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International “X-Men: First Class” Character Poster Of Zoe Kravitz As Angel

International "X-Men: First Class" Character Poster Of Zoe Kravitz As Angel

I feel like I’ve seen so much of this film already that I’m actually starting to lose any interest I once had in actually checking it out. All the images, clips, TV spots, trailers, posters, etc…

But anyway… here’s another… a character poster featuring Zoe Kravitz as Angel the mutant. Courtesy of the IMP Awards website… aka the Internet Movie Poster Awards, which has one of the largest collections of movie poster images on the web…

The full version below… the others HERE.

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no comment.


Um, this certainly does not look like her. Her lips look extremely botoxed and…well, it just doesn’t look like her.


i I hate that we are just finally getting more promotional material featuring Zoe. I wonder if Edi’s character is ever going to be promoted. As far as the tv spots, i already decided to stop viewing them until the movie is released. The saturation is too much. Almost like THOR.


I’m sick of hearing about it. It seems like foreeever that they’ve been announcing and marketing its release.

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