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First Trailer For Zoe Saldana’s Revenge Thriller “Colombiana” Is Here!!

First Trailer For Zoe Saldana's Revenge Thriller "Colombiana" Is Here!!

So… as I said earlier this week, a little bird told me that the first trailer for the Zoe Saldana revenge thriller, Colombiana, would debut online this afternoon. Well, guess what? It has!

And boy, I gotta say, as has already been documented on this site, I’ve had my doubts about Zoe’s ability to really embody the part and carry the film; but after watching this 2 1/2-minute trailer, I think I’ll start singing a new tune, because this looks like it’ll be good and good for her career!

The yet-to-be-rated revenge actioner about a young woman who grows up to be a stone-cold assassin, after witnessing the murder of her parents in Bogota, is produced by Luc Besson, with Olivier Megaton assuming directing duties.

The film is scheduled for a September 2nd theatrical release.

Watch the trailer for Colombiana below, which I’m told will be attached to prints of Jumping The Broom this weekend!

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Virginia Vilhena Kolman

muito boa protagonista zoe. a colombiana promete premio de bilheteria com certeza!!! esta como angelina jolie em o ,turista ,briget fonda em a assasina , também um filme muito parecido com este a colombiana na ação muita temperatura de movimento e dramatização muito bom! nota 1000!!!!


2. Michael Vartan is the white male Halle Berry. Bow-chica-bow-wow!

OMG I hate you for this…because it’s so true! LOL

I love Michael Vaughn *cough* Michael Vartan. Had an “Alias” flashback there.

Dankwa Brooks

I think the trailer is hot. I’m not surprised that she can do an action pic. A lot of people forget that ‘Avatar’ was motion capture and she had to perform a lot of those action sequences albeit with a bow and arrow.


This trailer is HOT and I’m with everyone here, fingers crossed that this will be a hugh success for all the reasons stated by @dcmoviegirl and beyond. GO ZOE!!


Zoe = the new Angelina. Perfect film for her.


Zoe, Zoe, Zoe…..this chica never fails to impress! She’s a vigilante and kicking butt….what more could you ask for!?!?!?

Dr. Boogie

1. Zoe has done it again. This role, Avatar, and Star Trek will carry her for life. If she gets in on an X-Men franchise, she will have picked up the baton from both Nichelle Nichols AND Pam Grier.

2. Michael Vartan is the white male Hale Berry. Bow-chica-bow-wow!

3. Le Femme Nikita, The Professional, and Taken?!?! Can this movie be certified platinum already?


Zoe and Luc? Awesomeness


My only issue with the trailer is the constant “REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM” dialogue. But, I’m always interested in Zoe Saldana, who I believe is criminally underrated as a performer. And, Luc Besson producing is another great plus.

james Madison

I like that Luc Besson always write strong female characters. From Le Femme to Angel A.

Trailers done right can be misleading but I want to see this. It will be great seeing a person of color on screen in a role like this. Great for people of African Descent and good for both men and women.

Side note, women that I saw and thought were “Black” were Dominican but strongly embraced their African ethnicity. If this is good, and I am hoping it is, maybe we can all be proud of it.

Side note Part II – Funny that the more “progressive” (lacking a better term as I write) thinking contemporary films featuring us or soon to be featuring us are from people who are not descendants of African/Black Heritage. (I have heard that Quentin Tarantino is of Native American heritage)

Colombiana, Attack The Block and Django all have plots/storyline that are not what we are producing ourselves, at least here in the U.S. The norm tends to be the comedy or romantic comedy. Not saying those should not exist and we should not do them, but it would be nice for diversity.

That being said, Hollywood does not step out of whatever trend or comfort zone it is in. Here is hoping for new visions in the U.S. and abroad.


The jury on this film is still out for me until I see it (I may be very surprised) But am I the only one who thinks NO ONE can fill Pam Grier’s shoes… especially NOT that 80 pound anorexic Angelina Jolie?


And speaking as someone with a part-Dominican background that whole “Dominicans hate being black” is a HUGE distortion. And that recent B.S. on that PBS Blacks in Latin America show hosted by that alleged authority “Skippy” Gates on the D.R. was a biggest load of shit I’ve seen in years


Have to say I’m not impressed. I love Luc Besson but I think he’s already closed the book on this genre. Leon: The Professional( Natalie Portman, Jena Reno) and La Femme Nikita( Anna Parillaud). These are the two great revenge films of the modern era. [We are not including the likes of I Spit on Your Grave or Baise Moi] The ante has to raised for the female character that seeks revenge or is a hit woman. The action has to be crazier. See: Zoe Bell in Angel of Death. But I will wait to see the rage/brutality that propels the character in the film.

I like Zoe Saldana especially since she, being from D.R., considers herself a Black woman given Dominicans’ penchant of generally not wanting to be associated with being Black. Hence, their general disdain for their Haitian sistren/brethren.
But she always tries to play strong female characters which we can always use more of.


@SayNay LOL! you noticed that too huh


Looks good. Typical sexy “exotic” female for white man to pursue, but what he gets what he normally want in the world, so why not.


@ Monique:

She was in Star Trek as well and will be reprising her role in the sequel!

Zoe is very hot right now and yes she is doing very well for herself. If this is a hit she will certainly become the new go-to black actress!!!


I would like to kiss whomever made this trailer. I mean, lately I’ve been so unmoved by how these promos have been patched together. This really grabbed me. From the audio to the editing. Zoe looks lovely, Vartan finally seems to have risen from the dead and got a little zest back; the flashes of their love scenes were HOT!

As for Zoe’s acting, I will not jump on the bandwagon just yet but I will say, I AM going to see this film. I think Zoe may be proving me and the naysayers wrong with this one, and I really hope that is the case.


yeah zoe is halle alright. the new white man,s plaything. like she is in every movie from avatar to death at a funeral.


Go Zoe!!! The new go-to girl. Halle Berry’s career is OVER!!!!!


I hope this film does well also. :)

Just an observation from reading blogs around the net. Some folks, like on S&A’s old site, thought Zoe was a “black Barbie doll” which implied she wasn’t black enough. Talked alot a crap about her looks, acting, etc.,

Now this trailer comes out and some of those same folks are now all giddy and excited about a black woman being a femme fatal.

So she black enough now huh?

Just an observation… :)


Yesssss!! I can’t wait. Zoe Saldana playing a woman who is not only fierce, but emotionally aware…a rare combo indeed.

p.s. When did Michael Vartan become the go to white boy for bw/wm interracial love interests? First Big Shots, then Hawthorne, now this. LOL


@slb-Yeah, SALT was some trash. Was all ready to see Angelina whoop some (which she did) but after 30 minutes I said in my best Steve Harvey voice “Muthafucka for what?!?”

@dcmoviegirl-SHHHHHHH! You speaketh the movie of which we doth not name


Well, I’m routing for it, because we haven’t had a mainstream blockbuster-type movie lead by a black woman since Catwoman.

And you know how the industry thinks.

If one movie starring a black woman fails, then they think it’s because of that demographic, and all other movies, starring black women are deemed “too risky” for any real backing.

The potential success of this will only add to the evidence (Karate Kid, Fast Five,Takers) that minority-lead blockbusters do work!

*fingers crossed*



*falls out with faint*


So EXCITED for her! :) Weeee! *cartwheels* And this is so awesome!


This looks good. Luc Besson is known for producing good action films even though sometimes the stories can be lacking. And no one is going to point out that in one of those fight scenes she ‘windmilled’ in fight and won?

Jennifer Gardner

Why didn’t they show Callum Blue?

Michael Vartan is partly Armenian. A lot of people don’t know that.


Jug: I was disappointed in SALT. Wasn’t as good as I hoped. Although the alternate scenes were interesting. They made for a completely different film IMO.


And I just saw SALT and thought “what the hell is this mess?!?” A big excuse for stunts, a very muddled story if there ever was one, just to set up for a franchise :-(

In this, the killing & action has purpose, both plot-wise & emotionally. Yeah, good stuff indeed!


Although it’s like a pseudo sequel to “The Professional” with a little “La Femme Nikita” thrown in, I’m all in. As if Zoe couldn’t get any hotter….now she carries a gun.


Angelina who!?!? That shit is a beast & Zoe is killing it! The script was fun as hell, but seeing it is even better. Besson calls it a sequel to THE PROFESSIONAL.

And all my peoples are in it, Cliff Curtis, Lennie James…yeah that joint is gonna be HOT!!


Yeah but this looks meh.


Awww shucks!! ZOE!! u gettin it in girl!


It’s a Luc Besson production! How did you doubt it?! Practically the ONLY director/producer that makes good kick-ass films with female protagonist. I loved “Le Femme Nikita” and “The Professional.”

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