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“Jumping The Broom” Heading For A $16 million Weekend

"Jumping The Broom" Heading For A $16 million Weekend

I know, I know it’s only Friday in the early evening, but nowadays judging on early projections, studios can determine what weekend B.O. figures will be, and, so far it looks like Jumping The Broom is heading for an excellent weekend opening, placing it in third place, behind Thor and Fast/Five, grossing $16 million this weekend.

Of course the final weekend numbers won’t come out until Sunday, but if that holds, that will be a solid opening for the very modestly budgeted $6 million film, which, as I said on this week’s S & A podcast, is a genuinely charming and funny movie. I mean even guys will like it, and THAT’S saying something.

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It’s all about the per screen average. Sony was expecting JTB to earn 8-10 million.

Something Borrowed’s budget was 35-40 million and came in at number 4. It was expected to out earn JTB given the budget, cast and that it’s on almost 1000 more screens.

In Hollywood, JTB is considered a hit. SB is not.


Oh and perhaps this is a controversial statement (don’t know nor do I care, lol) but as far as I’m concerned, The Best Man and Love Jones are the zenith of black romantic comedy/drama cinema. Yes, I’ve heard of (and seen) the likes of Claudine and Mahogany but the former wasn’t really romantic (though I still loved it) and the latter is simply overrated imo.

Love Jones and The Best Man had great writing, great casts, great acting, and just the right amount of romance, drama and humor. Neither were just “chick flcks” but rather, great films, period. This is all just my opinion of course. :D


Hoping that JTB’s success shows Hollywood that Black romantic comedies that don’t contain coonery can be profitable. Here’s to seeing more well-written films for Black audiences on the big screen.

Overall, it was a cute movie, good for a night out with the girlfriends. B+.


I have to be honest, as a black woman (i.e. the target audience) I have little desire to see this film. Why? Well, for one, I am far from convinced that the two leads are actually leading man/woman material. This doesn’t happen often but I agree with Sergio. LOL I don’t get the fuss about Paula Patton. She as bland as they come and has very little screen presence to speak of. Unfortunately, it’s likely that her looks very much explain all the fuss. Laz, I have less of an issue with but he has yet to really grab my attention.

Secondly, from what I’ve seen and read, the movie seems like a more refined version of a TP film. Full of cliches and over-the-top performances and scenes but with more skilled writers/director.

So yeah, I think I’ll pass on seeing it in the theater. I may catch it on netflix or on demand.



But for real, I didn’t have any expectations on purpose, basically so as not to be upset & everything you’re saying is true. It’s just like rom-coms. You know EXACTLY what is going to happen and I’m good with that, just make it good and entertaining. Craft it well and please try not to have too many groan inducing lines & moments. And this was well on it’s way to being a decent flick UNTIL the secrets started popping up :-( And then the overacting…& the non-acting…and the worst acting-Laz was just booty, Period! (and I’ve seen him be bad in at least three movies now so I’m starting to wonder)

And you are right, JUMPING THE BROOM overall was well made technically, even though there were some weird things going on with framing, but the directing (from a creative standpoint) & acting & writing were pretty bad-or ended up that way. As for LOVE JONES and stuff, I love them both, but I mean more in the state of films made with quality through and through. The subject matter may not be to one’s liking, but hey, everybody don’t like Domino’s pizza either. But at least can we make a real pizza and not out the freezer section joint?! Or worse yet, EZ Baker over Playdough pizza?! LOL


“Are we really happy that it made only 16 million behind Thor and First Five? That ain’t but a drop in the bucket. ”

Considering that it wasn’t a black film that got a major national wide release that WASN’T by TP and that it was going up against some heavy competition $14 million (which is actually made this weekend coming in at No.3) is not bad at all. How many films with bigger budgets didn’t make that its first weekend?

Also simply because it’s a hell of lot better made than any any TP movie I was hoping the film would do well


What can i say? I went in excepting the WORST, but I really pleasently surprised. True it is very predictable and cliched, but you know that going in. But it’s pretty skillfully made and even though it loaded with some of my least favorites like Paula Patton (I still don’t understand all the fuss about her unless it’s just because she light skinned with “keen” features) and Loretta Devine they didn’t annoy me as they usally do.

Yes Laz Alonzo is a black Ken doll with no personaloty and Angela Bassett (who as I always like to say about her could overact brushing her teeth) couldn’t restain herself as usual, I still liked it. I mean even Mike Epps made me laugh and that was the FIRST time that’s even happened to me.

And NO I DO NOT want to see more The Best Mans or Love Joneses. I can’t stand either film. I want to see another Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off, a black guy kicking white guys asses and having wild sex with every woman he comes across

Leon Breckenridge

Are we really happy that it made only 16 million behind Thor and First Five? That ain’t but a drop in the bucket. This is the same thing that happen with Next Day Air and Star Trek. I’m done. Like really done. Where is AFFRM?


Sergio-Really happy it’s looking like #3 but I gotta, Dis. A. Gree. Pretty bad movie. Was it TP bad, HELL NO, but it wasn’t good. Technically, LOTTA bad stuff happening (why are they drinking Mimosas but say they’re Bellini’s? :-( LOL)

There were good parts about it, namely the setup for the families to meet & the moments Lorretta took with the photo album-the first half of the film was cool, but halfway through it became an over the top TP, melodramatic mess. Why oh why must every black film or play have a Nuclear secret at the heart of every family gathering that explodes and everyone goes ridiculous?!? I’m not understanding this cliche, where does it come from? And why must everyone over act or become so affected in their speech as to show emotion, straining to get the words out because that means “I’m hurt” or “I’m scared” or “I love you”. So contrived it was sickening.

And honestly, Paula Patton & Laz Alonso are pretty bad. I’m starting to see why he didn’t rise up after AVATAR (aside from being black). Paula, she needs to stop with the cutesey girl antics, they’re not working because you can see it’s fake, it’s an act-the hyper inflected voice and the, literally, jumping around like a jr high school girl at a sleepover. The worst.

I wanted to see more of Mike Epps playing serious, he was funny as hell but surprisingly straight up & commanding & less & less of Loretta Devine & Angela Bassett (she’s really become a caricature of her performance in WHAT’S LOVE GO TO DO WITH IT). Tasha Smith was finally a normal woman, instead of a loud garrish over the top hood rat and was pretty damn good. (TP must have it in her contract that’s all she can play)

I supported tho because it showed there are other films out there by black artists aside from Tyler Perry and I wasn’t ashamed at the depictions of people and the characterizations, it just was a regular old not good movie, which I can live with. I want movies like THE BEST MAN & LOVE JONES to make a return so this is the first step.

My mom will love it tho LOL


Movie was awesome!!!
May make another girls nite out Sunday!!


Saw it, loved it.


At the time the S&A post went up it was 16 as reported by DH.

Now it’s 13. The numbers will fluctuate until late Sunday.


No it’s 13 million. Check your facts next time.

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