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Looks Like Robo-Minstrelsy Will Return In “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”…

Looks Like Robo-Minstrelsy Will Return In "Transformers: Dark of the Moon"...

Almost exactly a year ago, Michael Bay promised that there would be no robo-minstrelsy in Transformers 3 (aka Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which will be released this July). Specifically, the twins, Mudflap and Skids, the “jive-talking” “black robots,” with faces resembling monkeys, gold cap teeth, and are illiterate bumbling fools; recall they caused quite a stir when they were featured in the second Transformers movie, with Michael Bay being accused of promoting stereotyping and caricatures, and being labeled a racist.

After all of that, Bay said he did it for the kids and essentially blamed the voice actors who were hired for those two robots; he later said that Skids and Mudflap won’t be returning for the 3rd installment of the silly, loud blockbuster franchise.

Well, actually, it looks like both robots will be in the upcoming installment of the series, says Syfy’s blastr blog, and other sites, claiming that a scene with the robots was shot for the movie. In what capacity will they be involved exactly? No one seems to know yet. Of course, they may still never make it into the final film, whether scenes were shot with them or not.

This isn’t a movie I plan on seeing anyway…

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“E.Michael Does Not Like This” – BIG Thumbs down to everyone in the negative. I stumbled on this article and am disappointed, and saddened.

In all my right mind I do not, fully understand what the problem is. @Tamara – Jar, Jar’s culture was inspired by an alien race of people based on a Louisiana influenced civilization (read the lore before assuming) Let me simplify it for you.

You ever been to New Orleans? Im talking, bayou-deep-woods Louisiana. White or Black, speak to someone. The film-makers did. They had the time and money to research for inspiration. And developed their idea from that. Head south, check it out for your-self. Better yet, head to a place like deep Jamaica. Then return and reflect on your idea of JarJar (and his king), being “for the chirren”. For the children, yes. ‘Chirren’, no. Horribly animated and presented, yes. Racist, no.

Why are we still pulling this ‘card’ out so fast? You’re giving your self’s the finger by speaking without knowing.

The Transformer twins? Really? I have to say that once again (i gotta get my 7 laughs)… “you people” (har-har) have reacted without; Without ” *deep heavy sigh* *deep Lamaze breathing technique*” … Has anyone in here seen the old Transformers cartoons? The TV series from the 80’s?
Obviously not.
Nor have you seen the Transformers Movie from 80’s. Here’s why you’re once again in the wrong. Lore. The back story of the damn movies. The transformers listened to our radios and tv signals and learned by the way we talk in media. Im sure ya’ll have seen a BET broadcast…And you’re angry at what? The crap you supported all your lives cause its ‘black’? A bit embarrassing, huh? However, when its culminated into two characters, who DIRECTLY reflect what they learned in the media. Michael Bay and the co-writers are at fault. “Robo-Minstrelsy”, please. Get over it. Go watch some 106 & Park.

Wow…Just, wow. Get it together people. Oh and by the way, yes I’m of Carribean / Black American decent. “Robo-Minstrelsy”…. Please evolve, people. At least Try. Try to evolve past your narrow-minded set of knowledge. Seek truth.


they aren’t going to be in the movie. Bay is offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who can find them “performing in Transformers 3.” Source:

boom goes the knowledge bomb

Dankwa Brooks

I like pretty much everyone thought Transformers 2 was TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, DRIBBLE and any other “IBBLE” you think can apply.

I did not find the twins horribly offensive though (gold tooth aside) I just thought they were “Hip Hop” not necessarily “black” stereotypes even though a robot can’t be black, but I digress. Much like the colloquial expression for indecency “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description…and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. BUT I KNOW IT WHEN I SEE IT” — Justice Potter Stewart, concurring opinion in Jacobellis v. Ohio (1964).

I won’t go into detail about how I feel about Bay in this forum, but I will say that I did watch the Fox filmmaker reality show ‘On the Lot’ where among the judges would be a different established director each week (Because you asked and I know you didn’t, Antoine Fuqua was the token black director). Most of the directors were truthful and firm with the filmmaker contestants, but Michael Bay just sh*t all over them and the whole time I’m thinking…you?! smh.


I don’t care about this movie.


I can say with pride that I have never paid to see a Michael Bay movie. Not one…not even BAD BOYS LOL

other song

these movies are terrible even from an action perspective, so it definitely wont be getting my money.




After all of that, Bay said he did it for the kids

Kinda like Lucas created Jar Jar Binks for the chirren? *deep heavy sigh* *deep Lamaze breathing technique*

Woooosah And I was planning (still am) on seeing this flick. Still…


@ Matt – and another thing, please don’t tell me that Michael Bay said they aren’t. MTV actually reported on this today as well, and they called Paramount for a reply, and they (MTV) says that Paramount representatives “won’t confirm or deny the involvement of any characters.” So, if the studio itself won’t respond with a definite answer, what sources have are you getting your own information from? Bottomline is, as MTV notes, we won’t know with certainty until the film is actually out


@ Matt – my good man, it’s been confirmed by whom? If you have links to this confirmation, from legitimate sources, as I have links to my own sources above, which are current, then provide them, and I’ll certainly update my post.


It’s been confirmed several times that the twins will NOT be in the movie, and that scenes were shot with them, but won’t be in the final cut of the movie. Why stir up the pot without doing a little more research?


I have not seen the other franchises of Transformers so i don’t know anything about these robots. Besides, are people still rushing to go see Transformers these dayz?


You know what that is…that’s Michael Bay giving black folks the finger

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