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Mike Tyson Gets The Shaft For “The Hangover” Part II

Mike Tyson Gets The Shaft For "The Hangover" Part II

According to The Smoking Gun Mike Tyson is most likely the lowest paid actor ever making a repeat an appearance in a sequel. Iron Mike got paid $200,000 for his role which is twice the $100,000 he got for the first film.

However, Bradley Cooper, Zack Galiafinakis and Ed Helms were paid each $5 million a piece for their roles in the sequel which is a huge jump for the $300,000 each were paid for the first Hangover film.

You know boxers are pretty notorious for getting screwed in the when it comes to money in the boxing game. Looks like that even extends to them when they move into the movies. Who in the hell made the deal for him for the film?

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He’s in it for all of what? 2 minutes? It’s hilarious, but doesn’t make the movie any better or worse with or without him.

Plus, he does have nature’s gift of being able to say no. If he didn’t want to do it for so little, he didn’t have to.

soma lux

mike was in the sequel for 2 minutes. less work, impact and screen time than the first.

Joseph Elmore

Here is a better idea. How about nothing. $200,000.00. Wow, for probably a days work. That’s good money. Be thankful that didn’t decide to go with a fighter who is actually fighting and winning. Mike Tyson! I love you Mike, but if you’re not in Hangover three I will not be upset.


I agree with Carey. Didn’t Hangover make over $200 million? And alot of people were talking about the Tyson scenes how hilarious he was and stole the show.

I don’t know about a million, but brotha deserved at $500k. Too much money made off these movies, they can break off a little more.


This looks like a slow news day article. To double his salary for about the same amount of work for a guy who’s not an in demand actor? No harm, no foul. The producers could’ve done without him at all and not miss a beat. Instead, they increase the risk of the sequel looking like a lazy retread of the first film.

I’m in no hurry to see it, with or without Iron Mike. He seems to be working hard at turning his life around, so I’m glad to see him get a check.


Come on Y’all, Mike is a cool dude and one of the most dynamic fighters of all time. Besides, let’s do the math.

Mike was in a great scene which probably lasted approximately 8 minutes or more. I don’t know the movie’s running time but lets say it was somewhere around 104 minutes.

Now, let me get out my calculator… click click click, push divide, click, push divide….

Okay, Mike was in 8% of the movie, but he’s only making about 1% of the money that’s being paid out for salaries. Yep, he’s getting screwed! Where is Al Sharpton? :-)



I agree w/ you completely. Tyson was lucky to receive $200K. For some reason i thought Gilafanakis, Cooper, Helm would get a little more than $5 Mill.


Well…the difference between any of Cooper, Galiafinakis, Helms and Tyson is that it would be hard to make Hangover II without any one of those three. You can make the sequel without Tyson – so he had zero leverage. He was lucky to get $200K.


I doubt any agent would get within 3000 miles of this scary dude. I wonder how much he’s making with that Animal Planet show.

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