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Home Video Market Tumbling As DVD Revenues Drop 44% + Top 15 DVDs Sold 2008 To 2010

Home Video Market Tumbling As DVD Revenues Drop 44% + Top 15 DVDs Sold 2008 To 2010

As if you needed any further evidence, but here ya go anyway… numbers and charts released a couple of days ago… in brief, in 2010 the domestic DVD market continued its steady decline (dropping roughly 44%% from 2009 to 2010, damn!), as consumers like you and I (with Sergio being the lone dissenter) shift our home video viewing habits, from DVDs to streaming/VOD services, like Netflix, and, amongst others.

And, unfortunately for studios, revenue from VOD has yet to really catch up and offset the continuous slide in DVD sales revenue, which, as we all know, used to be where they made the bulk of their profits.

So, I’d wager than most studio execs are scrambling right now (or rather, have been scrambling), uncertain of what exactly to do to return to past glory (money) days. And you can guarantee this shift affects their green-lighting decisions.

Check the charts… The first one (above) shows the above “crisis” I’m referring to; the second (below) shows the top 15 DVDs sold from 2008 to 2010.

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It is ridiculously easy to download DVD copies of the latest movies online. I don’t see how they can stop declining profits without creating a police state atmosphere where all our individual usage of the Net is tracked.

Nick at PVD Productions

Film industry has to be careful or we’re going to be in trouble like the music industry. We need to learn from what happened there.

We gotta get smarter about what goes on dvds and what kind of content we release on the internet for free.


Wait, 2012 is in the top 15 DVD sales? That movie was horrible. I like Thandie and Chiwetel and I couldn’t make it through that movie.

James Madison

I still buy DVDs too. Does VOD come along with special features such as directors commentary or deleted scenes, or is it just the movie itself?

Miles Maker

I really don’t care about the studios–so when we talk about slumping DVD sales, it’s important to keep it all in context.

Demand for movies on just about any format targeted at underserved audiences remains HIGH; we consume valuable content however it is offered to us in the format it is available without question or complaint because many traditional outlets and channels are not available to us en masse. For this reason, I prefer to consider indie DVD/VOD figures as they’re more relevant to me as an independent producer, but even having said this–DVD sales are nonetheless slumping! (just not as rapidly, and those who are #WINNING have a distribution strategy to drive the sales of these units).

At the end of the day if you’re simply manufacturing DVD copies of your movie you’re failing, and if you think people care about your extras and outtakes you’re failing yourself (they become vested in these surrounding HIT movies) so we’d all better return to the drafting table and conceive creative & innovative ways to keep our brick & mortar revenue streams flowing (which does NOT imply DVD).


@ Joe – That’s the number of DVDs sold in millions – so, for the very first one, “Avatar,” $10,325,000 DVD packages were sold in 2010.

Joe Dud

Can you help interpret DVD units sold with the (000) under it? It’s hard to read and difficult to understand. Thanks!

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