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Forest Whitaker Directing And Whole Cast Returning For “Waiting To Exhale” Sequel

Forest Whitaker Directing And Whole Cast Returning For "Waiting To Exhale" Sequel

If you’ve been anxiously waiting to hear a confirmation about a Waiting To Exhale sequel, your wait is over! S&A told you in the past that Getting Happy, Terry McMillan‘s follow up book, was on the road to becoming a film. Angela Bassett even spoke about the project being in the works. Well on the CBS show The Talk today, she revealed that everyone from the original cast is on board and Forest Whitaker will direct.

She (McMillan) wrote Getting to Happy and she’s written the screenplay… Loretta, Lela, Whitney, Forest. Forest is working on the script now, ” she said.

The 1995 film Waiting To Exhale was an enormous commercial success making over $81 million. Critics gave it mixed to negative reviews but the film prevailed despite that.

So in addition to Bassett, we’ll get to see Lela Rochon, Loretta Devine and Whitney Houston once again. Get the tissues ready!

Watch the video clip below:

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Whitneys dead now so Who playing Savannah


R.I.P. Gregory Hines – He was a great, kind and uber talented man. I'll miss him in the sequel.

Katrina M

When I read the book G2H, it was liking seeing old friends after a very long time. I couldn't put it down. I felt like I was right there in the middle of the story, listening in on every conversation. I am too thrilled. Thank you, ladies! Just like the book, this will be healing to my soul. Muah!


WTE was great, and I think that the sequel will be great also, I Love these ladies especially Angela, Loved the sound track – maybe Jennifer hudson or Mary J Blige could be involved in some way (new music). I also think that throwing in a few sexy man like Idris Elba, Boris Kodjoe, Gary Dourdan or Common just to name a few would definitely spice the movie up !! Usually the sequel is not as good as the original so work hard to really make it better and I think people would to to see it.


I took the time to read "Getting to Happy" and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. If they stay close to the content of the book, the movie will be a hit. Come on everyone…give it a chance!

Dwayne Sneed

What casting company is casting for principle roles?


The chance to see Whitney on screen again does it for me, her presence is always epic. Cannot Wait For This!!!! I love you Nippy! ♥


This movie will be great. Why hate on it. There are few Black movies being green lit at all by studios. Forest Whitaker is one of the screenwirters and they seem to be working hard at getting a good script.

The movie did $67mil gross US on a $15mil budget and $85mil WW, in todays dollars adjusted for inflation, that is $115mil. Why wouldn’t the studios have faith in it making money. There is immense interest in the movie as it is a classic and it doesn’t work without the same 4 actresses.

If the studio is smart, they will use younger, relevant actors for some of the other parts in the book to bring in the young people and if Whitney still produces the sndtrack, bring in a few younger singers on the soundtrac,

All the ladies look good and i’m sure they will be dropping a few more pounds and toning up before themovie shoots.

I can’t wait to see it next year. I’m betting this movie does over $50mil and if people can line up to see Tyler Perry’s schlock, surely, they will see this movie.


OH GOD NO!!!!!!


why is everybody hating wte was a great movie, the getting to happy book was a great read, terry mcmillian is a great author that keeps it real! why shouldnt she remake WTE if they can continue to put out this stupid ass harry potter movies than they should be able to put out more black movies!!!


Screw “Waiting To Exhale.”How ’bout Yours Truly in a movie or TV handsome black cowboy role????


Loved WTE. Just let it rest. I’m not interested in what those characters are doing 15 years or more later. Please abandon ship on this project. So much great original stories to tell that would far more interesting… I’m sure.


All I’ll say is “Run, Forst, run! You’re better than anything that’s related to Terry McMillan! You’ve got an Oscar for, heaven’s sake. More importantly, you’ve got actual talent! (so does Angela Bassett, to be fair)” And why even do such a sequel? Isn’t Tyler Perry flooding the market with enough bad black cinema?!!! Can’t we step it up just a little bit higher, everybody! (damn!)

Dankwa Brooks

Let me say that I am very discerning when it comes to movies and I really like WTE. The car burning scene was classic! Yes it was a chick film, but a very good one. To me movies like ‘Soul Food’ tried to piggyback on its success.


Okay NaySay, I’ll have to check with Sergio on Jumping The Broom. He said he enjoyed it. Now thats big coming from him. Wait a minute, it must have had a few nude scenes. Did you listen to their livecast? He’s thinking about writing a piece on “adult” movies.

Anyway, I’ll have to take your word on Angela’s part in Green Lantern… not my kind of movie. But I agree, the “younger crowd” may not rush out to see “waiting”. I’ll probably have to go see it, if you know what I mean. But don’t tell nobody, I’ll call my bootleg man before I pay 22 dollars and 20 more for pop and popcorn. Nope, waiting will be waiting for my money.

But let me ask you something. Are you a Tyler Perry fan. I’m just asking because I am trying to figure out your movie taste. some folks will rush out see Jump The Broom, yet have a side eye at Tyler’s stuff.



Angela Bassett is going to be in Jumping the Broom, This is War, and The Green Lantern. And if The Green Lantern does well enough for a franchise her screen time will definitely grow since her character Amanda Waller is crucial to DCverse, I mean she has an action figure for crying out loud.

But regarding Waiting to Exhale 2, do I think it will do as well as the first one probably not. I’m sure some of the folks who saw the first one will come out, but I doubt it will capture some of the younger audiences i.e. people in their 20s who are old enough to remember the first movie release but were too young to see it or didn’t think much about it.


Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way. Naima, it’s Mr. CareyCarey *smile*

And, I am usually pretty good at figuring out slang and/or metaphors, but stomped me with “i just am not a colored girl who waits to exhale and i didn’t have any precious girls either”.
So please come back and put me up on a little game. While you’re at it, since you mentioned Julie Dash, give me your interpretation of her “Daughters In The Dust“. It‘s obvious that you liked it, but please break it down for this hairy guy. Pull a brotha’s coat.

Now, let’s see, Mr. Carlton, how do you spell hatin’? I mean, it may be a classic, but the question is: Classic what? Don’t get me wrong, some of the actors did their thang, but chick flicks have never stolen my heart. That reminds me, I happened to hit the wrong buttons on my remote and OH LORD, instead of hitting channel 64, my finger slipped down to 66… BET! Damn, some mess called The Game hit me in my face. Now check this, my brain went to work. I said to myself, I know this ain’t “The Game” my friends at S & A have been raving about? So, I gave it my full attention. After about 5 minutes I was done. I went to my refrigerator and made me a lunch meat sandwich as I began singing the lines “free at last, free at last, great god ol’mighty, I’m free at last”.

But Dankwa hit on something. For some reason (don’t check me) I liked Soul Fool, I think? I mean, for some reason when I hear that movie mentioned, I don’t hear “chick flick”. Ummmm, somebody will have to tell me what I am missing. Maybe it was the music soundtracks? I don’t know, that may sound lame but it can’t be denied that some movies connect/engage us by the poppin’ that music that makes us feel so good.

@ Misha, nawl, I ain’t dissing on Ms. Angela, I’m just trying to give y’all something you can feel. See, I never said the woman couldn’t act, but it seems like (now I’m not gossiping and blame Zeus) but y’all got the woman trying to reclaim her glory days. And really, I like the woman but I can do without her snobby husband. Well, maybe I should say snobby, but many years ago I met her and her husband at a film festival. It happened to be at a festival where few black faces could be seen. So, you know, aside from the fact that she was a star, me and my lady just wanted to kick it with some black folks. So my lady is choppin’ it with Angela, so hell, naturally me and ol’boy was going to break it down. Let me tell you, that negro looked at me like I had snot running from my nose.


What’s wrong w/ everyone???
This movie is a classic and you know it!


@Zeus, the link doesn’t work. But I just saw some recent pics of her at the JTB premeire and she looks more like her “old self.” *confused* The below link should work :)


I wonder will Mo’Nique accept the role that Terry offered her. She suppose to play a woman that is being cheated on by one of the original characters.


@ NaySay and Carla,

Okay, you’ve both made some valid points, but on Angela Basset, I still say she’s on the down side. I mean, what movies are you referring to and what’s her part? I mean, coming out? And, did you have a hard time saying – as Janet Jackson said – what have you done for me lately?

But you know what, I can’t jump into the minds of black women. I love y’all to death, but I just can’t figure out why y’all love all that gooey, sappy, love done gone cold, mess? Y’all must get a special kind of kick out of talking about men after they caught their hat and hit the door? Men, on the other hand, wanna leave “real enough” alone.

I understand that a journey shared with another is a more satisfying experience, but lord have mercy, sitting around a bunch of woman doing the fist pump every time a brotha’s car is scratched or his clothes burned, is not enjoyable entertainment for me.

But I do wish Whitney well, (did you read my post?)

I have another along that line, and it sorta fits this post. It’s called Love Jones Gone Cold, Turkey. In that one, I drop all my dirty laundry on the floor and share my connection with Whitney Houston.

Hey, if I was a gambling man, we could make a bet about the success (or not) of the new Waiting To Exhale? WhatSayNay? Carla? Laura?

I doubt I’ll see Waiting to Exhale II, but I’ll be waiting for you, 2.


*Say it ain’t so, Angela?! Arrgh!! I hate when that happens. LOL


Oh no, I know no one is dissing Angela Bassett?! FALL BACK! LOL Yes, she has three films coming out and an ABC pilot that supposedly is getting rave reviews so we may just see her doing double duty soon. But umm, Angie looks a little different. Has she been getting botox or something? Say it so, Angela?! :/


@CareyCarey how can you say Angela Bassett’s star is fading when she has 3 feature films coming out this year, one of which she’s staring in.

Waiting to Exhale was fairly “meh” as a movie, but the soundtrack was excellent. I don’t know how much I trust Whitney to be involved in this project given her state the last few years. I’m sure this sequel will be fine, but I’m not really going to rush out and see it.


i am rofl at carey carey. she/he hairy! seriously, i just am not a colored girl who waits to exhale and i didn’t have any precious girls either. but i do like foreign film so i’ll go see jump de broom and waiting when i get some time. sigh. i wish dash as in julie dash had gotten the first wte directing gig. we could really have had a conversation. damn, damn, damn — coulda ‘shoulda woulda!



you can just choose not to go see it or support it but I gurantee that women will make this a sucess

angela bassett- is older but still looks decent and she can act

loretta devie- ok big girl but she plays the part right

whitney- saw her lately? she looks good and is a decent actress- she has never embarrassed herself like madonna or mariah in acting so i think with all that she’s gone through, she’ll do fine in her part

lelah rochon- i haven’t heard or seen from her since the original movie but she’s a decent acress.

I say bring it on. can’t wait

Carlton Jordan

This is going to be a great film. Its going to make lots of money …WTE was an instant classic and I am surprised CareyCarey is hatin on it.


ooh wee, they got whitney back! yeah, that’s my girl and it wouldn’t have been the same without her. Can’t wait! I hope whitney executive produe the sndtrack as well.

the movie got mixed reviews but it went on to be a shocial phenomenon and a classic. It also made it’s money back and then some


Oh boy! Let’s see how nice I can be.

Well, for me, there’s nothing more depressing than watch “older” women crying about love gone wrong and only if. Gosh spare me. Now, on top of that, please, no over the hill “couldn’t never act” actresses.

Okay, strike out angela, but let me tell you something, her star is fading fast. Seriously, in 10 seconds, what has she done for you lately…. tick tick tock, she hasn’t been seen on this block.

And po Loretta Devine, damn. I saw her in Tyler’s last movie, and she was doing what she does best, cry whine and moan. She had all the tears and greasy face. Yep, she will fit real good in waiting for the whales.

And Whitney Houston? I have to take the 5th on Whitney. Well, some might remember, I wrote a post about her titled OH NO Whitney, say it ain’t true. It’s one of my most popular posts, behind “Why Would I Want To Kiss Your Ass”



Anyway, Lela Rochon did her best thing as the gangster’s brown sugar in Harlem NIghts. She never ever could act.

So I’m like, why oh why would I want to see that? See, I’m thinking the only thing missing is Tyler and Mr Brown.

Damn, Jumping Over Brooms and Waiting For Mr Real… somebody call the law.

Mr. Chris

This ought to be interesting!

Mr. Chris
Host, “The Soul Brother Show”


I’m looking forward to it…I didn’t realize the first movie got negative reviews.

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