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New Pics From Rod Lurie’s Remake Of Sam Peckinpah’s ‘Straw Dogs’

New Pics From Rod Lurie's Remake Of Sam Peckinpah's 'Straw Dogs'

Here’s a film we haven’t heard about in a while…but will undoubtedly get tongues wagging. If you don’t know Sam Peckinpah‘s “Straw Dogs,” its reputation precedes it. The hard-to-watch film starred Dustin Hoffman as a mild-mannered man who is forced to violently reckon with his own masculinity after his wife is brutally raped and he must defend his home against the perpetrators. It’s uneasy stuff that was lightning rod for controversy back in the day, and will likely stir up similar sentiment now. But regardless, director Rod Lurie (“The Contender,” “Nothing But The Truth“) has forged ahead with a remake and EW (print edition, not yet online) has some stills from the film.

The new version stars James Marsden and Kate Bosworth as the couple under fire, with Alexander Skarsgård leading the antagonists. “This is not a soft movie,” Lurie told the magazine. While we’ll have to wait and see how the director switches things up — or not — from Peckinpah’s film, he did say last year, the the film builds to “a very long 25-minute action sequence at the end of the movie.”

“People leave this movie saying they need a drink,” Lurie told EW and we believe it. “Straw Dogs” hits on September 16th.

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I remember early on that Lurie was quick to distance his redo from the original’s still-controversial handling of the rape, a key part of which would find it hard to pass muster (or gain release by a major studio) these days. As one who loves classic films in general (and Peckinpah in particular), I don’t necessarily bemoan all remakes (just as long as, for Christ’s sake, they’re not called REBOOTS), but as good as this might be, it’s next to impossible to think that it will be approach the same class of its predecessor.


I’m in! I recently saw the original and didn’t care for it. But I understand how an updating could be amazing – especially with Marsden


Just don’t understand the need to remake a classic film like this, or the chutzpah of the people involved to think they could do it better than Bloody Sam.


Those pictures are online by the way,,20456486,00.html#20944237

I know someone who saw a test screening some months back and said it was surprisingly well acted. We will see…

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