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First Trailer For Zoe Saldana’s “Colombiana” Will Be Attached To “Jumping The Broom” This Weekend!

First Trailer For Zoe Saldana's "Colombiana" Will Be Attached To "Jumping The Broom" This Weekend!

Remember the Zoe Saldana-starring/Luc Besson-produced/Olivier Megaton-directed revenge thriller Colombiana? We haven’t seen anything more of it since a set of first-look photos were made public last fall, in November.

The film is scheduled for a September 2nd theatrical release, exactly 4 months from today, so, it’s only logical that a trailer would surface some time soon.

Well, I just got word that the first trailer for Colombiana will be released on the web this Thursday afternoon, and will then be attached to prints of Jumping The Broom which opens this weekend!

Interesting, considering one is a PG-13 romcom, and the other is a yet-to-be-rated revenge actioner about a young woman who grows up to be a stone-cold assassin, after witnessing the murder of her parents in Bogota.

both have women in central roles, I imagined the target audiences would differ. But what do I know? I’m definitely anxious to see and hear what this baby looks and sounds like.

I’ve had my doubts about Zoe Saldana in the title role, as Cataleya Restrepo, but I’m certainly open to being proven wrong when the trailer drops this Thursday. Of course, I’ll post it here once that happens!

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Seriously…if any of these people actually went to Colombia they would see that it isn’t anything like it was back during the drug wars. I feel safer there then I do in the states. Absolutely disrespectful to an entire nation of people who have done nothing but try to change the stereotypical image in the minds of themseleves to the rest of the world. I like Zoe, always have, but this turns my stomach as a proud Colombian American.


Well, said @Marie! I change is coming for black actors in hollywood


I can’t wait to see the trailer. Love Zoe!


I am so happy for Zoe and I hope this is a hit! We need more black women in lead roles. Hollywood has been acting like Halle no talent Berry is the only option for far too long.


Let’s get it.


Niiiice! I’ve been anticipating “Jumping the Broom” and will be in theaters to see it on opening nite!
And yaaay for “Colombiana”!! I can’t wait to see the trailer!

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