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If You Missed It… Listen To The Shadow & Act Livecast Season 2, Episode 4

If You Missed It… Listen To The Shadow & Act Livecast Season 2, Episode 4

If you missed yesterday’s episode with the S&A Crew, listen to it now! Topics included the Fast Five box office numbers, the casting of Django Unchained, Spike Lee (we couldn’t resist), Jumping The Broom, black porn and more.

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FYI, New Line financed Bamboozled. Mike Deluca was the President of Production then.

No way a studio would finance that movie today.



I finished it the other day & as much as I love Idris, you see he’s not the guy, and really no one that’s like him. VERY interested to hear your thoughts. Word of advice, I wouldn’t drop any nuggets tho, because studios are going all Seal Team 6 on folks putting script info online.


By the way, I’m reading the script for “Django Unchained” right now. About a 3rd of the way through. It’s 168 pages. And, from the way Tarantino has drawn up the character so far, I can say with some certainty that Idris Elba is not the man for the job. But I hope to finish it by the morning, and then I’ll write up a review of it to post here.


Tambay-Hot Damn! I sit corrected. Thanks for lettin’ me know about that. I’m usually the one screaming “well just cuz you don’t see it, don’t make it so”. Great point…


To both of y’all below…

We’re assuming that a black director hasn’t come up with this previously, which would be false! I don’t even think it’s really a question of whether we don’t want to revisit that part of our history.

I think most black filmmakers are struggling just to get ANY film financed and distributed that what I’d instead be asking here is where the money to fund an audacious slave revenge project by a black filmmaker would come from. Tarantino is in another class.

It’s not like we (black people) haven’t attempted to make films that take on “da man” in bold ways. From “Sweet Sweetback” to “The Spook Who Sat By The Door,” for example – both funded outside the studio system.

But I’ll revisit an interview I did with Wendell B Harris Jr (“Chameleon Street”) about 2 years ago, in which he said that, many years ago, after his first film, he did pitch a slave-revenge fantasy flick to execs and, naturally, they thought he was nuts, and didn’t make any offers. I wrote about this on the old site… I just have to find a way to access the old posts and maybe I’ll repost that entry, since it’s fitting and timely.

And if I recall correctly, he also said that Spike Lee was interested in the idea back then, and being involved, but, the money never came, and so the film never happened.

But the point is that, I’m pretty sure that there are black fillmmakers with similar ideas; however, they also know that, given history, and the current state of things, penning scripts like that would be a fool’s errand, because they’d have a hard time finding money. So, instead, you try and make films that you think will get you “in” and then, hopefully, ride that wave until you’ve achieved a certainly level of success that allows you to take further chances with your work, and not worry about where the money might come from.


Sergio-We’re actually in agreement on both counts. I think the fact that it’s about white people getting FUCKED UP (believe me when I tell you this…FUCKED UP!), every black filmmaker should be trying to make this joint LOL But I think many filmmakers are either scared off by the subject matter or don’t want to get into that territory cinematically because it doesn’t necessarily further a career (how many black directors you know makin’ a western?:-D). Funny tho, they should take a chance in that sort of genre (Forrest got a lot of props for HOPE FLOATS)

And THE SHIELD is AWESOME! The thing with THE WIRE is it NEVER picks up until episode 5 or 6, sometimes even 7 or 8. Same thing with Treme, but the content of musicians is not as inherently exciting as cops & robbers, so the payoff isn’t worth the wait. Beautiful writing, amazing acting, just not THE WIRE. And the THE SHIELD, wooboy yeah Vic Mackie will put foot to ass in a minute!


@ Jug

“Why didn’t a black director come up with this? Sergio, honestly, most of us are trying HARD AS HELL to forget slavery. We are trying to contemporize ourselves, both in our real life & in our art”

I would agree with you EXCEPT the premise in QT’s film is about a black guy getting back and killing slave owners and overseers. That is something COMPLETELY different. Like I mentioned on last night’s show how much I loved seeing Jim brown killing racist white guys in those blaxplotation. I long for those movies again.

And I STILL stand behind The Shield. I tried watching The Wire a few times and it couldn’t get past the first ten minutes


Good Lord, just found out there’s a 5000 character limit the hard way LMAO

Put my editing skills to work :-P


LMBAO Listening to the podcast & full disclosure: I’m typing as I’m listening, callin’ & respondin’ :-D. Yep yep YEP! Hollywood is always behind the curve. Decision makers believe they set trends, but they follow trends, especially when it comes to race. Shows on Nickelodeon, MTV & Cartoon Network all feature not only multi-racial casts, but the lead actors are of color. They even have interracial relationships (when will we get to the point where it’s just a relationship?). Anyway, network tv & studio heads (not dev execs but higher ups) are mostly “older”…45 & up…and set not just in their ways but in the ways of how shows are put on the air & how movies are cast & that’s why their stuff is old & moldy.

Django-I agree with the masculine actor aspect AND the fresh face aspect. I read it & I think it’ll be a younger late 20s early 30s cat. But if Tarantino goes new actor, how ironic that with ALL these black films (that have the SAME people in them), he and Denzel are the only ones breaking totally new folks (aside from Tyler-he kinda does both)

Why didn’t a black director come up with this? Sergio, honestly, most of us are trying HARD AS HELL to forget slavery. We are trying to contemporize ourselves, both in our real life & in our art. On S&A, we’ve talked many times about not seeing “mammy” & “Massa Yessah” in movies, even if they’re good. I’m guilty too, so it’s not just about black directors not getting their shot, I think the audience is fighting hard to not see that content-wise.

In their defense, been there and done that, by default & by choice, so it seems to be a push in the other direction. A great bit about Tarantino doing INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and the Jewish community LOVING IT because they are seeing “strong, masculine, proactive” Jews instead of “weak, accommodating, even complicit in their own demise” Jews.

Same for blacks in this one.

I gotta agree too, don’t think Spike would make this. Not that he can’t, just that he wouldn’t. If he wasn’t trying to do AMISTAD, than he’s not trying to do this.

YES YES YES! TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT SPIKE NEEDING PARAMETERS! And YES, MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA was terrible. Paris Barclay could kill it. Or even Joel Schumacher…laugh if you want to, but TIGERLAND is GREAT! Message film without being a message film. His studio movies, not good at all, but indie stuff is bangin’

Spike is a jerk. If I was in a greenlighting position, I wouldn’t give him money like the other guys because I like them, and I’m BLACK. Has nothing to do with not getting ANY financing, but the movies he wants do (big, grand ideas, like the other guys) is a status piece just as much as it is about the movie itself. It’s a dick measuring thing, and he ain’t “measuring up” in his eye (I’m reeeaaallly guessing here), but when you’re asking for millions upon millions of dollars, you need to be a nice guy. Not fake, but cool. Nobody is just gonna give you that because you’re a super talented dude-at least not all the time. A line WILL be drawn, and that line is reeeal short when you’re an asshole!

About Benny from TOTAL RECALL, he went on to work as an PT/orderly at a hospital for dementia patients (he was in a doc on HBO loong time ago).

And I have to be honest, I’m going to pay for JUMPING THE BROOM and seeing THOR for free at a screening. THOR (fanboy/sci-fi geek) doesn’t need my money, JUMPING THE BROOM does (but I don’t have high hopes, tho Mike Epps cracks me up LOL.

$6 Million budget…Niiiice. Reminds me of BARBERSHOP, you can have quality on the humble and have real success, not just for black films-but for ALL films. Oh, Valerie Pettiford was the mom on HALF & HALF on UPN opposite Telma Hopkins.

Honestly, not sure Megan Good can make better choices, bcuz she’s not a strong actress. She & Zoe Saldana are contemporaries, along with Joy Bryant ¬ knowing her personally, I think there’s a reason Megan isn’t working much & it isn’t just because “she’s a black woman”.

Agree about TREME, sad to say, but it may jump off my TiVo. The story seems to have fallen away. Like a friend of mine said, “If I wanted “real”, I’d watch a documentary”.

Sergio, SHAME on you bruh LOL Warning: THE SHIELD is not THE WIRE. THE SHIELD is more of episodic television & THE WIRE is more mini-series, novella style. The strengths & weaknesses of the shows come from that basic difference. Otherwise, both excellent! (I was on both shows so I love them equally :-D)

GAME OF THRONES-great show, but they are the “tribal” and naked titty people LOL Didn’t bother me so much tho (:-D) as that it’s FANTASY, not based in any reality. The Stark household could have had some blacks in it. But then again, most fantasy is based out of an English/European tradition.

Maybe that’ll change with Idris as Heimdall LOL

Great cast guys!

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