wondering if she could have been a Playboy bunny back then, or they casted her because they love Naturi. If that’s case I have no problems with that whatsoevah.


@Miles I agree that this is a little suspect coming from a network, but if NBC is willing to mix it up maybe it will do well. I think at least the premiere will probably do well since those who are looking to fill the Mad Men void will be curious. I’m excited to see Naughton though.


@Lynn – so what? It’s a movie. She gave a great performance as Lil Kim in Notorious that was overlooked. I’m glad she’s getting work.

Miles Ellison

This belongs on HBO. There is almost no chance that this will be any good on NBC. You’re better off waiting for Mad Men to come back. That’s the same thing. Except better.


This is NOT surprising at all. Are y’all forgetting she was naked in the 2009 biopic Notorious??


Interesting to see her play this role as it seems a continuation of her cameo appearance as a Playboy Bunny in AMC’s Mad Men.


I’m looking forward to this. I like Naturi. She’s talented.

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