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If You Missed It… Listen To The Shadow & Act Livecast Season 2, Episode 5

If You Missed It... Listen To The Shadow & Act Livecast Season 2, Episode 5

If you missed last night’s episode, you can listen to the entire hour+ now, via the player below. Host Monique was joined by myself, and Cynthia, with special guests Nicole Ari Parker and Keith Robinson from the upcoming ensemble comedy, 35 And Ticking.

Topics we discussed include: Jeffrey Wright‘s comments on the industry, the Colombiana trailer, Django Unchained, and we took some calls.

And for the last half, of the show, actor Keith Robinson (Dreamgirls, This Christmas) and Nicole Ari Parker (Soul Food, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Black Dynamite) joined us to talk about their new film 35 & Ticking.

You can listen to the full hour+ using the player below; Or you can also subscribe via iTunes (HERE), where you can download and transfer to your mobile listening device, or via RSS (HERE) if you prefer.

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michael stradford

I have a couple of thoughts and a couple of questions.

Regarding Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”, I wonder if QT is really interested in Will Smith or if it’s a studio request. When any proposed film that would star a Black actor is brought forth, Will Smith is always at the top of the list, whether it’s a good fit or not. Now we’re seeing a variation of that theme with Tyler Perry being signed to play Alex Cross. It’s not so much that he’s a good fit for the role, but he’s a Black actor who means something to the box office. Clearly it doesn’t seem to matter that Perry’s core audience isn’t necessarily the same as those that would flock to see an Alex Cross film.

In any event, Will Smith has a production partnership with Sony, who has obtained international rights for ‘Django’, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Sony nudged Tarantino to send it Will’s way. When you throw into the equation that for whatever reason, Black films made in the last 20-30 years that aren’t set in modern times generally don’t make any money (which could be a topic in and of itself), it’s not a big leap to assume that a studio would want to protect its investment with the world’s biggest movie star.

Unlike Brad Pitt, who mixes it up with interesting, character driven parts that don’t necessarily translate into box office (Jesse James, Burn After Reading, Babel), Will has generally been about blockbusters. I don’t see Tarantino changing the script for Will, that’s not what he does. He’s in that rarified air of directors like Woody Allen and Terrence Malick, where actors want the experience of being a part of one their films and are largely willing to submit to the director’s will. If Will isn’t willing to do that, I’d expect that there are many who would and Tarantino would be happy to find someone else to ‘discover’, like he did with Christoph Waltz in ‘Inglorious Basterdz’, which led him to an Oscar.

I agree with one of your hosts who said that Tarantino is stuck in a rut. I have the ‘Django’ script but haven’t read it yet. I’ve grown tired of all his characters essentially having the same ultra clever voice, which reached a peak in ‘Basterdz’. No doubt he’s very talented, but he might benefit from a fresh perspective.

My questions:
1. I’m sure you’re still sorting out the layout of the new indiewire format, but is it possible to have a link on the main page for the podcast and comments? If you don’t know the podcast exists, you’d never find out unless you came across it the day it was to air. A link or button would be immensely helpful.
2. You may have covered this and I might have missed it, but I’ve been looking for your thoughts on Elvis Mitchell’s recent dismissal from as it’s Chief critic. Elvis, for better or worse is one of the most prominent Black critics in the business and this latest in a series of peculiar ‘completions’ is something that I would have thought would opined about on Shadow and Act.

I enjoy the website and podcast, best of luck in the future.

Michael Stradford

James Madison

Good show as always!

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