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NBC Cancels “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” “The Event;” Fox Cancels “The Chicago Code”

NBC Cancels "Law & Order: Los Angeles," "The Event;" Fox Cancels "The Chicago Code"

Some quickie TV news items I just learned about…

First, NBC has canceled its troubled new Law & Order: Los Angeles series; not much of a surprise after a slow start, and then being put on hold, followed by a complete overhauling of the cast. So, Terence Howard and the rest of the cast, can finally say goodbye to that, and move on.

Secondly, NBC has also canceled the sci-fi drama The Event, which I actually watched the first few episodes of, but lost interest soon thereafter; that coupled with all the other shit I have to do. I just didn’t have time to add another show to my must-see viewing list. In case you need a reminder, this is the new series that featured Blair Underwood as the president of the USA. Well, he can say goodbye to that as well.

Third and last, and maybe the most unexpected, earlier this week, Fox canceled The Chicago Code – the cop drama that starred Jennifer Beals, Delroy Lindo, and several others. Too bad… I heard it was actually a decent show.

That’s it for now… isn’t that enough? :)

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Lets show FOX what we think about cancelling The Chicago Code! Help get everyone you know to watch the final episode.


I LOVED Chicago code. Got three friends hooked on it…I am so tired of this.
I love a show, some exec orders it cut.


@ Jug and @ Dankwa, thanks for the feedback :)

Dankwa Brooks

@Tambay About DAYBREAK As you may or may not know most television series get a 13 episode order after the pilot is purchased. ABC was looking for a show to seal the breach in the schedule due to the hiatus of ‘Lost’ that would be a complete series (because people were already complaining about serialized shows like ‘Lost’ not having any resolutions with their ongoing story arcs.) I’m equally sure, but not certain, that they had in mind the potential DVD sales of the series as well. While the storyline was resolved at the end of the 13 episodes, much like ‘24’ does at the end of its season, I’ve read that there was room for more seasons had the show been successful.

About ‘The Event’ I chose this is as Best Television series of 2010 one of my blogs (just 2 – 1 for business, 1 for entertainment news)
“I didn’t want to see this show because it reminded me too much of a show I really liked last year ‘FlashForward’ that got cancelled. It looked like the same ol’ serialized conspiracy crap. I tuned in because of the fantastic Blair Underwood and it looked interesting. The pilot to me was all over the place and Blair Underwood didn’t seem to have as big a role as I thought. I tuned in the next week…and the week after that…and the week after that and BOY did it suck me in. Blair Underwood’s involvement did get bigger and more integral and the conspiracy stuff was well executed. You really can’t sustain a show like this without an effective lead and Jason Ritter was it. He was the perfect reluctant hero. He wasn’t “Jack Bauer” here to save the day. He was a hero because he had to be. Fantastic job by Jason Ritter.”

Even though the show fell into the usual conspiracy show conventions, I liked it and enjoyed the twists and turns. I’m sad to see it go. ‘Undercovers’?…I’m sad to see ‘The Event’ go…


Michael B. Jordan on Friday Night Lights along with Jorlee, who was on CBs’s Defenders. FNF’s last season was already filmed before she started the other show.


I’m not surprised that L&O L.A. was cancelled, it was so boring and Terrence Howards voice was so annoying, he sounds like he’s about to cry when he’s doing his courtroom scenes.

Miles Ellison

The Chicago Code was a pretty good show. Not as good as creator Shawn Ryan’s masterpiece The Shield, but pretty good. The question that has to be asked is this: who did Fox think would watch Chicago Code? Most of the people who would watch a show like this have been driven away from network television by a barrage of bad singing shows, bad dancing shows, and overall bad reality shows.


A lot of these shows lacked something it was kinda entertaining to watch but it lacked substance. Law & Order L.A was so boring to watch. It would have to be the worst Law & Order franchise series ever made.


@SayNay-Yep. I have shows on network that I still watch but my favorite shows are ALL cable…’cept GOOD WIFE. Probably the best all around show on network

@Tamara-Networks shoot a couple of episodes ahead. You can pretty much assume that by the time you see an episode, it’s 3 weeks old. So when the hammer comes down on shows, especially now, they’ve shot 2-3 episodes-hopefully at least 7-but have spent Millions (normal 1 hr costs $3 mil/episode, not counting license fees per episode) They basically are in the hole already and if they don’t see an upswing, they quit before the hole gets deeper. Since everything is so much more expensive, the chances for shows to gain momentum is sooo much smaller.

Great episode about some hardball even with top rated shows:

They did come to an agreement & HOUSE is coming back.


@Jug I completely agree with you that show runners and producers need to fight to get their stuff on cable. This latest trend of “gut the lineup” cancellations has cemented my decision to no longer watch new shows on network tv. It’s just not worth it. Good shows are gone within a few episodes with no real opportunity to build an audience. Or the network intentionally bounces the show around time slots with no marketing or support. It’s basically let’s throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and see if something sticks….and if you’re slightly hanging on, nope you’re gone too.


Seriously tho, it’s not about those shows having white lead actors. It’s about network execs (& studios too) going “Oh well, it didn’t work, don’t do it again” instead of finding what the problem was & fixing it.


Also, a question. Do these studios automatically film so many episodes ahead (before axing the series)? I’m reminded of “Day Break” with Taye Diggs, which I want to align (in a sense) with “The EVENT” (because of black male leads and sci-fi angle). It was actually a good show, cancel in its infancy but they filmed “a season” (13 episodes) thus making it possible for folk like me to watch it on boxset (by the way, it was pretty good…slow-going at first, but solid overall).

I wonder if these studios set themselves up for failure with certain shows. I mean, even JJAbrams blessing (sabotage) upon “Undercovers” couldn’t save it. Surely their only contingency isn’t to cancel… Surely they are reworking how to make shows stick… SURELY, right? :| lol


UPDATE: Damon Wayans Jr’s show HAPPY ENDINGS got a renewal so he’s cool, but out of the pilot with Zooey Deschanel that he shot in second position. Good for him yo!


@Robin-Uhhh I think you gave it more credit than it needed. It just wasn’t a good show LMBAO

@etomi-I agree, many of the shows were quite good, but weren’t given time. And that’s the problem. WE (artists) know this, but those with purse strings don’t know..or more pointedly “don’t give a rats ass”. You either return on my investment or that shit goes bye bye. That’s why I’d fight to put a show on cable. You can have a hit show with only 800,000 to 1.5 Mil watching your show. The deals are much suckier, but creatively you can run wild & chances are you’ll stay on the air longer.

And before this gets all silly, YES, several of the shows these folks were on NEEDED to get clipped (THE EVENT, UNDERCOVERS, the Woyst!)


With television, like most mediums at the mainstream level, we’ve definitely never moved past the point of every person of african descent on TV carrying weight- even if there’s an extremely slight increase in the range of roles seen.

I definitely feel ambivalent when good black actors get shitty lead roles or regular roles in shitty TV (whether just awful quality or questionable message/politics). As Jeffrey Wright put it, without institutions controlled by black artists to support black works, we aren’t gonna see much change (not that institutions need be a throwback to Black Arts era conceptions of complete cultural autonomy).
Side note- was Chicago Code any good? I liked the cast, but the only episode I saw pissed me off. I dug some sections with Delroy Lindo that cut in archival footage of housing projects, but the central narrative of the episode was a thinly veiled right wing fantasy. The criminals were obvious references to the SDS and Ayers with the police racing against time to save the city from the terrorism of aging white radicals.


WOW! Does this mean we are back to the 60s with an occasional token pop-up guest star (African/ African American or Hispanic) showing up just to prove there is “diversity”? (Example: Lou Rawls on “The Big Valley” circa 1965, portraying a horse wrangler — who sang to, and exhibited strange, inappropriate behavior with — his love interest –> a horse. His repeated line was: “Ain’ a man that can’t be throwed; ain’t a horse that can’t be rode.”)

Many of the canceled shows were not even given time enough to catch on. In fact, quite a few were given the impossible task to grab an audience, only to have the day and time of their appearances changed from week to week. Seems like planned obsolescence, IMHO.

Pretty soon there will be only reality shows, cartoons, and talent contests on the Boob Tube — pun intended. (Please see:

Just sayin’.



@Lynn-Because I gots shit to say! LOL

Seriously tho, it’s not about those shows having white lead actors. It’s about network execs (& studios too) going “Oh well, it didn’t work, don’t do it again” instead of finding what the problem was & fixing it.

It’s about the idea of diversity as a whole for last season…just like this season folks are trumpeting “The Season of Woman” because so many are either by women or have female leads.

Just sayin’…. :-P


to be honest television today SUCKS. i love watching the spanish novelas myself. and all the reaqlity shows are not so bad. i actually like mob wives. this is a good show. and the braxtons too. and also the badgirls club and basketball wives.


@ Jug

Why are all your comments long? Lol.

I understand where you are coming from but most of these TV series had white lead actors. Brois Kodjoe & Nbathe Raw were extremely boring and disconnected on screen.

Moving on, Law & Order L.A was a little boring at times to watch. Also, The Event was getting boring as well it was too much for me to keep up when i was watching the series.

But all of this is NO surprise to me.


I’ll just say this…remember last year when everybody wet the bed because of all the black people on TV (myself especially), in prominent even lead roles?

…Welcome to the Terrordome Baby!

Terence Howard
Regina Hall
Delroy Lindo
Jennifer Beals
Todd Williams
Chi McBride**
Boris Kodjoe
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Blair Underwood
Eammon Walker***
Christine Adams
Billy Brown
Mehcad Brooks
David Ramsey
Rockmund Dunbar
Mekia Cox
Keith David
Alphonso McAuley
James McDaniel*
Aisha Hinds*
Jon Michael Hill*
James Lesure*
Morris Chestnut*
Jason George*
Forrest Whitaker*
Flex Alexander****
Jessica Parker Kennedy****
Carmen Ejogo
RonReaco Lee**
Jamil Walker Smith**
Omari Hardwick**
Tim Meadows**
Damon Wayans, Jr.*
Romany Malco*

*show is practically dead & or on life support but seizing

**Show with more than one season, but cancelled this year

***Distinction of being on TWO axed shows in the same

****Distinction of being a Series Regular on pilot then
dumped next episode

If I’ve missed some, please let me know…

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