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Idris Elba Prepping Directorial Debut & A Big Screen Adaptation Of “Luther” Is Possible

Idris Elba Prepping Directorial Debut & A Big Screen Adaptation Of "Luther" Is Possible

Elba’s plans for world domination should also see him spending more time in London. BBC2, he tells me, has commissioned him to direct a 90-minute film set in Hackney. “It’s a small tale about a young girl that I’ve been working on for about a year. I’m not writing it, but I’m helping shape the script and hopefully we’ll get to work on it at the end of this year.” He has also produced a British teen-slasher movie, Suicide Kids. And there’s life in Luther yet: both Elba and Cross are keen on the idea of a third series and, given its warm reception in America, the star thinks his complex copper might even make it to the big screen.

From a profile of Idris Elba by the UK’s Independent, dated today. We’ve already mentioned Suicide Kids on this site, so that’s nothing new. However, I think this is the first time I’m hearing about the BBC commissioned feature film he plans to direct, which would be his directorial debut.

And while I think some of us have probably talked amongst ourselves about the possibility of seeing Luther on the big screen, I think this is the first time there’s been any public mention of the idea, by those who are directly involved in the hit TV series.

Take that Alex Cross/Tyler Perry :)

You can read the full piece at the Independent’s website HERE.

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@ eshowoman , i’m a British Black woman and it’s true that all the Black man on TV have a non-Black woman as a love interest which does make Black women invisible in mainstream televison which is a very worrying development. In the mainstream media you do not see many black women on televison in the UK, most of the time there are mixed raced.


Question for British readers…..

I was born in England, but have lived in the US most of my life. I have always watched British TV. I am happy that their seem to be more black roles for men, but why do the all have non-black love interests? Can anyone let me know if there are any dramas with black women or are they as invisible as I think they are?

the best opinion

I am in TOTAL and COMPLETE agreement with the Accidental Visitor


Maybe the writer is twisting Elba’s words but once again it seems as if the guy is in need of an ego check. At least he did point out that Elba is still stuck in supporting actor mode and indicated that his biggest hit is the film he should be the most ashamed of, “Obsessed.” Slow your roll, Idris.


There’s room for an Alex Cross and a John Luther. The more the better. Let’s not divide our Brothers. Our vision should be for the many and not the few. That’s how the other ones work. Only room for one of us !

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