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First Look Images At Bow Wow In Military Thriller “Recalled”

First Look Images At Bow Wow In Military Thriller "Recalled"

You’re looking at first, early images (above and below) from an upcoming drama/thriller titled Recalled, which stars Bow Wow, Aidan Quinn, Malik Yoba, Seth Gabel, and a host of others.

The story, based on an award-winning short film of the same name, goes… After being granted a questionable transfer that will keep him stateside as his unit deploys for Iraq, Lieutenant Danny Sefton becomes embroiled in a last minute AWOL attempt by one of his soldiers — forcing him to choose between his loyalties to the fleeing soldier, his unit and his fiancé.

Gabel plays Danny Sefton; Bow Wow, who has already suggested his intent to stretch himself as an actor, is our AWOL soldier – Specialist Chris Reyes.

Michael Connors is both writer and director – his feature film debut.

The film is currently in post-production with no release date yet; it needs to find a distributor first.

Once a trailer surfaces, we’ll have it for you.

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I was In this movie, Actually Im the SGT the right of the pole with my plattoon behind me. I think all the actors and story line it self was great. Its what I love to do and make movies, I can wait to see it and I would love to have a copy of it to when It comes out. Thanks Michael Conners for putting me In your film.


everyone that dont know the facts should keep there opinions to them selves. Me personaly i was on set with the idiot. He cannot act if his life depended on it. It was a cold day, just have thin, fake uniforms. bow is trying to say a 7 word sentence and cant get it rite. they told him 12 time his line. i was close to walking out because it was to cold and they have an idiot trying to say a simple sentence. i felt like going up there and say it for him. when bow was not there the movie would go smooth. malik yoba in the other hand had no problem, he remembered his line and the shot was perfect. everytime bow came there was a problem. personaly bow should stick with music unless he fell off on that, then he should find a 9 to 5 job.


either go see it or dont i dont care what you do stop coming on here trying to be haters when u know u ridin bow's dick. get off the site niqqa!


i think it will be coming out in 2k12. atleast thats what shad said in an interview.


Cant wait for the movie to come out. When will that be?

tres watson

fucc all yall broke ass haters let tha man do him so fucking wat he going by his real name wats tha big deal…yall hate to see blk ppl do anything…. i love y shad gregory moss bka bow wow


Man there’s some haters on here! Yall are going hard on a name?! Seriously? Let the man act and do what he wants to do and stop being so critical of a performance or outcome before even seeing it all the way through. Been a fan since day one! Much love to ya, Bow Wow!


Low budget film, it took two weeks to film, Bow Wow was posting on his twitter from the first day to the last. What i hate is movies like this about soldiers, I did real time in the Army and there is nothing I hate more than seeing people parade around on film in uniforms trying to tell our story. I think if you want to put the uniform on ENLIST. I know it is just a movie and there have been tons of them and some are real good. This movie just seems it wants to exploit the nations interest and support for troops, Like he would know anything about going AWOL, this movie is already unrealistic. If you are going to deploy and you try to get out of it by fleeing it is not called AWOL it is called desertion and during a time of war (for which I am sure this film is placed) it is punishable by death (which the govt has yet to enforce).


Another reason why Bow Wow would get the nod over a Donald Glvoer or Jamil Walker Smith (Stargate Universe) is because he will get attention from BET and our black media versus the other two.

That’s one thingthat needs to change in our black media-the ignoring of certain black actors and actresses.because they aren’t getting in trouble with the law or kneeling at the feet of Tyler Perry.


@ Corinne

The reason you go by a real name instead of a rap name is because you want critics and folks to see your movie. A lot of our films get tuned out once folks see ANY rapper’s name on the cast list. Ice Cube, Ice T, Queen Latifah, Common and Mos Def being the exceptions. Mainly because they are more known for movies than rapping now.

Real black actors probably didn’t want the role. Looking at that summary-it is going to to focus on Gabel than Bow Wow. You know the film the white guy tries to save his black friend from doing bad.


Amen Duncan! A fucking men!


Bow Wow Doesn’t Goes By Bow Wow anymore in movies He Uses his real Name Shad Moss & it Appears Like This Shad “BOW WOW” Moss


Based on his past performances, I’m looking forward to seeing this.

He surprised me with the unexpected emotional depth to his Lottery Ticket character, and Roll Bounce also had a lot of heart.


Whats so wrong about the name “bow wow” ? everyone has nicknanes, and thats what he likes to call himself. And he does use his first name, he’s mentioned in his tweets that he has to switch bow wow off and be shad moss the actor. But people know him as bow wow so thats why they write it. For a rapper to come out and start acting would be really hard, to me he’s going exseptionally well, ( i think thats how u spell it). You only got one life, mays of well make the most of it. good on ya bow. xxxx


Estou vendo que vai ser a mais recente comédia LOL
muito maneiro Bow Wow. VERY GOOD :D
I Like…

Majestic Rudeboi

mad thing boweezy this look like it ago siq!

Lucas DullerNow

Crazy Bow Wow, We Love You BRAZIL ;)


I think he does use his birth name as well. I have to admit, I enjoyed him in “Roll Bounce” and I think it’s one of the best family movies out there. So, he may have a lot more to offer. Also, he’s appeared in a few indie films that are still on the festival circuit.


Lmao “stretch himself as an actor” Doesn’t he go by Bow Wow?? If he was serious about the craft he would of went by his gov’t name Shad Moss.

Kunle Adekolo

Don’t blame Bow Wow (I can’t believe he still goes by that ridiculous name). Why would a serious casting director allow him to audition in the first place? He went for it, and they foolishly cast him in the role. What they fail to realize is that by doing so, they lose much credibility.

Duncan Manutz

“Bow Wow, who has already suggested his intent to stretch himself as an actor”

When do Real Black Actors get a chance to “STRETCH THEIR TALENTS” ?

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