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Idris Elba Gets In Ring The For LUTA… Not “Luther”… LUTA

Idris Elba Gets In Ring The For LUTA... Not "Luther"... LUTA

As ambassador to the new fight-wear and lifestyle clothing brand company LUTA, born in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, which just launched 2 days ago, Idris Elba would like you to join him in supporting their worthy and truly inspirational efforts.

According to Idris… “LUTA is part of a bigger, much more important fight – for the futures of young people around the world who live in communities affected by crime and violence. LUTA shares profits from the sale of its wears with Fight for Peace International, a charity that uses boxing and martial arts training in addition to education to help steer youths towards reaching their full potential and real strength.”

Of course I had to wonder if the name of the company was in any way connected to Idris’ BBC series Luther, or if it was just mere coincidence. It turns out that the word “Luta” is Portuguese for fight, or to struggle, to never give up. I suppose we could make similar comparisons to Luther the TV series – specifically its title character.

For more, and to check out their “wikkid” gear, visits LUTA’s website HERE.

The below short film, titled Real Strength, was made as an intro to the brand. It’s based on the real life story of LUTA Ambassador and boxing champion Roberto Custódio, who is interpreted by the voice Elba.

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Dennis Burroughs

“A’ Luta Continua” (The Struggle Continues) was the battle cry of the Mozambique Rebels when they were trying to expel Portugal from their country for efforts of independence in the ’60’s.

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