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First Look At Tyler Perry & Thandie Newton On “Good Deeds” Set

First Look At Tyler Perry & Thandie Newton On "Good Deeds" Set

Well, we know Tyler Perry’s rom-com Good Deeds. co-starring Thandie Newton, Gabrielle Union and others, is currently shooting in Atlanta, GA. Not much of it has been seen thus far; however, based on the on-set photo above, I suppose we can assume that there’ll be a scene in which both Tyler and Thandie ride a motorcycle, with Tyler in the driver’s seat.

And in case this is the first time you’re hearing about this project… Tyler Perry is starring and directing the upcoming new film, Good Deeds, in which he stars as Glen Deeds, described as an affluent and successful entrepreneur who’s about to get married when he suddenly becomes enamored by a down-on-her-luck single mother who rekindles a spark that seems to have faded with his uptown fiancée.

Thandie Newton is playing the “down-on-her-luck single mother;” Gabrielle Union is his uptown fiancee, and Beverly Johnson plays her mother. Phylicia Rashad, and Brian White, are also attached, although we don’t know in what roles yet.

I’m guessing the film will be out early next year, if not late this year.

h/t C.O.S. for the photo

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Screen Nation

Hey anything with Gabriel Union (mmm or fav chocolate love actress) and Screen Nation winner Thandie Newton (she can act too you know) does it for us here. Maybe they might even have a catfight :)

@Jug Real talk on your first comment. Love him or be loved by him, you gotta admit he is getting it done his way!!


@Carey-LMBAO Ya got me.

But real talk, with each passing day I respect Tyler more & more. All of the issues and feelings surrounding the content aside, ANYONE who can get something done…a meeting, a short, a pitch, a script read, an audition-ANYTHING-in this climate has to not only be commended, but saluted. And this dude is doing things his way straight up Sinatra style. Much as it might bug some of us, anyone who is in the trenches has to admit that, Me included.


Ooooohhh, Tyler is really switching things up.

It’s usually the “lighted-skinnded” girl who is uptown and bougie, and the “dark-skinnded” girl is down-trodden and struggling.

wow, Tyler really is growing and taking chances :-)


Jug said: “Okay I have to be the first to say it…is he following the “Tom Cruise School of Butchin’ Up” with this? LOL”

** the voice of Darth Vader says “Jug, this is your father, move away from the light, don’t get caughtup in the Tyler Perry’s haters school. Stop cock blockin'” SMILE **

And, Carey says hit his e-mail because he needs your expert advice on his 60 second movie pitch. It’s a comedy and It’s done, but he’s to afraid to post it here and he’s going to do one more. a love story (drama).

Mr. Bubbles

I can do it too. See?! lol


Not me. Just a TP lover who is mad at the truth.

Ya’ll know I could give a damn.


This guy keeps working!!! Even I as a Tyler Perry hater must give it to him!


I didn’t know Tyler was filming a Terminator remake, lol.


Okay I have to be the first to say it…is he following the “Tom Cruise School of Butchin’ Up” with this? LOL

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