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If You Missed It…Listen To The S&A Live Podcast (Season 2,Episode 7)

If You Missed It...Listen To The S&A Live Podcast (Season 2,Episode 7)

If you missed it, check out the hot conversation the S&A Crew had! We covered “The Crisis Of The Black Leading Man,” Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson as well as should fair-skinned actresses openly discuss the color barriers and privilege?

We accepted calls from James and CJ who gave us their angle on the issues. Also, we answered a few chat room questions.

You can check it out below or download the podcast HERE.

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This was a very good podcast and I just wanted to say that I loved whoever that last called was. He really put something of substance into the conversation and didn’t ramble on and on and really say nothing at all.

I thought the discussion was very interesting and put a different spin on it by asking if the people with privilege should hold some responsibility and speak up. I agree with what Sergio said about Paula Patton, she won’t say anything because she knows what the deal is. She started late in the acting game and already managed to sprint ahead of Gabrielle Union and Sanaa Lathan. I like Paula a lot and thought she was good in “Precious” but she was terrible in “Just Wright”. Her comedy fell flat and she didn’t take a close up well. Union would’ve been better suited.


Lynn, I gotta disagree with you completely. When these performers become “stars” trust me, all they can think about is their blackness. It’s that thing, for better or for worse, that goes into every decision they make. Whether to let it factor in to a decision or whether to dismiss it. It’s the same thing with faith based movies. When you’re making a movie about God/religion, in creating it you can’t let your personal feelings/issues about faith get in the way, or the project is crap. The content is one thing, but the tools are the tools and they don’t change-like building a building. We all talk about those movies/tv shows/etc that are very corny, one-dimensional, “positive”-that make us want to gag. That’s because in making the movie, they put their Faith first, instead of the story first, and letting the audience get the benefit of Faith, the message so on & so forth (see Spike and his “messages”).

Look at it like this, a person cannot be happy. A person cannot be a jerk. They just are, they do what they do. It’s us on the outside that give them the description, the “character” of a happy person, a jerk. Why? Because they are doing or engaging in something that they want or need that fuels them and we on the outside see the result-jealousy, anger, happiness, despair, yada yada yada. So these actors are constantly reminded of their blackness, just as sure as they get up everyday and look in the mirror, but they do what they do & unfortunately we make the easy dismissal of their actions as “sell-out” and the like, but they each have varying reasons for the roles & images they choose; but I assure you, forgetting their blackness is not one of them.

And Nate, I know Nate personally. I have always admired his statement about those roles. But honestly, Nate does not look threatening, nor does he look like a “Man” as Sergio said, Nate looks young and friendly & probably will for a while. Serves him mightily in this youth obsessed biz, but when roles come up like T’Challa in BLACK PANTHER, or Django IN DJANGO UNCHAINED or anybody in an Antoine Fuqua film, Nate is probably not going to be that guy. These are not only Men, but people with decided complexity to them and many grey areas and not positive image with a capital “P”-all in their face. When Will Smith went “unlikeable” or “complex” & “tortured”, folks did not like it. Give us “positive”, “happy” & “personable” Will Smith.

Not dismissing what he said, but giving full context to the world he inhabits. Some decisions seem like they are our own, but they often come from the circumstances (good, bad, blessed) you’ve been dealt, the bubble you live in. Do you think Terry Crews could make that same “positive only” declaration and still be a working actor in Hollywood?….yeah me neither.


I really enjoyed tonight’s podcast you guys discussed some very important topics and it was very informative. Especially, about the endangered “Black leading male roles” . Another thing we have to keep in mind is that many of the people we see on screen are acting they are not trying to win others. This reminds me of what Morgan Freeman said months ago in a interview he said, that he doesn’t feel pressured to represent his “people” he also described a time when a woman came up to him and said, “you you shouldn’t…” and he said,”hold it, you don’t dictate my image. Get away from me” He cont’d describing other experiences from fans and he mentioned that a woman said, “How does it feel to play a Black president?” (Deep Impact). He replied and said, “Whoa whoa i didn’t play a Black president i played a president” I don’t have to play Black.

He makes a strong point here we often sometimes expect too much from our fellow Black entertainers. We expect them to portray us in the way we in vision ourselves on screen. But we have to remember they are entertainers at the end of the day they do what they want to do not what we want them to do. Once they hit stardom they forget about their “blackness” and become a slave to Hollywood. (I am not going to mention any names i think many of you know who the “sell outs” are)

Also, actor Nate Parker (Great Debators, Secret Lives of Bees) said, that he only plays roles that portray Black men in a positive light. And i applaud him it is rare to find a young Black man playing a scholar on screen vs. playing some drug dealing ,hood rat thug. I think it is very important as people to preserve a positive image on screen for Blacks. We continue to discuss lack of this and that here and there but what are we doing to move forward?


Okay, let’s talk about it. But first, I listened while Miles Davis played in the background, without be too involved, not realizing that it would be toward the end of the program before I found something that I really want to talk about, but then it happened.

Well, for the newly arrived at S & A, I think it’s best that I go here(first), so they can see where I am coming from.

Most people fear nothing more terrible than to take a position that stands out sharply and clearly against the prevailing opinion. The tendency of most is to adapt a view that is so ambiguous that it agrees with everything and so favorable that it agrees with everyone.

Well, I ‘ve learned, through my own trails and tribulations, that the above individual(s) can’t be trusted. Hold up now, don’t squint your eyes and smell your upper lip, unless of course, I’m actually talking about you. I mean, if fear impedes the decision making process, and we all agree – just to get along – that we should follow a yellow brick road, without knowing what’s at the end of the road, somebody is possibly being bamboozled, and thus, somebody is lying. Unconsciously maybe, but nevertheless, somebody gotta have the courage to say “hold up… all that sh*t sounds real good, but lets take a deeper look”. If not, a whole lot of somebody(s) could be biting on the wrong ass and running in circles.

Now, toward the end of the discussion, one of the panelist said they didn’t understand the voices that believed there are some things not worth talking about, or a waste of time talking about “it”, or something to that degree. I addressed her issue in the chat room, Monique caught it, passed it to the group, but it got lost in the shuffle. But many, in the past, have agreed with the above panelist‘s sentiments (so here I am again, trying to understand her position).

In the last minute of the show, I received a serendipitous rewaard, Monique said,” please tune in next week…it’s “therapeutic” in a way”

Oops upside my head, that’s what I’m talking about, say it loud girl, it’s always wise to define the mission. Monique, in essence, said, y’all come back now, it could be cathartic and therapeutic and entertaining. Yes sir, a defined goal.

If the end of the winding road is clear; the purpose, direction and goals are set and understandable, then lets go, lets talk about it. But please please please, to suggest that an issue should and/must be talked about, without a defined reason or purpose, is akin to a blind fool’s errand. You know, people love doing it… talking about this and that, what he’s doing and what they be doing, and the color of her skin, and that’s fine, but don’t imply that any of that is remotely akin to a solution solving process. Again, if someone asks a person where she or we are going, I think it’s best that the invited are told exactly where they are going.

I look at it like this. If a person invites me to their home for a game of cards, I know there’s probably going to be a little lying going on (hey, it’s negroes and a card game), laughter, and kicking the bo bo. So now I know what’s probably going to happen before I get there. But if someone calls me and invite me to their home, and says there’s a bunch of other people coming over because we need to talk about some things… I’ve learned to ask, who is going to be there (what’s their mission), why do we need to talk about “that“, and what do we hope to accomplish? If they can’t answer those questions, I have to assume that they, themselves, don’t know what’s going on. But it must have sounded real good (they were convinced) when told to them by someone else. But I am going to lean toward caution; fall back and tell them to call me when the package is tightly wrap. Fools rush in, where wise men tread not.

Look, I have a feeling that my comment will not get me invited to soft music and satin sheets, but somebody had to say “it”. Heck, as I’ve grown older and possibly somewhat wiser, and fatter, I now buy my cloths with the hope and intent, that they have a comfortable fit, and not that they are the most popular “it” fashion, nor that they will impress others. And that way, I can save a little money, and say, I did it my way, without being too concerned with what others may think, or how they do their thang. Leaving me to sleep real good, without depending (and dependent) on the view point and opinions of “the popular crowd”.

Question: How do you know when you have arrived?

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