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Michael Cera Joins Indie Thriller ‘Magic Magic’ With ‘The Maid’ Director Sebastian Silva

Michael Cera Joins Indie Thriller 'Magic Magic' With ‘The Maid’ Director Sebastian Silva

A frequent though somewhat unfair criticism leveled at Michael Cera is that he always plays the same George Michael Bluth-esque role that made him popular in “Arrested Development.” Although, those haters seemed to conveniently overlook that he side-stepped that persona with ease as the much more suave and badass Francois Dillinger in the underrated “Youth In Revolt.” Well, no matter, because Cera’s next gig is going to be straight 180-degree turn from anything you’ve seen in him in before.

Back in February, we chatted with “Youth on Revolt” and “Cedar Rapids” director Miguel Arteta and he revealed that Cera will be working with “The Maid” director Sebastian Silva on a new project. “He’s gonna do a movie with him in Chile,” Arteta said. “He’s spending five hours a day learning Spanish. He follows his own heart.” And now we know what the project is.

Variety reports that Cera will topline “Magic Magic” and the story will follow “a girl vacationing with her friends in a remote area of Chile who slowly starts losing her mental faculties. She tries to get her friends’ attention, but they ignore her until it’s too late.” There’s no word yet on just what Cera’s role will entail or how much Spanish it will actually require, but it’s definitely a left turn for the actor and we’re curious to see how he fares.

The search is on for a female lead, and once that’s locked down, the start of production will be scheduled. the project seems to mark an interesting trend developing for Hollywood talent.

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Carson Dyle

brett, you are wrong.

Grant was acting in the pre-method era before diversive acting became a requirement. And Grant actually WAS highly diverse – watch Bringing Up Baby and Suspicion.

Eastwood has charisma, Cera does not.


Many Hollywood “icons” like Cary Grant and Clint Eastwood made their names by playing similar characters over and over for decades.

When people say they don’t like Cera or any other actor because “they play the same role” they probably just don’t like that actor to begin with.


One role against type doesn’t denote diversity.


I think part of the problem is that those are the only roles he’s being offered. If it were up to him, he would probably want some diversity. Proof: he had a hand in the writing of Youth In Revolt. And his work on ‘Clark and Michael’ was also very different because, once again, he had control over his role.


Unfair criticism, sorry no. I do agree that he was quite funny with his roles in Youth In Revolt, but still not a completely different character.

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