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Help Bring Back The HBO Series “The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” With Jill Scott

Help Bring Back The HBO Series "The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency" With Jill Scott

Based on the success of indie films we’ve supported like Moozlum, I Will Follow and Pariah…I’ve realized that you can never underestimate the power of social media. And if supporters and fans of the popular HBO series The No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency have their way, they’ll get a chance to feel that success when the show is renewed. Right now, a virtual petition is being circulated to help bring the show back which stars singer and actress Jill Scott.

The series, based on the novels by Alexander McCall Smith, focuses on the story of a detective agency opened by Mma Ramotswe and her courtship with the mechanic Mr. JLB Matekoni. Scott’s co-stars in the show included Anika Noni Rose, Lucian Msamati and Desmond Dube.

Director Anthony Minghella, an avid fan of the books, spearheaded bringing the program to the screen securing funding from The Weinstein Company. Initially, the production was started as a feature length film but turned into a television pilot that was ultimately picked up by the BBC and HBO.

The show, which debuted as a film in 2008 and then a series in 2009, received rave reviews and even went on to win a Peabody Award. British actors Colin Salmon, Idris Elba, and David Oyelowo made appearances on the show as well helping it become a ratings success in the UK. However, HBO decided not to renew due to poor ratings.

Poor ratings? That should be the end of the story…right? Well, not quite. During a press tour last year, Michael Lombardo, HBO’s president of programming, hinted at plans to continue the story in the form of two movies. Of course, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure two HIGHLY RATED films could lead to the renewal of a series. And let’s not forget the sitcom The Game ended with “poor ratings” on the CW network but with fan support was revived by BET and became a major ratings success.

Personally, I viewed all the episodes of the series and did enjoy them. It wasn’t a high octane program but it was “refreshing” in every way. Scott is a great actress that is too often overlooked in my opinion. Anika was a delight as well.

So how do you fit into this? Well thanks to scholar and popular social media fixture Dr.Goddess –and her many friends and followers–a twitter petition was launched and has already garnered tons of support. If you’d like to sign and tweet go HERE. It’s simple and easy. No picket signs needed…no phone calls…just a virtual click. So what are you waiting for?

Below is the trailer for the series along with the full episode of Jill Scott on BET. Enjoy!

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Renee Blue

I Absolutely LOVED the show, how about bringing it to Netflix… It has just as a large viewers base as HBO! 2016… And the people still want it BACK!

    Brenda Nelson

    Yes! Bring it back. I’m dumbfounded that it didnt get picked up for many more seasons! Lets keep trying!!!!

Chantal Fitzgerald

I love the show the two ladies worked well together it was nice a different country outlook, a woman taking charge two it was good. I really enjoyed it


loved that series- put her on NETFLIX!!!!!! trying to get rid of cable- price too high!!! Jill was and is amazing!


I watched every episode again on HBO watchaton-oh! what a delight again.Would have loved to see what happen when maid brought gun and the marriage with Rabe and lady detective.PLEASE BRING BACK!!!!

Kristina Grey

Heart-based, delightful series without high octane and special effects. Love it! Please, more episodes! Antidote for "ho-hum" television.


Please bring back the Lady Detective even my 8 year old grandchild enjoyed the show.


This is a great series. Please bring it back.


This show is the best. Every actor in it brings the books alive. It had good reviews for the first series so why put it on back burner. We need to be able to see great series like this. I really enjoyed this series and am looking forward to seeing more. Hope they listen and continue. I even bought the dvd so I can watch it repeatedly

Helen Parham

A superb series. I do not have a Twitter account or a Facebook account either but I would sign anything to bring back this wonderful series.


yes, that was awesome truly, this should be a very good sample for all future tv series, I love its difference and decent, unlike the usual "common story", it is also brings us new views, feelings, …

Alex Franco

Please bring back this show.i was heart broken when it was cancelled I am re watching the show again and would love it if it were to comeback!

Maureen Kellman

My husband and I have watched all episodes. Both of us enjoyed them very much. We're also fans of the book. Would love to see more episodes made!


Finally a format for the greatest show ever! I enjoyed this show and want it back now! Why doesn't BET or TVone pick it up? The show was too positive and empowering to be picked up by mainstream productions.


The No 1 Ladies' Detectives Agency: please try to bring back the movies that were considered!
I don't know how it would work with Jill Scott's weight loss. The biggest loss of all is that of an original show featuring life on Botswana. There has been nothing like it. like it. I have never understood why it wasn't renewed. Woe is me!

Eva Leena Tavares

Please revive No 1 Ladies Detective Agency….. Is there a stronger Forum. Can we do something more. This is the best show ever. What can be done to being it back?


This series was outstanding. The quality of this production had be sitting throughout all 6 episodes in one sitting. Why do they feel everyone wants the Kardashians; LA Housewives and the like. Quality viewing is dying out like the dinosaur. Please bring The #1 Ladies' Detective Agency back with the same acting team. Top notch viewing.


Yeah, I really liked the show. I hope the campaign to bring it back is successful. They have my vote.


The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency was a delight, it was charming and so refreshing, unlike so many TV programmes these days.
The characters were brilliantly brought to life out of the pages of Alexander McCall Smith's books, the casting was brilliant and all of the subtle touches I noticed were most amusing.
Please will you do all that you can to continue this series?


Please bring back this show! I am a huge fan of this show. I do not have a Facebook account or Twitter account but I will follow through with every online petition there is to get this show back on HBO Network, because The #1 Ladies Detective Agency show was another show that not only African American women can watch but for all women to watch that has potential. This show gave me a different perspective on everyday African American women lives and their struggles. You will be doing all women a huge favor by putting this show back on air.


Please bring it back i really enjoyed the shows you can't just leave everyone that enjoyed it hanging like that i personally don't give a crap about any of the housewives, Kardashians, or any of the other reality shows so please bring back the no.1 ladies' detective agency show


To the directors, producers, writers…..ANYBODY and EVERYBODY remotely connected to this series….PLEASE bring this to fruition!!!

We all have had enough housewives, Kardashians, slinging fists and foul mouths! We all have had enough of adults acting sophmoric and live to bitch, whine, cry, and fist fight over what they don't have or can't get, while they drip with diamonds and live in gated home communities that is obscene….and that description only covers 50% of what is aired on TV.

The #1 Ladies Detective Agency is an absolute delight and, needless to say, much needed RESPITE time from current TV options. Great characters, intriguing storylines, and the setting pulls you into a zone of simple joy!! Please oh please bring back this series!!! How many seasons Murder She Wrote lasted? C'mon HBO….you can do this!!! Weinstein Brothers continue this project!!


Awww C'mon! I just discovered this show on DVD at my library. You kidding me??!! Only ONE season? It can't end the way it did! Do right HBO! Bring it back. GOOD GRIEF! If Entourage and Sex in th City could make the cut why not this refreshing, charming, lovely show? I'm truly disapointed… C'mon folks let's band together on this one. This show is a winner!


I am devastated!! no more dumela mme???? i am an addict to this show–the characters are so sweet and strong and funny==mme ramotswe–she is a hero to every young girl who learns her own self to be unique — a celebration of a life and a spirit calling her own shots and living a live of honor ans strength and individuality–and the music and the sets and the other actors, especially i am in love with the character of mme mukitse (sp??)–she is a such a joy to watch and listen to–i can't believe there are no more? there is such crap out there to step into, this show is a field of flowers, characters so lovable and funny and quirky, all with such manners and ways of being in life–this show rocks!!! and bk, to have such an odd ball out in the midst of all these woman is another window into a world i love to watch! and to see africa and be in africa with african players and landscape with its rhythmic eloquence and grace–such beauty!!! HOW can this show not have more to say??? I ask, HOW!!!?


Love this series and all Alexander McCall's books,they are meaningful and entertaining,it's warmth is addictive. You forget that you come away with a life lesson.

nivla 49

Better late than never (my comment). This is such an incredible series. Please bring it back. I found the stories so warm and, as others have commented, educational regarding, local culture(s) in this part of the world. At a minimum, how can one purchase copies of the limited series of episodes that have been produced? True quality in film is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity these days.


This was my favorit show EVERY please bring it back to HBO or make it a series on TV.


A Gem of a series. Having read the series the choices of actors never failed to live up to the book. It was a wonderful addition to my reasons to support PBS. Please reconsider the decision and let these characters win over more hearts to a fantastic program.
From a hopeful traditionally built woman…..


I Love the show so much u gotta bring it back


This show was fabulous! The cast was outstanding and I learned a lot about African culture. The show always had a "lesson learned," and the characters were so funny. Mma "97 percent" was such a hoot as the assistant and Mma Precious Ramotwse was such a good detective. There was always a good mystery and a boatload of common sense was used to solve it. I can't believe this was cut when there is so much other crap on TV. Not enough sex, violence and deviancy I guess. It was such a good clean show. PLEASE BRING IT BACK…I REALLY MISS IT!!!!!!


This was one of my very favorite shows. Please, please bring it back. The cast and show were way above average and I learned so much about the customs and culture. I really miss the show.


I will buy the DVD's when the new series comes out – and more copies as gifts. Please don't make us wait much longer!


I am so in agreement with others. Please bring back the series. I continue to watch the reruns and long for more. The show was excellent and of course not fast passed, but truly worth the sit down and watch! You have given us a taste and now taken it away. We deserve better and Jill Scott and the other actors deserve to have their show shown!


Please HBO bring back the show!!! My mom and I watched it all the time. I would like to see and continuation.

araled asyar



I have read so many of Alexander McCall’s books in this series. They just make me happy. There seems to be so little to be happy about these days if you hear the news or watch those garbage series on television that they tell us we are demanding. Read Blue Shoes and Happiness, or some of the other books in this series. They are delightful. Bring this series back.


THE SHOW IS ENTERTAINING AND REFRESHING. Not only do I enjoy the mysteries, but the cultural aspects of the show too. HBO Please reconsider and return the series.


Please bring the show back love this show my family and innerly enjoy the shows come on HBO bring the show back thanks

Mary Green

Please bring this series back. I liked it so much that I’m reading the collection of books the series is based on. It was such a delight to see Jill Scott and the rest of the cast in this wonderful series. HBO Please listen to the public. Bring back No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

Barbara Soloski Albin

My link for consumer affairs is incorrect. It should be or you can write Mr. Rabinowe is in charge of consumer affairs in New York, HBO.

Barbara Soloski Albin

Well we got a small boost for two weeks and then everyone stops emailing or signing up The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency on HBO. We need the fans to continue, for those who have canceled their subscriptions to HBO, certainly your choice, but if you could please continue to post on the ladies’ facebook site, email and ask him when more new shows will be coming out, leave a “show your love” comment on Also please get friends and family to join us on the facebook site for the show. Numbers are the most important. We are at 24,800 fans as of today, but there are so many more of you out there, that if you would just take the few minutes to join us, we might get Jill Scott back as Mma Ramotswe, along with the rest of the wonderful cast, producers and crew. I wish I could give you great news, the most I know is that there are two scripts that have been written for two new 90 minute movies, but I don’t even know their stauts. Thanks for your help. Barbara Soloski Albin


I adored this series. I was afraid it wouldn’t be like the books, but it captured the feeling of Botswana, and the characters just perfectly! I know I will have to watch each episode over anyway, but I would be so thrilled to have another season.

vicki Simek

I love this series. Bring it back!!!

Fiona Peters

I’d love it if more episodes were made – the actors that played the main characters were fab, just how I imagined them. It was also worth watching for the scenery, too see the Botswana of the books. Have got the DVD’s so can watch it over again but pretty please can we have some more?


More , Please.

Tonya Peterson

I was so impressed with this series! I would love to see more!

Kathryn Wiley

I don’t get it; I, too, loved the series, but what are you asking us to do? Tweet? Email? Sign a petition? Should be a bit more directed in requesting help.

Judith W. Davis

Keep this excellent series going! There is so much junk on TV that it is causing the “dumbing of America”.
#1 Ladies Detective Agency is “Masterpiece Theatre” worthy!


It was the reason I got HBO, too. However, I think it would be a perfect production for Oprah’s new network! I’ve emailed her… maybe you all could, too? It was such an excellent series!

Jo Brunson

I loved the books. They were a pleasure to read. The show was a joy to watch.
It was peaceful and relaxing to read and to watch; totally opposite from what is being offered to viewers today.


Loved this show; Best Ever. So well done like the books. Would love to see the show return; Please!


one of the most refreshing shows ever and the books are great.please bring them back.they are like family and we all miss show since northern exposure.


I have read every book in this series, and watched every episode in the series! Precious Ramotswe is an awesome character, and her supporting cast are also very well developed. I would highly recommend these stories to anyone!

Jeri Studt

Said it before (and to HBO) and I’ll say it again: I would not have canceled HBO if HBO had brought back this series. (In fairness to HBO, however, there were contributing circumstances beyond the network’s control.) Bring back No. 1!


Definitely agree with you James and Barbara, I’ll get with you via email. Thanks for pushing this. Your effort is fully appreciated!

james Madison

I saw a few episodes and really enjoyed them. It’s great to see women of color
in leading roles and other than the network straight comedy filler.

A great alternative. I hope the series will continue.


Can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet…



I was so in love with this show that I hated telling anyone because I was scared I would jinx future episodes (dont laugh it happens) anyway my not telling how much I liked it did not do any good it was cancelled… I bed and plead with HBO PLEASE BRING IT BACK !!!!!

Barbara Soloski Albin

I am the one who has been emailing, snail mailing, etc. for two years. I have answered comments on almost 5-10,000 posts on the facebook site. If you check the site out, you will see that I have never given up. I write Mr. Lombardo and Mr. Rabinowe on a regular basis and I do here back from them. I have tried my best, I increased the site from a modest 3,000 to 24,500 fans. We need everyone’s help. Just one posting about a petition is great, but we need more help, more posts, more pushing on HBO.


Omgosh, “No. 1 Ladies”….one of the best shows ever!!

No reason for it to be cancelled in the first place!
I’ve been on the bandwagon and hounding HBO to bring the show back.
Thankfully the episodes are available on DVD so that has been quenching my “Ladies” thirst for the time being…but they definitely need to bring the show back!!


Jumping on board this petition. The only reason I got HBO that year was to watch this show. Cancelled my subscription when they cancelled the episodes.

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