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Jesse Eisenberg & Naomi Watts Circle Noah Baumbach’s ‘While We’re Young’

Jesse Eisenberg & Naomi Watts Circle Noah Baumbach's 'While We're Young'

It’s been a bit of a casting revolving door for Noah Baumbach‘s next effort “While We’re Young.” Last year, Ben Stiller, Gerta Gerwig and James Franco were all set to team on the film. Then, shortly after that was announced, Gerwig left and Cate Blanchett joined, only for both the actress and Franco to ultimately drop out this spring. Well, Stiller has stuck by his “Greenberg” director thus far and now two more very promising faces are said to be circling the project.

24 Frames reports that Baumbach’s “The Squid And The Whale” star Jesse Eisenberg and Naomi Watts (whose best bud Nicole Kidman starred in “Margot At The Wedding“) are both in talks to join the film. The plot follows a Brooklynite twenty-something couple who inspire an older, uptight documentarian and his wife to loosen up; comic mishaps ensue. Stiller and Watts would play the older duo, while Eisenberg and a yet-to-be-cast actress would play the younger half.

No word yet on when this would shoot but presumably it would have to wait until the fall when Eisenberg is back from Italy where he’ll be shooting Woody Allen‘s “Bop Decameron” this summer. But both Stiller and Watts have open and a bit more flexible calendars at the moment.

So, Baumbach reteaming with Stiller and Eisenberg and bringing Watts into the fold? Yes, please. Say what you will about the previous iteration of the casting, but this is just as strong, if not better. Let’s hope this comes together and sticks.

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gee alex, why don’t you stfu about the Jews? Noah Baumbach’s mother isn’t even Jewish, and Stiller’s mother is a convert.

Somehow these morons always bring up the Jews when Jesse Eisenberg is mentioned. Never when it’s Andrew Garfield, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Logan Lerman, Paul Rudd, etc., all of whom are just as Jewish as Eisenberg. Why? Oh yes, because people like alex are racist morons.


This cast is WAY better than the last. No disrespect to Cate or The Franco, i just prefer these actors.
As for the young female role, i have to say HELL NO to Emma Stone. This girl is getting too much exposure and is starting to become extremely annoying.
Who should they cast? An unknown.


The Jews always get hot aryan women to play their girlfriends/wives, etc, rather than Jewish girls. Why?


Naomi Watts in a Noah Baumbach film — YES YES YES! Not sure about Ben Stiller though (only caught a few bits of “Greenberg” and I’m meh on that one!

I second Billyboy’s suggestion – Emma Stone, please! Based on Zombieland, she and Jesse do have a sizzling chemistry and she’s proven herself to be a great comedic actress in Easy A.


Watts is a perfect replacement for Blanchett. If not her maybe Winslet could do wonders with the role.

As far as the other young woman, I would love to see Emma Stone in a Baumbach film.



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