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Listen: Sneak Preview Of Take That’s “Love Love” That Is Inexplicably In ‘X-Men: First Class’

Listen: Sneak Preview Of Take That's "Love Love" That Is Inexplicably In 'X-Men: First Class'

Listen, we’re all for anachronisms when it comes to music choices. Hell, the trailer for the Cannes film “L’Apollonide” does a great job of mixing soul music with a period film. But there are times when it’s just clunky and plain absurd, which brings us to “X-Men: First Class.”

As was reported last week, Brit pop boy band Take That will have a new song playing over the end credits of Matthew Vaughn‘s upcoming superhero flick. And while a couple of commenters suggested that they might go ’60s to at least come close to the setting of the film….nah, they’re just gonna crank another big piece of ear-grating pop candy. A sneak preview of “Love Love” has landed and it’s every bit as loud and dumb as we figured. A slice of pure AM radio fare that will make secretaries everywhere wiggle in their chairs, we can’t wait to hear how Take That fans are gonna defend this. No matter what you think of the band, the song simply doesn’t work in this context. Sorry.

Anyway, for the rest of you, head for the exits when the credits start rolling. “X-Men: First Class” opens on June 3rd. [Pop Justice]

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There is every excuse for adults! Ultimately, sex and fun always trump all else. Male sci-fi fantasy geeks should know this above everyone. Come now, you can’t really take your own amusements this seriously?


From the trailer, it looks like the studio marketing people and/or the filmmaker are trying to play down the whole period angle. The trailer is all glistening metal gliding elegantly, not the clunky hydraulics and gears one would expect from the early 60’s when jet travel was still a novelty and automatic car windows were unheard of. In fact, that shot of Kennedy on the television is positively jarring because up to that point, you could just as easily have been in some hipster future as you could the past.

None of this bodes well. If the director had incorporated the period in a way that was fun and fresh and fully realized, we’d see it in the trailer. Instead, it looks like the period is there simply to satisfy some Marvel timeline, acknowledged primarily with some “Mad Men” era costumes and then ignored, lest this movie not look like the other pictures in the series.

Timid half measures never make good movies.

tristan eldritch

Jeez, it not even worth trying to appease Take That fans. Take That are now, and have always been, a marketing scheme rather than a band. Its understandable enough that not particularly bright or musical teenage girls bought into this shit back in the day, but there is no excuse for adults.


That’s pretty funny stuff.


Aw really? It’s not that bad and it’s playing over the end credits, you know, the part where most people walk out anyway. I would be more upset if it were playing over a key battle scene or during some training montage. Hope the movie is good.

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