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Must Watch: Lara Logan on 60 Minutes

Must Watch: Lara Logan on 60 Minutes

I know this is a bit off topic but this is important about how women are treated in this world. Lara Logan went to Egypt to do her job. To broadcast a revolution. She can back a battered and abused women. Female journalists have been assaulted before but this is really the first time a woman stood up and said this is what happened and this is unacceptable. Just know that this is a very hard segment to watch.

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Sonia from Australia

What an amazing and resilient woman. So brave to tell her story like this. I can’t believe she looks so strong and confident only 2 months after an attack like that – she must be tough.

Dr. Lana

My husband and I watched this segment last night on 60 Minutes and it was very moving. The way that Lara told her story to the world, you could not help but to be moved by what happened to her and then to see her anchoring when the President was preparing for his announcement showed how dedicated she is to her career. The unfortunate discovery is that this is common-place there and that the women of that country have to endure this type of treatment and no one seems to be able to put a stop to it. Kudos to Lara for standing up and saying no more behind closed doors, in the closet, but putting it right out there on the front page for all to see and hopefully to start to do something about this whole situation.

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