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Lionsgate Sets Release Date For Tyler Perry’s “Good Deeds” + New Cast Photo

Lionsgate Sets Release Date For Tyler Perry's "Good Deeds" + New Cast Photo

Lionsgate has officially set a release date for Tyler Perry’s next movie, Good Deeds; it’ll open in theaters on February 24th, 2012. Not quite Valentine’s Day, but close, for what looks like a romcom.

So, it looks like we won’t be getting our usual annual double dose of Tyler Perry this year; his last film, Madea’s Big Happy Family opened in April, and has passed the $50 million mark in box office ticket sales; about average for a Tyler Perry movie. He doesn’t have any other films coming out this year – films that he’s directing, specifically.

But not to worry, he’ll be back to form in 2012 with Deeds and I, Alex Cross shooting this year, for release next year.

The above photo includes most of the cast (noticeably absent is Thandie Newton); By the way, I learned that Brian White plays Tyler Perry’s brother in the film, and Phylicia Rashad plays his mother.

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Jackie Jones

I m a big fan of you Mr. Tyler Perry. I have all of your movies and playes.If you ever need
more actors get in touch with me.Thank You .Love Jackie

Polly Bankhead

Does anyone know where I can buy the dining room table from the set of Mr. Deeds apartment. It had a base that looked like tree limbs. I have been looking for a table like that for years!
Loved the movie, by the way!


First of All Ms. raahad has played in numerous Films besides Tyler Films, She was in Just Wright, and Frankie and Alice, along with For Colored Girls which was a Tyler Perry Film and It was a Damn Good Movie and Phylicia Rashad is a Damn Good Actress…..And nobody knows who is knocking at her door, because Nobody knows what roles she has turned down! Consider all possiblies before you speak. And besides Phylicia Rashad is a Theatre Bug, That’s what she really enjoys! Do your research before you comment Like I!


@ Adam Scott Thompson

U ask “Why, Phylicia Why?” Nobody is knocking on her door only Perry is willing to cast her in his films. Hey every actor has to it.

Gigi Young

Wow…Eddie Cibrian, Rebecca Romjin, and Jamie Kennedy? It’s very interesting that Tyler has begun to regularly cast non-black actors in his films, but then again, at the end of his DVDs for his plays, there are always white people expressing their love for Madea, Mr. Brown, etc! It’s rather refreshing to see that TP hasn’t been locked into the “black film” box by audiences–didn’t someone say he was his own genre?

Adam Scott Thompson

Why, Phylicia? Why?

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