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First Look At Tom Hardy As Bane In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

First Look At Tom Hardy As Bane In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Film Will Feature Greater Use Of IMAX Than ‘The Dark Knight’; Hans Zimmer Goes Solo On Score

Guess who has two thumbs and is eating a piece of humble pie? This guy.

Okay, looks like that chanting thing was a bit of a decoy for the real reveal on “The Dark Knight Rises” website today: the first official look at Tom Hardy as Bane. Warner Bros 1 Cynicism 0. The image comes via a slowly, pixel by pixel reveal on the official website that you can see right here sorta like what the studio did for Heath Ledger as The Joker in “The Dark Knight.” But people have managed to hack into the matrix and scoop out the image ahead of schedule.

And hey, what can we say? This is legit and looks pretty ace and we’d be lying if we didn’t say we were excited. Additionally, in the press release that has now followed the site launch, it notes that as long rumored, Christopher Nolan will be “utilizing IMAX cameras even more extensively than he did on ‘The Dark Knight'” which is certainly something to look forward to. No word yet on how much footage will actually get the treatment in the large scale format, but you can bet the tech savvy director has some new tricks up his sleeve. Curiously, only Hans Zimmer appears to be returning to score the film this time around — the last two efforts he collaborated with James Newton Howard.

As you already know by now Hardy is joined by Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Diego Klattenhoff, Burn Gorman and Nestor Carbonell. It hits on July 20, 2012. Check out the full size image below. [via SuperHeroHype]

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I don’t know how Nolan is able to surprised me every single time with his innovative ideas..just look at the poster it says all how much awesome this movie is going to be..M super excited for this :-D


waitin badly for The Dark Knight Rises!!!!


Sorry, i meant Abner not Caro


Caro, what are you talking about. Tom Hardy and Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are hardly unknown. All three were in Inception and Marion Cotillard won an Oscar for her role in La Vie En Rose and she co-starred with Johnny Depp in Public Enemies. JGL is well known for his role in 500 Days of Summer. I don’t know what you have against them, they’re all great actors and if you can’t respect the director’s choice in actors then you can’t be a big fan of these movies.
That said, i’m really excited to see this movie. A great movie is made great because of the director and the actors no matter if they are A listers or newcomers.


This looks awesome, but I’m going to miss Newton Howard for the score. He was the perfect counterpoint to the Zimmer bombast.


Umm, Matthew Vaughn, this is how it’s done.


movie bad-ass orgasm!


JGL and Marion Cotillard and Tom Hardy and Richard Alpert are total schlubs, nobody knows who they are.


This pic is pretty badass. I didn’t know how they were gonna top Joker as a bad guy, but this might do it.


The cast still seems like it’s incomplete and is smaller compared to the first two films. It feels like it’s missing more recognisable actors and key characters.


I hope the climactic fight between Christian Bale and Tom Hardy will knock everyone on their ass and be so amazing and action-packed, audiences all over the world will be left breathless.


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But it’s still Bane.


Is that a gimp mask?

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